Rlc partnership with ibm inevitable

when stellar partnered with ibm the mc went from 200mill to over 10bill at its peak (50x increase). rlc is currently at 90mill and is due for massive gains before its product launch in may. get in now or ull regret it

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rlc on slack today revealing interest from ibm

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Genuine question

What does this coin actually do? I've never really bothered looking at it.

read this.


7k will i make it?

for sure. enjoy ur riches

comfiest hodl of the year
>sub-$100M market cap
>already has a working beta product
>low total supply
>real-world use cases
If iExec can just manage to capture a small fraction of the cloud computing market then we're all gonna make it

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$40 in the next 6 months

>French Tech
>Less than 90 mil in total supply
>Sub 100 mil market cap
>Actual use
>Working beta
>V2 in May

Why would you not have at least a couple hundred of these?

stfu, most of the huge gains were 100% by freeloading off of btc gains

>buy muh bags

RLC is a good investment, but not today

that's how every alt works, are you new?
you think it'll go lower?

i set a buy order for 3000 of them yesterday and so far 40% of it has been filled

my buy orders are around 8000 sats, a bit above. if I learned anything in 1 year of this nonsense, is that prices will eventually drop down, you just have to be patient. Same goes with profit taking.

somone here told me to wait til April to buy... why tho?

can someone explain to a brainlet how this can get anywhere near the required speed and scale that would be needed to compete with centralized clouds like aws?

>mfw I'll be at THINK in a few days

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How low are we going? Sub $1?

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Bought another 1k. 5k total now.

please stop shilling this, i don't want these pajeets to get in.

lol people say this so they still have time to accumulate. its about a buck right now, wont go much lower

>wanted to by 1k when it was a buck each
>just bought 1100 RLC for 1k dollaroonies

Feels good, still sucks that I didn't buy in earlier, but whatever.