How do you like my prediction guys?

How do you like my prediction guys?

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Why does your meme line randomly start in august

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I used string theory theorem to ajust for russias chance of poisonining anybody and then applied quantum formulas to see how far I can ejaculate and it showd august

Not buying bags, but see you at $500

meetup confirmed

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Also, I see your eyes and I raise you these eyes

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ew not even close. you fail bro

>Wait until OP learns about log scale.
You should not tell other people what to do with their money if you classify as clinically retarded.

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There's no way this isn't going to crash to

>not the log trendline
you were so close little guy!

talk about retarded...what the fuck is that abc...lmao

Two major trend lines meeting at some point?

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People here thinking technical analasys has any sort of value in real world lol

Its a joke thread because TA is a joke idiots

Moon soon, then lambo BTC to 20k

So you buy and sell on random?

I buy and sell on market perception

>market perception

So TA without drawing? Just leave.

its as scientific as the rest of these meme line shits but atleast this is funny.

It has massive amounts of value. You can take positions with actual risk reward quantified. Without it you're pissing in the dark or holding. Both are retarded. People who are holding since December are down, what, 70%?

gamblers use TA to justify they addiction

People buying in december are retarded

if TA had any value what so ever, people would be getting rich both left and right

only if we continue the uptrend

hint: we wont. bitcoin is going to 2k

idiots use intuition to justify their lack of brain

you calling warren buffet an idiot?

>It's the "I draw lines on chart" meme

When are you idiots going to learn that this shit doesn't prove anything?

>market perception
>not TA
holy shit you're stupid

And they do. Like this bullflag was an easy time to make money. If you're greedy you wait for even more bleeding especially after the SEC. If not you take your call here and you're good while others just lost 10%.

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>poor fags detected

So TECHNICALLY speaking you ANALYSE market, but in your head?

Im not relying on TA to tell me that an article on bitcoin will pump or crush it the next day no

so youre telling me to short ?

trends start somewhere, not just the beginning. you know that right? RIGHT?

joke's on you cuz we already at sub 8.5k kek

Basically he's calling all the wallstreet and DARPA bigshots idiot.

August were the trend of dumb people buying btc because it's magic money that can only grow. This trend is now over as we have been going down for months.

your candles aren't big enough. and the point of TA is that it simply tells you what the current trend is. when something occurs to break that trend, then you watch for signs of the new trend.

dumbness is never out of stock though.

Buy 7100~ , 300 sma, good luck brothers. Then set stop loss when in green, because going to retest at least once