Women as an investment

Would you invest in a woman? Or is it a bad deal in the current era? For discussions sake, lets forget about marriage. As it is obviously a bad deal with too many financial risks.

But what about a life partner. And a possible mother to your children/heirs and so forth? Or as a possible house keeper?

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You have to be an early adopter. No 20+ roasties.

find the right woman and it will be the best investment you ever make


I love my girlfriends, just gotta be daddy tier and you don't have problems.

>single mom, 26, 4 kids

Get a mail order Ukranian wife.-


>not looking for a man, just looking for a family

"You won't even be a person to me, just a bank account to support my FOUR kids from separate baby daddies."

Holy shit, and someone WILL respond to her profile.

Of course, but it's still a pretty stupid mistake on her part
I wonder how many of these fathers are black

Got any links? These sound too good to be true

the "i've lived here for 12 years" is telling me she's illegal and those anchors are here to stay, plus all the gibs she can exhort

Women are not long term investments. Treat them like quickly depreciating assets. Pump and dump.


One kid from a failed marriage is a mistake. Four is a poor career choice.

women are the worst deal ever. you will notice at age 35+ that the sexist macho approach was always the only acceptable way and that women need to be treated like shit. eventually women and children cause close to 100% of all problems.

t. inexperienced overweight neet virgin

Invest in your offspring, not in the woman directly.
Learn from the rich kikes they pay millions for virgin teen white girls with good genetics and education.
Create conditions for having a successful family.
House with a big estate is better than any apartment. There are no random passersby that can make advances to your wife if you have a big estate and a secluded house on it.
Not too big as you do not want servants and help.
Make enough money that she doesn't have to work, and convince her that she doesn't want to work. That way you avoid her having conflict of authority between you and her boss. Between your children and her career.

Or if you think about hollywood or kpop kind of investment, than go to Eastern Europe and do castings for models, singers, dancers, actresses and bring them to work for your corporation and to make careers under your ownership and alter sell them onward, or milk them as much as you can. Solid lawyers and ironclad contracts for long periods of time are a must.

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They are indeed too good to be true. My wife is Ukrainian and used to work for dating sites as a 'bait' operator. Her english is good so she would operate ~50 profiles for Russians/Ukrainians on 'mail order' dating sites. She'd get guys to keep paying for communication access and after a long period of time they'd finally send the Ukrainian girl his photos and some correspondence. If she liked the guy they'd invite him to come visit and the 'bait' operator would hand off communication, usually the actual girl barely spoke english at all. Then they'd decide to go for marriage/visa stuff from there.

If you really want to get a foreign wife, just save up some money and rent an apartment in Odessa or something for a few weeks. In the summer they have nice beaches and a nice night life street party kind of atmosphere. I wasn't even looking for women and I would stumble across a girl asking me a question in a bookstore or something "oh, I speak english too! Hi! Are you American!?" before my wife would come over and chase them off.

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i dont have time for childish games
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Karissa, black, Marion County Jail

Thanks for the insight user. Sounds like a fun time, however would it still be fun for a pajeet?

I can't even afford my rent, lol.

Depends on how wealthy you are I guess. Slav cultures have a high ingroup preference. My wife is way more racist than I am and refused to date anyone that's not European by blood.

Nasty bareback sex finished off with constant pussy pumping full of cum?

Are you a virgin? She's young and has 4 kids. She's projecting a persona. I bet she'd ride anyone's cock who swiped whatever direction shows interest.
>unprotected sex
>4 kids
>unclear how many kids have the same dad
>consistently having unprotected sex
>is on tinder
Jesus Christ if this isn't all bait I'll give her kid #5

yea but the definition of european can be a bit sketchy depending on what country your from

This guy gets it


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>not realizing a true alpha

hmm gonna go with 4

>a true alpha

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Veeky Forums told me they are gains goblins
Does Veeky Forums agree?

>mother of 4

wouldn't touch it with a 39 1/2 ft pole. Get the hell out of there.


Pick one

Invest in lolis. Women is at ATH, public fud is at ATH. Get a 10 year old girl for a much happier future :) and by the time women crashes, there will be no lolis.

I don't understand why american men are still chasing american women when they can go to a poor eastern European country like Belarusa for a week and come home with nearly any woman they see. The women won't do anything to betray you out of fear that you will send her back.

im down

Do they have these but for Japanese wifes?

That's false, plenty of dumb American guys get burned for their money or a visa

How much btc for a qt autistic gf?

Well do you want children? That will pretty much decide what you need to do.
If you don't need or want them, just settle down with a level-headed chick who wants to live out a DINK lifestyle with you and not complicate things. Good women, though hard to come by, are still out there.
If you do want kids you automatically open the floodgates and your search to not find a batshit insane woman will become magnitudes harder. Not to mention how much women change after kids.

dumb american guys are getting burned by american women in higher numbers. Divorce rates are near 50%.

Checked. You now know what to do user.

Women who work at prisons very often have sex with prisoners.
Source: I know one and she told me that's how it goes.

Once upon a time women use to cook, clean, make babies, raise babies, were virgins on their wedding day. But those days are long gone user.
They're just holes now
>pump and dump only