ITT: we ask a Veeky Forumstard to stream the SXSW talK

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Cant believe we had multiple people streaming the bitgoyim super conference but not one person has come out saying they'll be at SXSW

The dream is over guys, we're all dead.

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From 1 Ironhand bizraeli too the next, could you please stream the conference, would be Highly appreciated to separate fact from fiction in our eternal quest for truth,

Signed, mini whale

It doesn't matter user.
Go to sleep, it allready dumped.
Buy WTC.

Keep up the hard work

Seconded, I'd do it myself but I live on the other side of the world. Somebody fix us up niggaz

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Its 2 pm and im loving this dump

So when it's going to be?
In other thread one user said 3:30 PM PST and other replied no, it's CDT


An user yesterday already said they would stream, but it would be shitty quality.

Don't know how we will find the stream, but he did promise to stream.

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KEK remembered the last stream where one biztard filmed the other biztard

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Stop posting her >:(

Post MEW instead.

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Hey faggots:

I won't livestream, but can record and post streamable link later tonight. Stay tuned.

I wish that I know how, but that quirky smile lights up my day


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get ready for the biggest joosting of all time

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yes its all over buy mobius sir

Guys I started streaming, better not fucking with me

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>Buy WTC.
Good meme.

He said he'd record it at shitty quality. I don't remember him saying anything about streaming

Guys im at the hotel in my lucky brand shirt that sergey wears. There is an another event in the room he is supposed to speak in so I am standing between the entrance and the toilets. Come say hi.

Post proof faggot

I thought there was going to be an official one anyways

There is a Wisconsin Cheese festival here today. For anyone curious

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