Bitcoin is a crock

>bitcoin is a crock

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disgusting fucking kike

makes me think

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>elite boomer kike doesn't like bitcoin
wow color me fucking shocked, it's over now guys crypto is dead

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>how to turn yourself into the most hated men on the internet in less than 5 minutes

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need more like this. meme him out of existence.

Freshly squeezed

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this. Meme him from reality

One freshie coming right up

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lmao, saved

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Dude is a fucking shill.

His top campaign contributor is Allied Wallet - an online credit card processor for scam and pajeet tier sites.. hmmm

they also paid like 12 million in fines to DOJ for funding illegal gambling sites

look it all up

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quick rundown?

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thanks boss

Is there a video of this kike talking? I wanna know what all the fuss is about.

It's really not worth watching, it's just this filthy kike trying to FUD crypto a little. He said that unbanked shitskins in shithole countries should just use dollars to play for stuff instead of crypto.

he said none of these companys are producing pizza


Good job

The panel was trying to sell to congress how they could take a piece of the cake. For the most part, congress said that if it the cake dies they don't have to worry so the panel tried to explain that the cake had legs and it wasn't going to die, it was going to move somewhere else and congress argued that the cake was stealing from honest people, destroying marriages and may have been involved in 9/11. Also, Emmer is a coiner.


blocks Sherman's path
nothing personal

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>A rising tide raises every boat faggots

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who are these loathsome creatures and why do they keep telling us what pathetic wretches they are?

just because you are a fucking bootlicker who buys into modern mans myth of a "social" creature doesnt mean i have to

go to the corner and kill yourself like youre telling me you want to, but leave me out of your mass suicide ritual because i love myself and you saying that i should hate myself as you do is no good for me, even though thats all youve been telling our generation of men browsing Veeky Forums all their lives.

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lmfao the cake has no legs this was speculative mania built on the backs of gullible morons

glad you to see you retard coiners losing all your money

get fucked


>buy fun now

In just 30 minutes, anons got scammed another 10% of their money. Yet these cucks literally defend the rock drowning them. This is the power of delusional cultists.

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Motherfucker gets most of his support from Securities and Investment!


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I can't eat dollars, only cakes? Watch me faggot.

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>muhh bitcoin terrorists

it was soo fkin cringy srsly

Here you go. Dumbass comes in at 30:54

9/11 was pysho-sexual trauma inflicted on all of you as children when the profane priests (teachers) presented their vision of modern man in the depiction of the two towers collapsing

analyse the myth of 9/11 (the one where we cannot comprehend how two planes can collapse buildings) and understand that is it the central tragedy of your life

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