Bought the dip

>bought the dip
>the dip keeps dipping

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>I wonder, why.

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average down retard

you bought because it's going to swing up right?

you did TA, right?

Untwist your knickers. I'm here to help. The time to buy is now. You can be like the rest of Veeky Forums and lose money to FUD, or you can be smart and turn a profit.

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yes keep buying, some people still need to dump their bags

>he doesn't understand that they sold at every following high

are you seriously this fucking dumb?

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A drop to 6-4k would initiate the reversal that is needed. Until then it’s just wallstreet doing their thing. Futures on btc were the thing that btc maximorons have completely underestimated.
As a result of that the whole crypto space is going to hell. Anyone who still believes there will be anything near 2017 gains before mid year 2018 is an idiot.

No they didn't because they falled for that hodl meme.

you're a moron

the volume on $GXBT dated April is 7.6K
there's a bit on $BRR as well, 2.3K dated March (x5 because each contract represents 5 BTC)

This is a total of maybe 20K BTC futures contracts changing hand

the volume on Bitcoin exchanges is 700K

Which one do you think dictates what the price of a Bitcoin is?


Lmao if you think BTC exchange volume is real

There is no liquidity on Bitcoin futures, you'll put an order up and there will be no takers on the buy OR the sell side for like ten minutes at a time

people just move their bids and asks around following what Bitfinex or GDAX does (they don't actually look at Gemini from what I can tell)

Got about 10 k in litecoin right now....Am hoping for 270+ by end of march lol

What on Earth are you talking about? BitMEX's XBTUSD volume in the last 24 hours is currently 366770 bitcoins. That is over a BILLION dollars worth of contracts. In the last day.

dump eet

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not BitMEX futures, I'm talking about CBOE and CME futures

I can't even trade on BitMEX

You do realize TA is a scam, right?

I went all in ETH in on November 30th. Should have sold at 1400. Fucking stupid