You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man

You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man.

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Because I’ve lost all of my money holding NEO, Trinity and btc.

That would mean investing into stocks where you have to wait a year to get that 20%

We all gamblers here. Cant wait that long.

we are not going to mars

this guy is a real life con man

10/10 hairline restoration.

I'm investing in Link, which is basically the same thing once the partnership is announced.

>investing on the new meme jobs

I simply don't like him.
I believe he's a conman propped up by subsidies secured through donations.
If my gut instinct is wrong, I'll have missed out on a chunk of change, but I don't really need it.

I am, 95% Litecoin!

His best company is private.

nice try elon, not gonna buy your shit flametorches

>he's not decentralized
>nor is he fungible
>touring complete ? nope
why should I invest user ?

I bought his fucking hat. Does that count?

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Because of this picture.

Here's a real reason tho. Because he's a welfare billionaire, he's only successful because of government grant money. He might as well be black.

That's not the real Elon. He looks way younger than he did in 1999. He's an AI.

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what the FUCK are you talking about user

You have 10 reasons to give me ONE good second invested with this man

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>repeatedly gets taken to the cleaners by roasties
That's reason enough for me

How do I invest in "this man"

omg delet this

because I’m too busy investing in this man

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faggot who burns tons of money on technological dead ends

because electric cars are for faggots

Because I don’t know how to invest in this man.

How do you do it sirs?

His shit crashes. He has lost 100 million dollar payloads when his competitor has had over 120 successful launches and not a single loss and his cars are months behind. He is a stuttering low energy failure memed onto a pedestal by the same pseudo intellectuals that shilled Hillary.

this 1000%

mainly pic related

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>hasn't even fixed the battery on the first tesla car.

Listen OP. Elon is a good innovator, not a good businessman with his finances.

Pretty much this.

it was potentially sabotaged by his competitors.

Taxes are automatically deducted from my paycheck, sport.


How the fuck have you lost money on NEO?


because im allin tomochain the new ethereum

Because of trumps trade war fucking with american automobile industries. Literally the only sane answer here.

By buying at any point recently?

This. I would throw money at a company trying to get our pathetic species into space even if I ended up losing it.

Because i lost everything

Because SpaceX is still private

What the fuck has he done now?

Buy the dip