How many of you are thinking about selling?

how many of you are thinking about selling?

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Not me, It is bound to go up

>selling my link, ever


Thanks for your sacrifice, just sold 100k

Time to buy.

>be mostly in USDT
>stack consistently increasing

Might sell OmiseGo because of how shitty it is

I already sold most of my coins (for a loss). Crypto is going nowhere, you all be broke-ass niggers in 6mo.

My targets are still my targets. I'm a little salty I didn't get the best possible entries for the next run, but I have no reason to sell. You only lose when you sell low.

Yes seriously.


lol just lol

How many normies do you know who have sold?

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>we have entered the capitulation phase

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No we are not even in fear yet. 6k to 11k was the bulltrap.


real talk

what are the odds btc can get back above 14K? I'm in a small hole here boys

I'm considering selling OP. Last buy was at 8600 but it's not looking so hot.

What happened?


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i can't take this shit anymore i'm fucking dumping at 8400

I think so too. I think 6k will end up being eventual return to mean, I'm looking for 3k bottom


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Just bought some at 8400 lmao

$7 handle incoming. And so we proceed into the blind world.

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I know the millisecond that I sell, everything will go up. Sorry for fucking over everyone in crypto by me not selling


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I will wait until btc slips under 6k and the panic ensues, and sell the very bottom before a bounce. Then fomo back in at top of the dead cat and sell again at 3k.

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Buy high sell low, it's not that difficult

sold it all, this whole market is slowly bleeding down back to three digits

this guy gets it


Sold when it was 9800

I'm a retard for not selling @ 11500

yup this is how dumb these faggots are

I am, but I'm not going to.
I feel like a complete idiot for not selling when I had 2x. It was obvious in hindsight it couldn't last.

Fuck me, I do all the dumbest shit possible in sideways markets, but at least I've managed to escape just about every dump so far

why is it dumb to be in tether and then buy back in

i'm done, sold everything. fucking shit market.

>people called me a retard when I sold at 12k
>they still called me a retard when we went down to 11k
>when we went sub 10k they kept calling me a retard
>now we're at 8k and they won't stop calling me retarded
>mfw I'm starting to feel like they might be onto something

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adamantium hands

>Selling when red
This is why we crash!

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No selling for me.

My coins are in safe places, and I'm shorting to cover any losses I might incur, while accumulating BTC for the bull run.

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Never ever

Because they think it's going to spontaneously explode any day now, tether might be shady but you're just being stupid if you let such a big dip happen without tethering up


>not in fear yet
Where were you for the last few months user?

I wish I could sell. Bought 70 Neo for 470€ ($83 price at that time) yesterday. Money was wired, but NEOs will be sent only in 12-14h from now. Lost like 15% and haven't even got my hands on them.


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This is the first sell off

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ty...feel fine with my stop limit

Spent 20k on ZCL.... got my BTCP.... down to just a few thousand dollars... Rekt, Justed & Raped.

Thinking of just selling.... take no the 5k I have left and taking a break.

Most... or they bought such small amounts (a couple hundred bucks) that they have just forgotten about it.... normies have pretty much stopped talking about it - it's like fucking fidget spinners to them

>This happens every March

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You will never get your hands on my stinkies

You dumbasses...this HODL meme has fucked you bigtime. Im starting to think that none of you have the first clue on how to trade...sell now, buy back lower. its easy you fucking brainlets.