I bought a 2009 toyota camry with my crypto gains. I paid atound 5k for it with 80k miles. Should i keep it or flip it...

I bought a 2009 toyota camry with my crypto gains. I paid atound 5k for it with 80k miles. Should i keep it or flip it? I kinda need a car but could live without one. Wat do?
>pic related but not actually mine

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camry is a good car no reason to sell it

Reduce fixed costs if you flip it

Sell it and buy a 1.5 turbocharged civic, be set for life

>ever buying a car unless you have 1M+ net worth

Keep it. I drive a 99 and it might not be the prettiest or fastest car out there but god damn if they aren't the most reliable car you could ever have. Honda civic has nothing on a camry

Yea seriously. A used motor with 150k miles costs 150k. I was shocked
What do u mean? Nothing wrong with it

Very true camrys are super reliable.. Plus i kinda like how the newest ones have a red leather interior option

Civic is too small
I have 130k cash and 50k crypto. The retail value is like 7600. I think i got a good deal on it
So true

You scored on that deal user

Thanks. Just hard for me to decide if i want to flip for 1.5k profit or to drive it. This car can go like 300k miles

Keep it, take care of it, and drive it until it dies in like 30 years. I have a brand new VW that I bought partially with some gains and I regret it. New, fancy cars are really a waste of money.

Thanks for the advice user i was leaning that way too.

Veeky Forums here. You've done well user. That car will last you a very long time.


Nice car. I get tired of seeing all of these LARPers and idiots buying fancy bullshit. A Camry is the ideal sensible man's car. Unless you're truly wealthy, there's not much reason to buy much else.

Agreed and thanks

Each one of my camrys 380k miles, hodl

OP i call bullshit. too good of a deal.

here in cali you can sell that for 10k to some beaners


I own a '98 and I've told myself that I would buy something nice once it dies. I've been saying that for 10 years now without it showing any signs of allowing me to move on.

Nope i wont go into specifics

I owned a Civic and the biggest problem I had was that it simply started falling apart on me—things simply fell off. The Honda badge, one of the door trim pieces, etc. Eventually the suspension/steering components got bad and it was just not worth putting the money into it anymore. I wonder if Camrys are more reliable in that regard

Those v6 engines are actually the best engines ever made according to a friend/mechanic
Yea honda toyotas are so great

Keep it. You're just going to lose the very small amount of money gambling again, and be a car-less loser.

Are you a dealership that accepts Bitcoin or why do you keep making these threads? I can't even find where to buy a Toyota with Bitcoin so your campaign isn't working. Be more direct with your shilling.

What the fuck do you do without a car? Ride the bus? Ask your mom for a ride?

Yea i think im going to keep it. Thanks
I didnt buy it with btc, i cashed out and bought it with cash. This is my first thread about my new car as i just bought it a few days ago

Look for a Chevy Malibu, I love mine, great gas mileage, lots of room, decent power,

Solid choice user
Just keep it. 5K isn’t life changing

Oic. How did you cash out?

Eh ive only had bad experiences with chevys
Transfer coins to coinbase and cash out to bank. My limit is 250k but i dont have anything close to that kek

Amazing car. Extremely reliable. It will last you for life

I would keep it, but you could probably flip it for 7-8k if it's in decent condition.

Yea thats true but i kinda need the car and dont really need the money. Thats why i wantef to see what u goys thought

>A used motor with 150k miles costs 150k
who the fuck are you fooling

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wow I'm in a similar dilemma OP, see:
I want to sell to buy the dip

Love the SE. Nice and sporty looking. I have a 2015 SE and i love it

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i may be buying a new toyota this weekend, my ex roommate is manager of a local toyota dealership, will give me an actual deal if i cash out, i want a camry or a 4runner

Fuck you and your gay civic


holy fuck Veeky Forums is actually full of cucks

i really want the new mustang gt but the toyota is the better investment

cars suck. cant haul any toys. buy a truck like a real man.

I meant 1500 dollars
I sold when btc was 15k. Can provide proof

keep it, take care of it and when you have enough money to get a sports car use this as your daily and have a weekend car

>not sold in Europe
>Toyota had one fucking job

>mfw bought an Accord for 500 burgerbucks with leather seats, pristine paint condition, six-cd changer with heavy bass sound system, sunroof, and timing chain

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Good advice thanks
Sorry yuroanon

I am also Veeky Forums and I bought an NA Miata with modest crypto gains as a second car. I'm able to keep it as a fun toy because my DD is a Toyota product. Good job

Am I an idiot for buying a nissan gtr? Was 70% of my gains. Got in on nano at 1.1

Which GTR? The current r35, or any of the previous gen skylines?

corolla > camry

I drive a 2009 Camry ayyy good car bro.


camry > corolla
civic > corolla
Camry > accord

Pound for pound, nothing beats the corolla in terms of reliability, fuel efficiency, and comfort.

obvs he's talking about the r35. if he bought a piece of shit rhd rice burner i'd be disappointed.