You did get in any, right user...

You did get in any, right user? I mean you spend most of your time lurking the internet surely you would have seen something about btc over the last, what, 10 years or so?

Oh, who am I kidding. The success stories I've read of bitcoin riches are those who purchased early, sold at a good time and now own businesses. Let me guess, you finally got up to wipe your ass and thought maybe this bitcoin thing had something to it? Oh, a little too late my dude. Now you're scrambling about trying to find the next big coin. Seen plenty-o spinoff's in my time. Whats the latest? Chainlink? gj!

Let me tell you why crypto is a complete joke. Always look at the type of investor to judge its stock. Smart money, those will a degree and common sense left around 16k. The degenerates of society, your selves included, minorities, soccor moms, SJW, drug dealers (at least they use it) are still around.

Let that sink in for a second, when your demographic is those looking to get rich quick, it usually screams scam.

Why do people that hold crypto believe they are changing the world? Are you contributing to a project or just rebranding yourself to conform to some trend. Let me guess, you used your 'NEET Bux' to buy a few erc20 tokens in hopes of getting rich. You're not contributing to society in any way shape or form. Its the equivalent of going from horse and cart to a car ...or from snailmail to email. All you're doing is using the tech. No different than purchasing a mobile phone.

And please, never count me in as 'normie money' ....only degenerates are purchasing crypto in hopes of the bigger fool (in this case you) buying it.

I'll give some user 0.5eth if he can debate me on my points.

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100% correct.

>sold my BTC at 19.5k, perfect
>bought and held alts afterwards
Maybe they'll pump again in a few years

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>You did get in any, right user?
fuckin A man, how retarded are you?

same... i was actually forced to sell my 3 bitcoin at ATH due to financial circumstances. at the time I was so angry but looking back it was literally a gift from god

feels good having £130k from almost nothing. how does it feel being poor as fuck, OP?

>did get in any
Any what?

nice fud. but you fail to realize that the majority of the world's people are degenerates and and varyingly willing to risk a large amount of their savings to get rich. getting into crypto is free and seemingly harmless because of the cloud of FOMO masking the discernible future of crypto.

DUMB money is the biggest market in the world, smartypants. gtfo

Dumb money got bored already though. Moving on to the next fad for now.

Fucking gay post. You aren’t smart dumbass.

>this is a healthy dip

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Will you repost this when we are dipping from 100k to 80k?

It's hard exactly to pinpoint what crypto is doing. But it does have functions that we will build on and create bigger and better shit.

it does seem like there is some misinformation.
Let's say tesla likes the way contracts work in link. Great! They work for what they need internally.
Do you think they just buy a bunch of link and use that?
No! They will make their own proprietary link chain, that nobody has access except tesla and whoever they want to be able to use the system.

Now, with crypto around you can move large amounts of money around the world nearly instantly and with no bullshit.
Say I travel to Aussie land all the way from maple syrup land? I would be hard pressed to find a store or person that would accept maple chips. But I bet you with a quick google I could find a way to cash out in dolleridoos and be on my way- serveral thousand that is, and have no need to open a bank account.

I had a friend live and a work where I live from abroad and he used btc as his bank.
Would purchase prepayed visa with cash earned from jobs, and if he ever needed a little extra back out of the bank he would just go to the btc ATM and cash out.

Crypto isn't going to change the world as a whole, but be prepared to find out someday that visa is run on. Blockchain thag nobody has access to, and when renting a movie or buying something online is initiated by a smart contract.
Most of the changes nobody will physically see.

We even have examples of encrypted messages/information that nobody in hell could ever crack except for the person that made it.

Anyways, that's my .5 eth

get in early*

Wrong, if you manage risk correctly you are not a degenerate. Crypto is high risk, ask anyone therefore it attracts degenerates. Your second point proves mine. A sound minded individual would a) have a stable income b) not chase riches, because they're sound minded. Proofs in the pudding, look at the people who are into crypto, even the developers are drop outs...Vitalik didnt attend university, has no real world experience....the outcome? ETH.

Agree with your second point. Unfortunately degenerate and there lunch money will panic and crash the market. Relates to my point about looking at the type of investors. You think tyrone won't pull the plug on his investment at the first sight of trouble? Well, not unless hes been scammed by the next big chink erc20 token.

Dumb money might be the only money in this market and its waiting for smart money to save it.

Headlines in May again

cut my wealth into peices
chainlink is my last resort
going long
keep neeting
just offed myself to stop the bleeding

>it does seem like there is some misinformation.
>Let's say tesla likes the way contracts work in link. Great! They work for what they need internally.
>Do you think they just buy a bunch of link and use that?
>No! They will make their own proprietary link chain, that nobody has access except tesla and whoever they want to be able to use the system.
Ah, another joke of crypto. The partnership meme. Notice how all these joke-tokens get partnerships with big names? Misinformation indeed (see VEN or Mr Deeper Partnerships)

I already agree with your second point. BTC has a use, limited for now but a use nonetheless. I said crypto was a joke, what i mean is the image of crypto is a joke. This is based on the fact people are here to get rich and no here for the tech (your first point relates to this)

Nearly had me, smart contracts? Why do we need smart contracts for trivial things. Replace the word smart contracts with 'glorified database that will record everything since genesis' ....a lot of wasted space there.

that's a bad example, zuckerjew dropped out of college

bitcoin boils down to the most secure distributed decentralized worldwide ledger
it's a new form of economics so it'll be hard to say if it can be self sustaining but right now it has grown immensely

Smart contracts have the potential to automate a lot of stuff which, of course, saves money. Blockchain is basically a decentralised(trustless) immutable transparent database. So if anyone wants to use such a system, they need to pay the network fee or run the node.

He made facebook. He added something to pop culture. Apparently people are using facebook less and less, investors have noticed.

The word you're looking for is blockchain. 'b-but you can have blockchain without btc' ..sorry that's the guy on the tv telling you this.

Did you factor in how much exponential growth may occur if BTC were used globally? Like the amount of electricity it would consume? Maybe LN can take care of that...oh now we're talking about the tech and not ways to get rich from crypto and larp with our blockfolio's.....

what's a blockchain without security? without decentralization? it's a ledger and we've had those for 1000s of years.
the people that like to say the meme it's blockchain not bitcoin don't understand what bitcoin is or how it works.

>Did you factor in how much exponential growth may occur if BTC were used globally? Like the amount of electricity it would consume?
you're talking about the security going up right because you can't be that much of a brainlet to think electricity is required to move transaction
> Maybe LN can take care of that
oh you are talking about move transaction throughput lol wow guy you are a moron

you don't even know the fundamentals of how this all works, why does your opinion mean anything

I hear this line a lot. I get it, its got strong encryption so it cannot be tampered with (SHA256 for example) ..distributed ledger...great, but can it scale? And how quick is it....I mean, is litecoin faster than btc? Aren't they based on the same tech? Isn't all of these coins based on the same tech? And do we all need a blockchain? Heh, blockchain more like blockpaiN!

More transactions occuring concurrently will require more expended energy. And hey, tell me about those transaction fee's....'because bitcoin is slow and clunky but my shitcoin is better hurrr', blockchain as a whole cannot scale. ( :

>but can it scale
it depends which direction you want it to scale
blockchain is a balance of different factors and to amp up 1 factor like on chain memory you sacrifice other factors that might lead to centralization like a higher requirement of bandwidth and memory

no it isn't the same tech right now the main 3 are PoW PoS and DAG, DAG is closer to PoS with nodes doing their own PoW, PoS trusts people who hold the coins more which may lead to centralization and of course PoW uses hashing/electricity for security

fees are meant to subsidize the inflation to eventually create a self sustaining chain
They're trying to build more efficient uses of memory and 2nd layer protocols for scaling

>Let me tell you why crypto is a complete joke. Always look at the type of investor to judge its stock
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very accesible the people that got very rich weren't exactly savvy investors, they just took a gamble and it paid and its still all a gamble. Only some know when to stop and others don't.
> when your demographic is those looking to get rich quick, it usually screams scam.
True wasn't always like this but most people who joined as of 2017 were just in it for money and not because of ideological or technological reasons.

Overall these crashes are to be expected but Bitcoin shouldn't just be discarded as some get rich quick scheme, if this world isn't completely fucking stupid then they would realise the things BTC actually offers them. BTC is already being used as a hedge in third world countries against their native currency. You forget that this is how dot com bubble also started, people throwing money at anything that with .com in its name hoping to strike it big, it was after the .com bubble crashed that actual progress with the tech was made instead of speculating on what the tech can do and which company will be the biggest. Same now.

I think it's better for you to google search about the blockchain tech and scalability than for me to try and explain it since it's quite complicated.

the idea is that when 2nd and 3rd layers are developed all the data being written onto the mainchain is a consolidation of transactions on the chain above it


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>More transactions occuring concurrently will require more expended energy.
that's not true, it's likely if the price goes up incentivizing more miners to secure the network for the reward, but it's not a fact

Eh I had been waiting for crypto to explode before I got in. Don't care about getting rich quick. It's the juicy world wide 24/7 videogame like markets im after. Now that 20k has been validated im 100% positive crypto has a future.

We don't need smart contracts, it's just essentially a new system for keeping records.

Companies will just create their own chains for their own purpose. Weather they use the coin it's tied to is another story.

It's purely a speculation market and will always be, no matter how useful crypto becomes.
It would be foolish for a company to just use a token or coin. They create their own, based off the tech of another and just keep it private.

Personally I doubt I'll ever make anything substantial from crypto but fuck it, worth a shot!

People said others were crazy for selling pre baked bread from a store.
Same was said for bottled water!

Hah, I like you user. I'm going to give you a tip. BTC will bottom out around 2k-3k and hodl and by july next year it will hit 40k+. Believe.

>Crypto is a joke
user. Crypto currency. Might be a shady thing, I did hear about it in 2009, 10 and so on but it was always in relation to child porn and drugs on the tor network. So I didn't want to buy in. It was a sound financial decision.

Now the market is different, all the common folk have come into this, the mom's, the minorities, etc so I know everyone uses it. If everyone uses it it won't just go away.

CRYPTO currency is not something I believe in but smart contracts , a system of trustless contracts is the future, and if you can't see that, you are blind dear sir.

Smart contacts are very important for land titles, especially, and chain-link is a system that can make these accessable to the common people. The brick and mortar mom and pop stores run by people with little knowledge of computers.

I don't know why you think you are better than minorities, I don't really care.

Socioeconomic factors are responsible for education, lifestyle and life choices, nothing else. The white man isn't any better than any other race, just look at trailer trash, school shooters or literally all the pedophiles here.

Lastly i think you never bother to even read about smart contacts, crypto or even Bitcoin to begin with, just read the Bitcoin whit paper, it's 9 pages. You can do it if you try. Then, you'll under this whole thing and you won't need to start adamant arguments with strangers on a Vietnamese basket weaving board


Here's a debate... fuck crypto and fuck the tech
I'm perfectly fine witth how the world is running now. We don't need block chain, we don't need smart contracts. However i can see it being useful

Im in this for the cash bitch, and theres a chance we get another pump near end of year. Guess who already is bought in if we do? Now send me that eth because I am not a crypto cuck like the rest.

You really think we're going that Low? some serious holders are going to have to sell for the price to drop like that.

Always a pleasure when having a sensible chat here on biz.

Errr did you mean a tip as in like the eth you mentioned orrrrr you mean like a pointer hahah

Shameless eth address with finger crossing : 0x55add97c8413a14920bb0428e554650dea67a3d7

I mean If crypto booms and I invest a little of my worth into and turn that into a sizeable chunk sure. But I wouldn't be putting all my eggs into the single crypto basket.

If I was rolling with couple hundred k I would have probably around 15-20 % of my worth into it but risking so much in a truely volitile market would just be foolish.