Every week I read the weekly updates for ARY and I get more convinced it's a scam

every week I read the weekly updates for ARY and I get more convinced it's a scam

what's the current evidence we have that ARY is NOT a scam?

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I got out a few weeks back. Thank goodness.

are you stupid?
they won an industry apart and filed 6 patents


It looks bad now, but so does every other coin.

We got forced into a shitty position and we simply need to hold until the market recovers.

Why would you think that? I am more confident in this project than I am in LINK.



where is your proof that the earth is not flat?

just wait until end of march and then read the magazin
testnet start in april
beta in april

Is minereum all over again

>where is your proof that the earth is not flat?
the state of you people

give me any proof that you know Sam isn't a scam

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I was interested in ARY until I saw a picture of Sam.

la creatura...

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>you do it again
are you a brainlet?
i know the adress of his office you dumb fuck
if he were a scam i would go there and take some furniture with me to break even
this is not your dubious chinkscamcoin, they are a legit business in the us

topkek, is the second one the universa logo in grey?

so you're saying there is currently 0 proof this is NOT a scam?

where is the proof they are a legit business?

Absolute scam coin. Sameer already bought a nice car with his money from bagholders.

and you do it again
i think you are a larper with really weak bait
if you are just a retard then maybe you take a look at the business registration, how about that?
or the partnerships
do you think qlink and poa are also "scams"?

Just ignore him. It's one guy that has a hate boner for ARY for some reason. His FUD is terrible and made up. Just let him be

why can't anybody here provide proof?

Can you provide proof EVE is not a scam?

I don't hold EVE, so why do I care

let the retard play by himself

I just want some proof

then use google and look at the business registration instead of shitting up the board
are you retarded?
why did i even ask

prove to me youre not a dick eating faggot, just need proof

>lying CEO who can't keep his story straight about trivial things
>CEO bought a house right after ICO and bragged about it on Telegram

Oh wait you wanted evidence that it's not a scam? Sorry I don't have any.

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Oh look an ARY shill.
Award? LMAO try harder you moron

they're going off of this

nevermind SAM hasn't posted any of the things he promised the last times
I cant find it

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