Aaaaaannnnnnnddd.... We. Are. Back!

Aaaaaannnnnnnddd.... We. Are. Back!

I hope you kiddies bought the dip, because BTC is NEVER go below 8300 again. Hold on to your butts, we're about the ride the bull all the way to 50k!!!

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-10% in a day = this is the time to open longs again


Does it not bother anyone that the peaks are getting smaller and smaller between each trough? It's like a death rattle

lmao nice "recovery" fag

this is the start of the longest bull run in history

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I'm so, so tired of it all. So tired.

Dump it

>BTC is NEVER...
Next time you are inclined to post this sort of thing imagine Nassim Taleb appears before you and bitchslaps you on the face.

I was not worried at all.If summer passes and this shit is still the same then i will start worrying.

I understand, i should've sold in January for a 30k profit. Unfortunately this was not allowed and now i'm stuck with just double my initial investment.

We're up $100 in the last 5 minutes alone, we're mooning!!!

At least you're still up in profit terms. I've just started to scrape below my initial investment and it doesn't feel good

It's a bull trap u retards


It's below 8300 now.

this post has not aged well

The joy you felt every dollar above your initial is 10 times less potent than the pain you feel for every dollar below it

down 3k now, 35% of initial

Not selling

Not to mention the biggest transfer of wealth in history.

Any financial manager in the world would be fired immediately if they lost 35% of portfolio.

Price is never going below (insert current price here) ever again, true story!

Do I look like a financial manager to you idiot? I'm in fucking crypto. My portfolio was losing 35% a day even when I was in the green


What song will u play at ur funeral user?

I've been here since 2013.... just hold don't sell it at loss... It'll pump soon.... wait a year.... its the same each year... regulations are good trust me. its a good idea to ban Icos... Most of them are scams... crashing the market ( selling Eth or Btc for Fiat...)

Way ahead of you. I came prepared to lose what i put in, but I was greedy for not taking out profit. Im investing longterm anyway. I've learned enough about this shit to know its the future of money

Yeah, better wait once it already recovered to open your longs

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Honestly though, now that the 8.3k support is being obliterated with no bounce from buyers. Are we gonna hit 7.8k tonight?

Blockchain technology is not a new concept. It's an over 30 year old idea. It's not going to replace centralized databases. If it was going to, it would have already.

He was talking currency and you're talking DLT. What you said is the reason I only hold coin that has a promising chance of being used as a currency.l or store of value. Utility tokens are shit.

Shut it Marius

I can't think of a single coin right now that is a stable store of value or is commonly used to make purchases.

What kind of fantasy world are you living in where you feel YOUR coins have utility?

Through sheer perseverance you got an audible kek out of me well done

Here’s your (you)

Cya at 6k bois

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Ah the good old days

I SOLD AT 8300

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>wanted some bitcoin
>couldn't buy instantly
>have to wait 1 week to get it
>bought at 9.5k
>check last night
>price is doing good
>check now
>bottom is falling out

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Gold bug?

Monero checks both those boxes


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It just isn't time to buy yet. If it gets to $7900 then we may free fall to $6000.

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that's a buy signal

>there is none
You should unironically ask what's the calalyst right now.

Never seen that indicator before. Is it specifically made for retards?

>trusting the retard barometer

That's literally what people on Wall St call that

8,3k sellers are the new 6k bottom sellers

sucks to be you user, better luck next time

Aaaaaaand it's crashing again.

>tfw not having sold at 8.3k

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>btc is NEVER going below 8300 again

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Oh shit here we go.

$7900 and then crash to 6k

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>btc is never going below $0. Check my dubs

It's happening so fucking fast now... Today has been fucking brutal.
As if someone is walking around a room filled with whales, whipping them as he shouts
>You sell that Bitcoin!
>Did I tell you to stop? KEEP SELLING!

Should have listened to The Lonely Whale.

>yfw hodlers hodl so long they owe satoshi money

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It's the modern day titanic user. why would anybody unironically own bitcoin if it doesn't go up?
For that muh decentralized meme?
Bitcoin has proven to be an abysmal dissapointment, all those that rode to saturn with it are long gone, if there wasn't brainlets actually believing it will replace muh fiat it would be at 2k already. No positive catalyst, nothing..ask yourself why would you buy if not for some quick gains..which obviously don't come.
I can't believe it's still worth 8 grand kek