Just look at this board. 8/10 threads are either about suicide or 'crypto is over.' All signs are here. We are in 'depression.'

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somewhere between capitulation and depression

Not even close.

In 2014, btc began falling from 1200 to eventually 250.

When this board is tumbleweeds. When the board becomes only 25% crypto posts with 95% of them being complete scamcoin shills. When people abandon and give up en masse. Thats when you accumulate
Right now is comparable to btc hitting like 700 in 2014-2015

Oh yea? Did Goldman Sachs open up a crypto trading desk in 2014? Did Robinhood open up crypto trading in 2014? Etc etc

Totally different. Don’t be stupid.

I think so too, the small alts even start to spike every now and then, not really elevating the price to a new level but clear large buy orders coming through, short pumps etc.
Feels a bit like Oct/Nov, before the real craze started.

true depression would be 3-5k

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Things were a lot different back then. In 2014 Mt. Gox alone had 80% of all trading volume. Also, it has been show that the rise to $1,200 was pure manipulation (read pic related paper).

When bubbles burst, prices fall between 70-80%, which is exactly what happened BTC fell from 20k to 5.8k.

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We are still in DENIAL.
Your thread proves it.
You want it to be over quickly but we didnt even start yet.

False. My thread is THE ONLY positive one in this board. Everyone else is depressed.

Its called ironic overreacting which is quite common on here mr reddit.
You will see true depression and your shitty thread wont change it.

First day here?
Red candle on 5 min chart = AAAAAAAAAAAAA
Green candle on 5 min chart = WE ARE BACK

We're somewhere between panic and capitulation. Hold tight lads, we're headed downward and sidways for a good while.

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Complacency or Denial. Either way, it's bad.

There's way more humbling by depression, we're not there.

I think we;re still in denial phase. At least I am.

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I’m depressed. But that’s only partly to do with crypto. I also can’t stop smoking weed and my life is a mess

when we were at 6k and went back up to 11k, we were at denial capitulation soon, then 1 year bear market

You even can read fucking charts? we are in the Anxiety phase.

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well, you're not alone my friend.

This, when this board is full of pink wojaks we have reached panic.

Capitulation was weeks ago when there were a lot of threads saying 'I can't take this anymore, I'm out.'

I honestly think this will go like the 2013 bubble, downward and sideways for a year. You can expect a true 4-5k bottom in like 8 months

>pink wojaks
That meme died sometime between January and February. People got tired of posting pink wojaks for every red candle.

>My investments are with great companies. They will come back.
Is this a quote from the DBC subbredit? Because this is exactly what they sound like.