Is this still the next Bitcoin?

Is this still the next Bitcoin?

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>Is x the next Bitcoin?

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It can't be the next bitcoin

No, market cap is maxed out and I’m reading a lot of negative thing about ripple. It’ll fail unless actual financial institutions use them. Financial institutions need the ripple tech not the ripple coin.

DYOR, but seems like a lot of financial institutions are piloting XRP. And the institutions you don't hear piloting XRP but are using ripple net, are likely still piloting XRP and have legal reasons to not make that public.

I work at a leading custody bank, settlement teams having signed up with ripple net, and the contract includes XRP trial, but due to legal are not making any bit of it public.

MoneyGram, WesternUnion, Cualix are just a few.. These are fucking huge names. People underestimate that 3 out of 5 of the biggest payment providers in the world are going to be using XRP.

Fathom that.

I can garuntee if anything will replace BTC it will be XRP.

But for the short term BTC will remain our king.

it's good to have some xrp just in case it does take off. i feel sorry for people that are just disregarding it completely because it's "again'st the bitcoin philosophy" . not worth missing out on a lottery ticket just because you think it's not going anywhere.

Nah this is the only coin doing everything wrong...even at current price it is many times over priced and will only go short...

weak fud

Ripple's most crucial Tweet probably ever - unnoticed but true.

Even if xrp is used for the whole 1.2 quadrillion derivatives market per year and it moves all that money, that means liquidity of about 38 million dollars per second is needed. Xrp take 3 seconds to do a transaction so 114 million per 3 seconds.
It has a market cap of about 29 billion currently and that is only 1/3 of circulating supply. It can be moved in seconds meaning you don't need to use the whole supply, in fact it doesn't need to be anywhere near this valuable in order to be used.
Fathom that.

Having such a supply constantly in circulation would mean the price is high to begin with. A higher price of XRP would also aid in stability.

No it means even at the current value there is to much liquidity for the actual size of markets

this cap right here pretty much sums up the anti ripple guy. they are so blinded by their idealism of what a crypto should be they are completely missing the bigger picture.

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That's real easy when you're centralized. Guess what other crypto has instant, free transactions and scales to millions of users?

That's right. Paypal.


XRP takes an hour for my transaction to go through. ETH only takes 15 to 30 minutes

that's because exchanges have to verify it. ripple is a bit more complicated than bitcoin. not all of it's nodes are trusted to do validation. they also have to verify tag numbers and all that shit. but when companies use it to deal with ripple it will be fast. its meant to be used by them not us.

The people that talk about what is and isn't a real crypto are idiots. What is a real crypto? Cardano? The whitepaper with no product. Eos? An erc20 token with a celebrity. Doge? An actual joke. But xrp fans have to be cautious as most xrp threads descend into a farce and circle jerk about how xrp is the new world currency that will be used for every transaction ever. $10000 xrp to the moon!
I believe in xrp and have held now since under 1c but we need some sense of realism. It has competitors. It's isn't unique. It has been and will be used by banks but can't just rest on it laurels.

The only people who like XRP are shills and Norman retards. Prove me wrong.

you are correct. it might take off or it might not but ripple is still so cheap right now that you don't have to be a millionaire to invest in it. just people a few hundred bucks in it and if it even goes to $20 you'll make money. it's basically like buying a cheap lottery ticket worth $50k+. sure the ticket itself may not be a winner but it only cost you a few bucks anyway.

that's my view on it.

what crap pic is that? dated december 2017, 66 minutes per btc tx? now it's few minutes.

Ripple has one great benefit: it's not reliant on bitcoin in public perception, unlike other coins. Ethereum, for instance, is: people first learn about Bitcoin, and only then about Ethereum. Ripple kinda separates itself from traditional crypto.

>Is this still the next Bitcoin?
It already is.

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Ye boi

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No it never was. Nano has a better shot than this trash. XRP is normie bait. They all think it's going to 10k eoy. That said at the price it is you can buy 100 xrp and if it actually does go 10k you are fine. Wouldn't waste more money than that on this.

Nano will always live in the shadow of Bitcoin. People will have to buy bitcoin to buy Nano.

The same retards that told me this were FOMOing in at 3 usd, I love seeing them all get JUSTed

True. I don't think nano would even beat btc. I think it has the best shot but xrp ain't gonna do it.

Nano has a fucking double-spend problem!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

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Just like the same retards fomoing on BTC at 20k. Justed hard when they sodl at 6k.

Antfinancial / Tencent buying ripple?

Yuuuge if true