Why do I need Bitcoin if I'm not a terrorist?

>Why do I need Bitcoin if I'm not a terrorist?
*sips coffee*

absolutely rekt the defense..

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for not pay taxes, retard

also said he might be a terrorist or criminal. didnt deny it

black defense now
we need dat btc foe drugs n shiet

holy shit MR ROSENBLUM we have a kike
ez case is ez

It's important that money supply is not controlled by jews.

Faceplamed like five times while he was talking, such a retard

We don't like (((parasites))) controlling our money.



>why does the gov need to be able to know how much money I have and what I do with it, if it isn't an orwellian surveillance state?
*sips koolaid*

>why do i need bitcoin if im not a gentile escaping usury?

wow, he really got the point across

>Are you a bitcoin?

>Am I a bitcoin?

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It allows men in pajamas to tell their wife's they'll be millionaires

Recently sold one hundred thousand units.

From Commiefornia of course

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What a subhuman old fart, I hope some random nigger punches him into a coma

Maurice "Hyman" Sherman

What a stud.

link to this interview?

To be fair, he doesn't need bitcoin. Nobody really needs it, since it's practically unusable. Some other currency that does the job better though, that will be the future.

How much do you think he made off this show

Because we understand that monopolies are terrible for the consumers, therefore a monopoly in currency is a bad idea.

Cultural enrichment at its finest.

Pure coincidence

They always use terrorism as an excuse. Fucking government created the terrorists by funding their middle east partners if they used only the US dollar for oil.

Let's face it. Bitcoin stops taxation which means the Jews don't get their play money. This pisses them off so they're trying to take down bitcoin. How? Blockstream is government backed and funded to make bitcoin core BTC a centralized cryptocurrency using the Lightning Network.

.... fuck... my sides..
Why is this so fucking funny.

can someone turn this into a smug pepe meme?

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