Alright biz im gonna let you in on a little something

Alright biz im gonna let you in on a little something.

If pic is you get out of crypto. NEETS don't deserve a place in this world, let alone at the top like you will be if you know your buttcoin shit.

Get out. Final warning.

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None of those apply to me except playing games

>tfw getting too old to fit into these

1 Y
2 N
3 Y
4 N
5 N
6 N (Pragmatism =/ Racism. Fuck Tumblr.)
7 Y

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pic would apply to most people 15-25.

Almost got it. Except for
But nice try.

OP is a faggot, but you are an absolute retard.

>non-religious in the year 2018
you're not allowed on here for another 5 years, kid

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This. I've seen this pic being posted since I was 21, I'm 30 now.

I want to get crypto rich as a "fuck you" gesture to society. I want to spite everyone.

>tfw I'm all of these

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confirmed. even if you leave you always end up back.

all the dunning-kruger faggots here will lap up the above average intelligence part of this.

Nailed everything except non-religious.

I want a stone-faced Chad best friend to drink beers with and go to the gym

all my friends are fucking nerds

All correct, apart from age. I'm 40 this year.

Literally all of them except underachiever, rather the opposite.

Also haven't played games for some years now desu

How the fuck are these all correct for me? Can someone tell me what it means lol? The only difference is I was upper class compared to my town

Yes to all except inelegance. Im about to go to medical school.

Also those aren’t NEETS you fucking new idiot.

Please lurk moar.


Be the Chad you want to see in the world.

If you have a code of ethics, personal responsibility and goals, then religion has absolutely no fucking use.

You're just jumping on the "traditional Christian businessman" train because you think appealing to the boomers will cover for your ineptitude.

All of this is true expect for the atheist bit. I'm actually agnostic leaning towards christianity, but the real question is: HOW COULD YOU BE SO RIGHT ABOUT ME?!

All of this applies to me except I don't like video games. Also not a neet.

>muh higher being protecting me
That's literally nigger-tier intelligence levels.


>Be Atheist
>Claim to be a non-believer and free minded
>Literally believing in every ideology and liberal agenda under the sun
>Still claims to be a non-believer
Atheism is a meme. What people do at a micro level is one thing, but no long lasting functioning society can ever survive without religious belief at the macro level. Atheism eats itself from the inside.

Atheistic morality is just subjectivism.

How can anyone be religious when there's just about 1000 different religions and your own religion only depends on the part of the world you are born in. If you are a christian you are only christian because you were born in US/Europe. If you were born in Asia, you would probably be a buddhist or something. If you were born in Middle East, you would be muslim, if you were born in Africa you would believe in some ooga booga wood spirits. Religion is for brainlets.

1. Gender is a state of mind
2. Fuck it I'll be oit of this list next month
3. In a third world middle class is a bit different but yeah
4. Well 140iq here tested by online facebook tests i took a quick one while playing candy crush
5. Nah i hate all lifeforms including myself
6.No i dont believe in sky daddy wish he was real tho to call him a retarded faggot and to tell him to suck a bunch of dicks

also atheist have beliefs but those beliefes are based on proven facts, religions have nothing but a fucking book and bunch of other brainlets so that you can feel like it's real because so many people surely cannot be wrong, right?

I could answer your question, but the EXACT argument could be said about atheistic morality.

You can't have objective morality with atheism. You just proved that yourself in your own comment. How can you say it's wrong to burn children alive when there have been cultures that have done this? Isn't morality dependent on where you are born too? You have to say yes to this, otherwise your initial argument is flawed.

Holy shit there are actually people my age that still buy into the western fairytale about desert people?

This thread proves im not a pale incel loser. I am only the first three thank God.

Agnostic athiest libertarian here.
Wrong, try again.

Give me a couple of examples of these atheistic beliefs that are proven facts? I want to hear this.

Moral objectivity doesnt exist.

>tfw all yes except 30 and over achiever

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Lmao why you so pissed?

haha i am actually 26 smd faggot

Libertarianism has no inherent moral incentives built into it's ideology.

Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.

Yes, morality is a human-made concept. If there's a culture where burning children alive is a normal thing, then that is moral within their culture, but generally society always evolves over time not to kill or torture people for no reason as there's no benefit to it from evolution's objective which is to keep the species alive under any circumstance. I have morals that I got from society around me, just like you and everyone else. Muslims that live in Europe or US have normal morality like rest of us but those muslims born in ISIS with the same religion find it okay to kill people.
Religion doesn't create morality, society does.

I am an old female lesbian who is a CEO making $2kk/day, deeply religious and anti-racist.

Your argument is invalid.

Then there is no right and wrong, or truth even for that matter.

Nothing wrong with that. Morality is individual.

Theres not sorry to hurt your feelings

There is truth. Right and wrong are more of preferences

What is stopping me just labeling myself as gay and keeping on gambling?

Also with an IQ of 83.

Theres not faggot theres not truth you human beings are entilted cunts that believe everything spins around you

i have a deep spiritual connection to the fact that subscribing to a religion is like subscribing to anything else and until I'm presented with any fucking discernible molecule of EVIDENCE WHY or REASON FOR then you all are doing no more than wasting precious human time to me

Most parts Africa and South America are Christian

if you think non-believer strictly = atheism you'll never make it sorry man

there are actually ppl who literally just don't give a fuck about religion and live decent, have a deep spiritual life/connection to the world and religions just don't equate - atheism is just another belief system to get trapped in

That only proves they are brainlet niggers

Ha I'm gay


28, about to be 29 in a few months.

Straight enough. Putting things in my ass is pretty fun, but it's hard to get off and I wouldn't put a dick in it.

Grew up super poor for America, still played games. Mostly played outside to save on electricity.

People say I'm above average intelligence, but I space out all day and I'm pretty gullible, so I feel sort of dumb.

Everyone's at least vaguely racist. I'm mixed with everything except Asian though, and the dad that helped raise me was black while my mother's mostly white-Hispanic. Not sure what my real father was. I'm less racist than most people, probably.

I'm religious, but I don't attend church.

Y , Y , Y , Y , Y , Y , Y

The definition of moral is "what is good". You can't say that burning children is moral (good) because that is what's considered moral in some societies.

There is also no benefit to our evolution to feed and house mentally retarded people, or handicapped people or third world people. In fact, the best thing for our species would be to eliminate all people with an iq of less than 70. You cannot argue against this. Because your atheistic morality doesn't bother with objective reality, rather subjectivism.

This is not to say that atheistic people cannot be good, of course they can. They have just managed to choose good values in favor of bad once. They just don't know this because in their own words "morality is not objective and therefor good and bad is relative"

Cultures are not equal. There are good cultures and then there are savage cultures.

This applied like 10 years ago

Now I don't think I'm straight


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nope, atheist and libertarian

conservativism is nigger tier "things can't change" lack of neuroplasticity

No need to feed and house mentally retarded or handicapped people. In a natural environment they would die naturally due to natural selection as predators would kill them/they couldn't feed themselves, or they would straight up die during birth.
There's no "good or bad". ISIS children believe killing non-muslims is good because people around them say that to them and they go on to happily murder people thinking they're doing the right thing, despite having the same religion as regular muslims across the world. You can't disprove that.
People only choose good over bad because if you're "bad" you will be outcasted from the society and humans have evolved to rely on society, so that's basically a death sentence so of course we will do and follow whatever the majority believes.


Libertarian is socially LIBERAL.

Nice try shlomo

No cell phones allowed in the classroom, boy. I'm gonna be giving your parents a call this afternoon if you don't shape up

shhhjust pray

You seem to be implying that this vague sprititual connection to “the world” is the default or something. If you think athiesm is another entrapping belied system then your worldly spirituality is too.

True except the racist part.

>I'm smart but lazy

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Oh wait and the middle class bit.

Just because you believe something is good doesn't mean it's good. That is my whole point. ISIS is wrong, doesn't matter if they think they are good, they are wrong. You think Stalin thought he was evil? No, he was a good man in his own eyes. Subjective morality is very dangerous and this has been prove many times in our history.

If you think you are right and have a lot of money and power, what stops you from imposing your subjective values unto other people in the name of morality? NOTHING, nothing stops you. Look at Mao, Stalin and Kim.

Science is also not inherently moral in any regard. This is something atheistic people are generally confused about. They generalize all science=good and progressive. But tell me, what was the first thing that happened when scientist made the biggest scientific discovery of the 20th century? The figured out how to split the atom, right? What happened then? You see what I mean? Science doesn't guaranty good, or even evil for that matter. That's what makes it science. The whole idea of science to begin with was to create a system that is AS unbiased and unregulated by human emotion as possible, and they succeeded. Therefore, you cannot say that science is a path towards moral enlightenment.

Atheist take our society for granted, they take everything we have today for granted.

I can't even imagine how much of a faggot you must be. How the fuck, when IQ has a heritability coefficient of .8, do you think that an entire continent with 65 IQ "people" are equal to the rest of the world? That takes some serious delusion/

>age 15-25
>grew up middle class

These are not true for me but I wish they were desu desu

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An Elderly religious lesbian female! Wow!!

Why does it seem like you're arguing that all religion is good because it's the only way people would know right from wrong.

What about all the Christian priests who build an entire life around molesting underage boys? Surely they are good men, in a civilized culture in a good religion, but they willingly do objectively immoral things.

People don't need religion to tell them what to do because most don't even listen!

How many religious men are, rapists, murderers, pedophiles? A lot.

How many atheistic men are, rapists, murderers, pedophiles? A lot

It makes no difference whether or not they were told NOT to do those things because they're just shitty people.

I'm not arguing that all religion is good, I never said that. There are obviously superior religions, as there are superior cultures.

My point is, you can do whatever you want and say you are atheist. I'm just saying that at the macro level we need religion in order to function and not spiral in to man made ideologies like marxism, feminism, libertarianism etc.

I never said religious people are inherently moral. Priest who rape will go to hell and they are NOT moral. You can say you follow a certain religion, but you still have to act it out. Priest who rape do not act it out. They are evil.

The point is not to be super religious and read the bible everyday. The point is to ACT as if there is a god, you speak thru your actions. You do good thru your actions.

>socially liberal
>supporting guns
>supporting free speech
>fighting the SJWs

I am not socially liberal, you cuck

This was me UNTIL I was 25. Now I'm 28 and I'm mostly the same guy, except
- kicked video game habit, now play rarely if ever (mixed feelings on this)
- more "racist" (simply learned more about race and IQ)
- 100k in crypto and quickly tanking
- no work history

Extremely nervous honestly

>no (ph.d in biomedical engineering nigger)
i'm also more Veeky Forums than you. absolutely guaranteed

also, racism isn't a bad word faggot. niggers are a bane on humanity

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>I'm okey with people doing ANYTHING they want as long as they don't fuck with me personally
>Not socially liberal
>Not a degenerate scum

Okey Mr. Potato Head.

You are 5 years ahead of me, give me some advice please.

I belive in God, 30 years old and holding 1m $

>give me some advice please.
start lifting, running, and hiking with a heavy pack. invest in guns and ammo and practice shooting. accumulate cryptocurrency, monero preferred. stock up on long-lasting food and water filters/tablets that work on bacteria and viruses. i'm absolutely serious.

You're what I strive to be when I overcome my video game addiction and stop being NEET... one day

I'm basically nowhere in life so idk what advice I can give you. Right now I'm in the process of trying to make adult friends who are interested in friendship but not too far ahead of me and consider me pathetic. I've had zero success in that regard.

I'd say just go to the gym a minimum of 2-3 days a week, don't neglect cardio (run), idk beyond that... good luck bro

Oh, if you're 23, it's not too late for you. Go get a degree or start work or whatever, don't let yourself have a huge employment gap like me. I feel like I dug a hole for myself that I can't get out of.

I am an early 20s male
grew up lower middle class, only played a couple video games in middle school
above average intelligence, but over achiever
I'm racist in the eyes of some idpol neo liberal, but I am not actually racist, ie I dont think "undesirables" should be fucking eliminated/have no place in society
I am mostly non-religious but not totally certain in my beliefs like many atheists
OP's image BTFO hahaha

>when I overcome my video game addiction and stop being NEET
the army broke me of that and gave me enough discipline to get myself out of bed and go work on shit i don't want to work on (to get my phd)

You almost had it
Hi pascal

>None of those apply to me except playing games
> #

25, straight. the family became a middle class but was poor. Played video games in the childhood.
yes, but now I'm on the meds for my bipolar and started to achieve.

Why does there need to be a god for you to act right? Morals are just values created by humanity, the same people who penned religious texts. Most people can agree that murder, for example, is wrong for logical reasons. Rarely do I hear someone suggest it’s wrong simply because: god. And we haven’t even considered religions that deem some murder to be righteous. Kill the infidels, torture the heathens.

I'm already in school and will get my bachelor in 1 year. Still not sure if I should pursuit a masters, really depends on my situation and if I make it by then or not.

I'm in Canada and our nation has become a disgrace. There was a time when I would have considered serving, but not now with our pro tranny/refugee fagminister. Any other initiations that could give a similar sense of responsibility and agency that helped you crack out of it? congrats on making it man.

Also is 24 too oldfag to consider going back to university?

I'm 30. Grew up poor as shit (but dad was a burglar so he got me loads of games and consoles)
Does that mean i'll make it?

Jokes on you OP I grew up poor.

You can't give me one single reason to why murder is wrong. You simply cannot. You will always end up on the notion of objective morality.

Lol at religious kids in here trying to argue that religion = morality.

Howd the dark ages work out for ya?