Well done California


Well done California.

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Lol California still exist? i thought those faggots tax cucked themselves to death and their city turned back into a desert like it was meant to be

>why can't I pay with us dollars?
>why would I use it over muh dollars?
>what if we don't print enough dollars?

Fucking kike, I swear to God, if I was to die tomorrow and it was logistically possible to kill this subhuman I would unironically do it and feel like I did a great thing. Not even trying to be edgy

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how bad is this ? please tell us

At the very least he should feel the wrath of the internet

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The land of homeless shiting on the sidewalks and a 13 billion dollar over budget high speed rail to nowhere!

Hard to tell but it seems like congress is full of idiots with 0 understanding of crypto. But I'm a leaf, so idk, maybe that's the standard american politician. Except for the that Tom Emmer guy, bless him.

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Must have been painful for Emmer to sit there listening to these degens that weaseled their way into office.

i notice you didnt bother to answer his question though

p.s. sage and report all /pol/ posts

does crypto live ?

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because they are too retarded to even bother
how do you want to pay with FIAT on a decentrlized network? let's say you use FunFair platform, who are you gonna pay to? are you that retarded? what are you gonna do? track some person on the other end of the world that happens to run a node that validated your transactions and wire him a bank transfer?

>why would I use it over usd
because I like to be in charge of my own money without relying on kike banksters? because I don't give a fuck about their inflationary fiat that basicly steals my life savings? because it's faster and more convinient?

kill yourself you filthy kike

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how low will this push btc?

$2000 min

go stinky linky

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now i can sleep thank you user

my dream is $100 but lets be real $2k sounds soothing

Fuck man i laughed so hard, good job OP

same here i was like whoaaaaaaaaa


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Well no shit. Congress, both republicans and democrats are controlled by the big banks. They won't promote anything if banks doesn't give them the 'go' signal.

I can't believe these are the people our citizens have voted in.

this should make headlines but it wont since this would also educate people besides the obvious fud

His main contributor is Allied Wallet which is an online payment system that is directly threatened by cryptocurrency. alliedwallet.com/

why why why are these people in power sob can someone theoretically pump btc to $100k allow people to cash out. bitcoin wins

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The corporations voted them in. Lets be real there are no citizens anymore, only consumers and subjects

sounds like man and machine

how much could this influence over crypto atmosphere ......im late currently 46:39

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almost done watching what has anyone learned ?


why are you still bumping this shit /pol/ thread instead of discussing this in any of the other threads on the topic