Congrats on this, seriously

Top fucking kek. You got rhetted

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>the absolute state of bprivate

Rhettirement funded.

Holder here idc desu i hope it crashes further i wanna buy at 20

what with though?

I am not a homeless neet like most of you

we all know you still live with mommy, look at the way you type.
>idc desu idc if i lose all my money

that happens later, after you buy more BTCP

>i Should type in a certain way to show maturity
Kek desu i am a developer theres endless job for people like me companies fight eachother on linkedin to hire devs
Sure thing boyo buy high sell low amirite


never incurred bigger losses

*breathes in*

why would anyone use this piece of shit when monero exists?

Oh it will, most people haven't claimed their bprivate yet. As soon as ledger nano adds an app, you can expect 5x the supply to flood the market.

Oddly enough I'm still in profit kek

*breathes out*

Bittrex wallets are open, if you had btcp why would you wait for the nano/trezor support to dump for half the price why wouldnt you withdraw right now and dump it
I have never lost this much i am down 70% is to late for me to get out i am not selling I'll hold forever if i must amd double down in the bottoms

What price were bagholders dreaming of? 400 a piece?

At peak delusion, it was >$1000 at fork, then eventually listing on coinbase
>the absolute state

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something like that
boomers didnt realize they were getting rhetted

250 unironically sounds stupid right now kek

I will be happy with $250 by summer.

Lovely isn't it. I knew it would end up at 50,-.
Here is a nice screencap took when it was inofficially traded at Kucoin just in case, enjoy

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Yeah i wish i had a crystal ball to predict the future too

who is this? she's a real QT3.14

Seriously what was so hard to predict?
'Road to financial freedom' kek
Zcash ripoff with modified security sold as something incredible by some fat kid to make his mommy proud.
I unironically can't believe how you cannot see the obvious but then again I come from the stock market where autistic mongs got justed each day when you were still collecting pokemon.

Why do you want to buy such a shitcoin though?

god this fud makes me rock FUCKIN HARD

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>shitcoin hoarding is fun
keep investing bruh, lambomoon soon bruh

Dude take a step back i can literally fud any coin with that mindset is easy to find flaws on something that is crashing and easy to find good thing on something that is pumping that is how the human brain works everything you say is meaningless this is all a huge gambling ponzi scheme

Why do you think I screencaped this?
I will tell you a secret: I know you are american.

Okay you got me i sell you're happy now ?

>click arrow next to post number
>hover Image Search
>click Google
>teach a man to fish
you're welcome newfag, hope you make it one day

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>buying high / selling low

ZClassic faggots finally eternally BTFO. You won't hear from them again, they're too busy working at McDonalds to reply

Because the mass bulk of users don't care enough about BTCP to export their private keys/go through the work of claiming the fork themselves. Especially if the price is low. Some may not even be aware of BTCP.

However, once it's made easy/safe to do via their wallet, they'll do it.

Not american and screencaps are still meaningless you can find fud and shill screencaps i will tell you a secret theres a 50% chance one of them is right

Buy something like JNT or TOMO and hold for a few months, it'll be much better than this scam.

You think the stock market is a fifty fifty thing?
There is shitcoins and there is less shittier coins, it's actually simple.
Combina that with basic TA and understand the role of btc and you will make it.

>they dont care about btcp
yet they went through the nightmare of holding through the fork and panic selling at the instant crash from 100 to 30 dollars 1 minute at the risk of selling at the wrong height block yeah sure they didnt care at all

They were chanting they'd never sell

Does every bprivate holder have stockholm syndrome?

i wonder how young you have to be to not know who that pornstar is. im not even a fan of her but she's even been in mainstream normie hollywood films to boot

throw bprivate on the pile of other failed shitcoin airdrops of bitcoin. all that's left is bcash, and it's on it's way.

Not sure who you're talking about. I'm talking about the bulk of users who hold BTC in their trezor/nanos.

99%+ of them have not claimed their BTCP.

i remember some buying in at 800 at kucoin ouch

>jnt tomo
Also tron? Add some bags should i buy chainlink and bazinga coin?
I was just greedy and had bad luck theres no ta that can predict a PnD scheme

I predicted $20 when the delusional fags were screaming $1000 here. Still overvalued af

probably a holder selling to his self trying to drive up the price kek the volume was like $1k

Just me i am stubborn as fuck
The biggest shitcoin of them all fuck off roger
Oh well lets say the average person has 1 btc i believe they will totally sell that btcp at 20$ to cash it out through coinbase and buy a sandwich

20 and 1000 are both sides of a coin i guess the price will be in the middle

Once Ledger Nano S adds support, price should fall to similar or lower levels as ZCL ($8).

We all know that feeling, every pro has paid his fair share trust me.
I tell you this: TA is worthless alone and cannot predict short time moves.
But you can combine it with gut feeling, research, price action and fundamentals to find an overlay to eventually catch the bigger moves spanning weeks or even months. It's very difficult with crypto as everything is basically bound to btc as of now.
But it's the same in the stock market..let's say you watch a company you believe in, you understood what they do, you looked up their financials (something a more regulated crypto market will hopefully bring to the table) wait..let's say you are german and want to buy a US wait for the moment when the Euro is strong and the US market weak, you look at gold, other markets, oil, you try to feel the general sentiment in media and forums..then you make a move, not everything, you build up a position, slowly.
If it drops you buy again, but not the same number of shares butfor the same amount of money.
All this shortlived fud shilling bla is just short lived harrassing power, reality is smart money moves in circles from asset to asset.

how is LINK better than AION?

you can be lucky if its 20 in a few months


How would they be able to cashout through coinbase? You seem kind of clueless.

There's hardly any exchanges that accept BTCP. Only tradesatoshi and nanex for the most part.

The bulk of users will exchange their free BTCP for extra BTC.

I cannot believe you guys didn't listen to the hundreds of voices telling you to sell presnap. Disgraceful.

No it won't. This is not even a real fork. Haha, I just remembered how the delusional fags were saying how this scam shitcoin was so much better than BCH. Rekt

Thanks, my lungs were starting to hurt

Hurry up and breathe back in!

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HitBTC this month, gonna pump on their 1b daily volume fags

This is the second time i crash this hard the first was went neo went from 60$ to 7$ everyone thought neo was dead, i appreciate the advice is hard to do all that research when you have a full time job, i believed in btcp still do somehow i feel it has potential same way i felt about neo back then anyway my mistake was going all in i treated my 70k folio the same way i used to treat my 5k folio before the bull run i guess i earned money way to quickly and i didnt really learn how to manage it

I remember being furious with TRAC because they bothered listing with that dead-end shitcoin dumpster and now it's your last hope. Wewlad.


You could apply the same logic to btrash.

Nearly all the original Bitcoin devs including Gavin and Satoshi (Craig) are developing Bitcoin Cash. More than that, its adaptation is growing at a nice rate and has maybe already surpassed that of AXA/BlockStream SegShit Bitcoin.

Thanks user now i know we will go subdollar it all makes sense now
Well you have one btcp you send it to tradesatoshi for btc and then you sen btc to coinbase you sell it for dollars and then you cash out losing 10 dollars in fees from your 20$ worth of btcp and there you go you can now buy a big mac or you could just hold it

Yeah and theres absolutely no hidden reason on why bitmain accepts only bch payments it must be because bcash is fast as fuck theres absolutely no manipulation bcash is truly satoshis vision right

The bulk users will sell btcp for extra btc that 0.000000001 btc will surely make the difference amirite

BTCP must officially be the most fudded coin of biz at this point. Remember to do the opposite of biz.

Cya kid...

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i had my whole mining farm on this shitcoin for a week. literally 106 gpus mining this total disappointment. i hope all the btcp dev fags die horrible deaths.

Will BTCP holders ever recover from this?

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Check em

>Not knowing who Sasha Grey is.

The absolute state of nu/biz/

My initial investment was 13k

Current value is 4k
Thanks LUX and BTCP. I all-in'd on ZCl at 0.014 satoshi
>in before "You stupid fuck why did you all-in at ATH"
0.014 wasn't even close to ath. In fact it was a 6 week low in price.
This shit is just buttfucking me into oblivion thats all there is to it. I'm probably going to KMS soon