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Who else is feeling comfy?

Picking up a fat stack every time this drops below 4k sats. With any luck, grandpa will go to 6k and I can snatch it up at ICO usd prices.

Already loaded up to 40k at this point and I'm unironically aiming for 100k

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>throwing money in a dark pit
>every time
>feeling "comfy"
go visit a doctor you fuckhead, this is some really unhealthy fetish you have

lol DYOR on this project, that's all I'm gonna say. 100k should be enough for retirement in a year or two.

you mean listen to the swisspajeet and his minions?
look buddy, this project is good, no questions here
if they had shares, i would buy them
but why the fuck would you throw money at this shit in this market?
you can easily wait a few months and buy 500k for the same amount bc this will be bleeding until then
and no, it won't be enough for retirement in a year or two
maybe you get your head out of your ass and look at the valuation and compare this with the actual valuation of the potential customers in the industry
notice something?

can't wait fot the start of alt season, AMB will moon sooooo hard it's gonna reach mars

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I like this coin , i have 10k AMB
I'm 100% sure it will be a winner when the market recovers.

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50 mil on AMB vs 100+ billion dollar conglomerates?

>this project is good, no questions here
>if they had shares, i would buy them
>but why the fuck would you throw money at this shit in this market?

what did he mean by this?

protipp: it won't
it will bleed with the rest of the altcoinshit until a near fair evaluation
do you honestly think the 2017 miracle all over again?
>but its a real company senpai
yes it is, and therefore no reason to give it a valuation 500x of the (potential) yearly revenue
are you all stupid?
i will tell you what will happen:
sooner or later (protipp:later) a btc bull will start and this shit will bleed under 10cents
end of story

following your train of thoughts AMB is ultra undervalued (and it's true)

because your funnymoneytokens are not shares
what the fuck is wrong with you stupid kids?
i pity you senpai
you are so deluded in your funnytokenbubble, you have no grip on reality

Approaching comfy. Constantly accumulating AMB in hopes of having enough for a masternode.

mmhhh 4 posts by this ID
who hurt you baby?

Stay poor faggot

you deluded idiots don't get it
it's not undervalued, its overvalued like all the rest of the paperdream"companies" here
it may be undervalued when you look at wtc at the current value
but wtc will also loose 90%, just wait
rock bottom a lot more deeper than now and then we are (maybe) near a fair evaluation

I'm just keeping 80% of tiny 3k$ stack in this in case crypto recovers. But I'm just gonna close blockfolio for a while and forget crypto exists. Fuck this shit and fuck my life.

By that logic VeChain should be worth pennies right now.

They're even better than shares, they're staking tokens that produce a secondary currency used for processing transactions along the ecosystem.

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Haha. Dude, once adoption comes utility tokens will be more fairly valued than shares. Shares are not directly tied to the success of the company - they are speculation. Utility tokens are directly tied to the success of a blockchain. AMB didn't release their economic model yet but if it's anything like VET then we will be fine.

Obviously right now the market is all speculation, but that will change as these blockchains see mass adoption. Enterprises are already buying VeChain from the open market. Give it a year or two. Utility tokens will be more fairly valued than shares.

just spreading some sense, but its hopeless
don't worry you will make it, or swisspajeet will comfort you after he purchased his island (lel)

nice FUD, keep it going

on an unrelated note, a fucking AMB masternode costs ~1500 euro right now. You can be set for several years for one and a fucking half thousand right now.

10k reporting in, comfy

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Exactly. Once mass adoption comes, utility tokens will be more fairly valued and useful than shares.

it will be in half a year, just wait
just read your sentence again and do the math how much a transaction will be worth to a coffeemaker
can't into math? yeah, i figured
pure insanity

What is this swisspajeet you are yelling at?
i think you may be schizophrenic

If the 5k MN minimum rumor is true, the faggots that buy AMB in this bear market are definitely going to make it

keep dreamin
set for years in front of your hentaiprocessor?

A tiny fraction of a cent, obviously. The free market will probably settle in the 1-10 gwei range.

No idea who the hell this swisspajeet is. I bought after Pharmphag's shill and did my own research.

protipp: no
see you at 8 cents
screencap if you like

What's the basis for this rumor?

swissfag,pharmafag and kimchifag are the same group of pajeets or marketinginterns at amazix
big secret
who would have thought of this?
deluded idiots

One of KimchiWhale's goons was strongly implying 5k/50k/500k for node tiers while shitposting in the AMB meme channel. The gook whale has a research group or some shit that brigades and troll supply chain and interoperability TG crypto channels.

Holy shit dude, is this a full time job for you or something. We get it. AMB=10c and shit. Don't buy, shilled by pajeets. Thanks so much for this valuable opinion.

If pharmafag is a marketer, then he has a ludicrously extensive background in endocrinology and pharma manufacturing. Everyone in logistics is creaming their pants over ambrosus.

Yeah. Great coin. So far it's turned 1.5 BTC into 0.6.

Feels good.

I literally haven't bought any AMB tokens above 4.4k sats. Watch this go to a 20 mil market cap on us though, lol.

because the shilling 5times everyday with shitass memes of the manchild ceo gets really annoying
i do you retards a favour here
just wait a few months or cry
no one creams their pants you liar, i knew a few people in logistics and no one heard about this shit when i asked
moreso when they researched this, they came back to me and ridiculed the tokenshit
big companies will go with legacy systems by ibm and sap
food quality is already divided across countries, they will only break into small markets (like the kobe shit)
pharma may be a big deal, this you got right, but their sensors for pharma will need another 2 years at least MINIMUM to develop
this guy gets it
feeling "comfy"?

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>Shares or gtfo
>Lol tokenshit
>IBM and SAP legacy systems
>Pharma may be a big deal so don't invest in tokens while they're in microcap territory

Boomer detected.

>I talked to boomers who told me it's useless!
>I work at Ambrosus and they will take at least 2 years to make sensors!

You've gotta be fudding to accumulate, right? Your points are borderline brain-dead so I'm thinking you're trolling.

no boomer, just someone with more money than your allowance
ok then, go ahead and waste your lunchmoney, i warned you
you are 6-24 months too EARLY for this
50 mio for a startup with no product or anything

stupid kid with deluded dreams of easy money detected

yeah because the whole point of a blockchain is to be as centralized as possible. In order to have a system that cannot be tampered with it needs to be decentralized thats the main selling point for blockchain.

i will start accumulating when this shit hits 10 cents, so maybe in 2-3 months
i talked to no boomer consultants in this space
and you?
talked to the swisspajeet in the telegram?
he promised you easy millions?
maybe you should leave your basement sometimes and connect to the real world

Have you even picked up a book in GARP and valuations? Holy fuck you're retarded.

50 to 300 mil is literally the definition of a microcap. It's virtually a nanocap at this valuation, even.

>maybe in 2-3 months
>6-24 months too EARLY for this

Sure thing, next time try and keep track of your timeline when you make up shit.

Hell, what you're saying tells me you have no experience in venture capitalism or tech in general. The average SUCCESSFUL startup raises $50 million with founders exiting around an average of $250 million on their equity value.

>mfw TGfags mistake other anons for me
Don't worry, I will open a new TG after swissfaggot runs out of pol sci sermons, gets bored and leaves.
Daily reminder that AMB will see NO price action this month OR the next!

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sooooo you will also buy funnytokenmoney?
you don't make much sense my friend , seems like you are just another angry bearfaggot.

>he thinks using a trip is cool

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>13 posts by this ID
3 rupees has been deposited in your account, keep shilling on Veeky Forums/reddit/twitter for further payments.

mad that you can't come up with a god tier trip?

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you should lurk more

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Funny this is the same guy who FUDded on the subreddit and got btfo. Weido probably gets hard for all this attention.

you are speaking of shares and not of chucky cheese tokens you fuckhead
its not the same
only in your deluded head

i know, i'm the idiot because in 2 months goldmann will come and pour millions in a funnytoken with 800k daily volume
swissfaggot promised

lmao you fucking retard, i'm not shilling anything
i'm not the swiss/pharma/kimchifaggot

do you think someone pays me for fudding?
that was the first and last time i did you idiots a favour
but it seems to only strengthen your deluded dreams as you see your favourite pokemontoken insulted
pathetic nerds, go ahead and loose money
see you in q3

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>15 posts by this ID
>I’m fudding for free, sir, I swear dear sir.

>projecting this hard

IDK what's going on but it seems these guys are getting off on being euphoric in their own intelligence

jk i love you

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