All you fags do is shill crypto

Do you gags even do real business? Do you actually create anything of value? Or is buying and hyping up code in some asshole's computer all you do? It makes no sense, you might as well hype up agates. Came here from /pol/. Will be going back to /pol/. I wish I could sage this whole board so you losers would go outside and engage in real business. Trump 2020 8=====D~~~~~

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>decentralized money that exists outside of the control of the global Jewish financial system has no value
>not wanting to be free from Jewish wage slavery
just go back to r/pol you Kike-loving Trumpcuck, kek at the absolute state of /poleddit/ brainlets now

See there it is. This board is just /pol/ except you gags are dumb enough to buy currency that you can't spend anywhere. With jews, you lose dude, at least the capital I build is worth something at the end of the day instead of being an arbitrary number that can be exchanged for the same jewbucks i use anyway. Yours literally creating inflationary value from nothing, a financial bubble that can't pay for itself when the shit hits the fan.

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You realize that it's just a ponzi scheme that pays out, right? Sure, you invest $1000 and can net up to $10,000, which is a pretty hefty return, so you go to Veeky Forums and shit it up about muh decentralized currency like you're actually doing something. The reality is, every idiot like you who buys crypto is only giving the dude who created it a near unlimited fund of real money with which to invest. And the kicker is, you never even bought a real, tangible product. You just gave a guy money to invest with and received a very small net gain, compared to your financial overlords at Bitcoin.

>a trustless, decentralized transactional ledger has no inherent value at all
>muh "it can't be used to buy anything"

Wow you're a fucking retard. Hurry up and get back to work before your break ends, you don't want your Kike boss's circumcised dick to go dry all day. Be sure to be a good goy and pay all of your taxes so that immigrants can have their welfare too. But don't worry, Trump said he'd build a wall so that means things will finally be different now. Cuck nu/pol/ trash

You're the brainlet who only looks at crypto as a potential get-rich-quick scheme instead of realizing its potential to create decentralized power structures free of the corrupt and autocratic control of global financial elites. As long as the world's financial systems are built on top of Shlomostein's money-catching funnel, he'll always have the power. I'm way more interested in seeing this happen than personally getting rich off bitcoin or whatever


I agree crypto 'currencies' like bitcoin have no value. only retards are still buying that. smart contracts are huge. that's why this board is obsessed with chainlink. it can legitimately overtake entire industries.

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We used to have threads on real business. There weren't enough participants or interest for them to stick around. Now it's just an endless stack of shitposts by cryptokiddies.

Here we go, now we're having a discourse. My dude, I'm all for decentralizing banks. Shitposting aside, I think it's the greatest pitfall of late stage capitalism. But with the amount of debt circulating amongst people, especially in America (unfortunately, to a small extent, myself included) crypto isn't a solution that makes sense. I actually came on this board because I'm trying to work out a business model so I can break out from underneath the wageslave jew. Crypto is a meme, dude, and you were taken advantage of if you bought it. It's subject to inflation, stagflation, and deflation just like any other currency, only it's accelerated because you autists are pouring all your money in it. Just my opinion. The problem isn't regular, American dollars, it's entities like the Federal Reserve, and central banks owned by reptilians like the Rothschilds. Giving a dude money to invest by buying crypto doesn't solve anything

that's the free market in action pussy. people realized it's a lot easier to make money trading shitcoins than it is drop shipping

Honestly I was shocked. On the other boards I frequent, Veeky Forums was supposed to be the end-all of political development. I don't think I saw a single thread dedicated so starting a business, which is what I'm trying to do/ why I'm here. This thread, however, is a shitpost. Old habits and such

Produce music as a hobby, but made absolutely zilch from it. One guy offered $20 for an instrumental, but never paid me.

>Do you gags even do real business?

'member /kneepads

I'm curious about chainlink, but to me it just seems like something to take advantage of millenials who are too naive to negotiate employment contracts, or start actual businesses. Am I wrong?

sorry dude, combination of white hot autistic rage and autocorrect. Began this shitpost on a tablet. I'll do better fampai

What do you produce? I make trash with LMMS sometimes, but it's definitely not good enough to sell to anybody

Have you ever even heard of smart contracts? What about cryptocurrencies that have features that aren't possible with fiat, such as private digital transactions?
You sound like a boomer who doesn't understand the future of technology desu, I'll gladly accept and use crypto for all of my business that I possibly can because of the benefits that it offers over alternatives.

If you think that you can work from within the current political system and vote a few crusty old fucks to fix everything, then you are delusional. Really do you think anyone in the USA is going to dismantle the federal reserve anytime soon?
The only way to guarantee real change is to use what's made by possible by modern technology to create free and decentralized marketplaces, financial systems and economies that inherently can't be controlled or shut down by them. The technology behind cryptocurrencies allows for many things that weren't possible before. The world in the future will not be like it is now user

I'll bite. You have to know that the government machine will jump in if crypto markets grow enough to mean anything. Do you really think you can stop uncle sam from reaching in your pants, putting a chastity cage on you, and taking his corporate gains taxes? It's all well and good to want a decentralized banking system, buddy you and I are on the same side here. But remember what Hitler and Saddam did? They created a market that circumvented central banking, and it grew to the national level. Dude you know what happened to both of those countries. It's not enough to buy crypto and say to yourself "lel fuck the jews, I've won"

Thank you trumptards for helping to crash the world markets.

Btw, spoiler alert, unless he pulls some kind of coup trump is gonna be a one term bad memory for this country. Wait until november so you can see whats to come in 2020

If you use it to actually buy stuff when you can (there are lots of places where you can use crypto to buy shit), and don't just dismiss it outright as nothing but a get-rich-quick scam, then you are contributing to the development of an economic ecosystem that they have way less control over.

Goverments can try to ban crypto if they want, it won't work. They tried to ban drugs and yet you have online drug markets openly thriving right now, something only made possible through decentralization of digital infrastructure and cryptocurrency. But it's not like the rest of us could ever use these same tools to conduct ourselves with a similar level of freedom, right? Just give up now goy

The Trump thing was a shitpost lad. Besides, voting for local goberment is way more important than voting in a presidential election. Also, it's super rare for a sitting president not to win a reelection, if they run. This isn't /pol/ though

Fampai, why would they ban it? They're a viable option, but you're lying to yourself if you think they won't regulate and tax it. Ten years from now that'll likely be a reality. Will you really be going to the silk road to buy regular shit? Seems like there's a better answer than that, that's just the mentality of a drug dealer or somebody who sells illegally imported aftermarket honda parts

>Trump 2020 8=====D~~~~~
Means he's really a Liberal.

>implying you can just regulate and tax crypto

Not bipartisan at all, my guy. Whole system's a crock of shit designed to maintain the status quo and quietly shift power from us to them
>implying the government doesn't already do shit we don't like/thought wasn't legal or possible

They have a pretty pitiful track record at shutting this stuff down desu. They were only able to succeed with Hitler and Saddam because they were the leaders of highly centralized systems that relied on a single point of failure, but as we have seen, decentralized structures are much harder to control and shut down. Look at how even wealthy and powerful nations get defeated by poor guerrilla tribes in jungles and deserts. They can try to maintain their grasp over world finance but it's just not going to be as easy with an infrastructure that they can't simply take over from the top down.

I'm going to hit each of your points. It honestly depends on the country doing the shutting-down. WW2 obviously had most of the free world bent on destroying Germany, a nation smaller than Texas. Iraq, and it's conventional army were obviously crushed by ours. Neither country really had a chance once the central bankers gave the "Shut it down" command to their government puppets. As far as the guerrilla argument, I can put that one to rest. Guerrilla forces exist to do one thing, which is to fight larger, slower, better equipped conventional armies. The mobility, improvisation, and discreet nature of a Guerrilla force makes it the natural response when faved with a conventional army you cannot overcome with your own (Iraq). I spent some time in the Army, as a scout in a reconnaissance platoon, and we did a lot of counterinsurgency training, as well as a deployment, and it's almost impossible to detect those guys. And maintain that grasp they will, what can we do to compete against guys who have enough money to bail the US out a dozen times over. Setting up our underground markets doesn't phase these guys, they have the hooks in the rest of the normal folk out there who are too indoctrinated to know any better

Look /pol/ I used to take some strolls to visit you and you told me that wasn't my land and that's fair, I packed up. You're in my turf now. You're literally an immigrant and you're behaving like one. I joined the thing because it was my ancap dream from the first time I heard about it. I've had to walk worse hells doing what I promised myself I would never do just to believe on the next day. I wanted the thing to die to know it was over I hated it when it moved but even more when it didn't. It's forced me to learn about topics I didn't have an interest in because the more you put in this system the more it rewards you. I realized the thing just kept getting better and better in 70 different dimensions. I just wasn't even trying to understand it and I wasn't trying to make it better. So stop telling me how it works, stop shitting up my board, shut your whore mouth for a while and focus on learning. Then we'll help each other until the day the thing finally allows me to sell the organs of any trespasser. That day we won't have to deal with each other anymore.

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Hey I hear you. My initial reaction to this board (Which I thought was a board discussing business) was shock, because all you guys do is spam crypto. I shit up every board i go to, because every board i've frequented for the past ten years utterly and completely deviates from what it is supposed to be. /pol/ included, and I'm not trying to be a tryhard, but this whole website represents discussion on almost any topic imaginable. it's all gone to shit though, I'm just trying to fight the good fight here man, and incite a discussion about something other than sucking crypto dick, which has happened here, if you read the whole thread instead of just my original shitpost. come on dude, we're on the same side, we want the same things. I get telling some newfag to shut up and lurk if they have no idea what they're talking about, but you and I are not newfags, and we can properly talk