Need to make 300k by the end of the year

Need to make 300k by the end of the year
Advice thread?
Initial investment was 3k back in December
Gonna sell off Ven when it hits ~$10 and then buy NEO. If it doesn’t hit that number I’ll hodl since I’m still up on sats

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You're missing at least some LINK my dude, not being ironic. 1000 LINK to prevent you from committing sudoku EOY.

I bought some during the bull rush and flipped for profit. Kept 10 just in case


instant and feeless transactions

bull rush is over. Won't make 300k by end of the year even if you had $50,000 in those coins right now.

Truly, nobody wants to commit sudoku

>bull rush
who would listen to what you have to say

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300K is definitely out of the question, but you can get ~$20K EOY with your current portfolio imho.

He might but retarded but he's right

Needs moar
Verily my friend, verily. Death by quick maths is the worst way to perish.

got some news for you my friend

If you believe there will be a bullrun even remotely similar to last year, you're going to be posting pink wojacks in no time

Why wouldn’t another bull run like that happen?
True the alt market is falling apart but with so many new chains getting started, there might be a bullrun in new chains

I think the market is just oversaturated. ETH exploded due to the EEA being founded and caused a massive boom in ERC20 tokens. I don't see what new hype could cause the massive influx of normie money that we experienced starting in November.

>need to go 100x in 9 momths
>0 daytrading experience

daytrading can be vastly profitable, but not without experience.
going to a crypto-casino and putting it on the black 5 times gives you best odds with least headache of turning that into 100k

>new hype
Plasma is promising

or bitmexing @ 100x levarage with stop set up @ 100k gainz

same shit

Eh yeah, but if I've noticed anything tech upgrades don't influence the price that much. ETH's upgrade back in October Byzantium I think barely did anything. I think the price actually went down. Raiden would be a nice upgrade though, since transaction speed is suffering

Actual products from these coins get released. Companies start using services like REQ and Litepay. The adoption of crypto has to happen. It's happened a little bit, but we're still using Visa's instead of our crypto wallets to pay for goods and services.

Remember the internet was new and not everyone had access, but now everyone is using it. Crypto should follow the same path. We may crash, but in 2-3 years everyone will be using these coins and products to help them in their lives.

Solid folio, your going to make it. Buy a few LTC, it will be a source of profit in the next bullrun. I dont own any but will probably pick some up today or tomorrow

calling all guse bull rush is now over

Seriously, you all need to fuck off with this dumb shit.

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>bull rush

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