Who here enjoying the shitshow?

How come?

>I am old money and high passive income God. I also studied 3 years business

>The main requisite for a currency is stable value; something that decentralized crypto can NEVER have

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>he doesn't know that high volatility makes for dope arbitrage

Low volatility comes with a higher market cap - compare the volatility of BTC to that of shitcoins. A currency that retains value due to a limited supply is always preferable to an inflationary one. I hope your short gets liquidated.

wow. some nice mind gymnastics u did there. go explain that to Steam

>OP considers this stable value

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ok so how much have you made?

But it doesn't make for a currency. You guys like to cry "currency" when it suits you, and other times consider it an asset or 'investment'.
It can't be both, and it appears its not very good at either.

OP here. it's good at 1 thing; becoming a meme

Btc has lost almost that month since december dumbass lmao

Still up 800% compared to March 2017.

Lol cryptos could be currency one day, but now they are lots of things at the same time. Nobody knows what they will be in 5 years for example.

not for long, this is modern day titanic, last warning


>The main requisite for a currency is stable value; something that decentralized crypto can NEVER have
Enter the dynamic peg

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Lol we already have currencies more stable then fiat, try again "old money"

Well, good for you if your parents gave you money you would have been to worthless to obtain otherwise. The rest of us are at least trying a few things. Some will work, some won't.

Are you sure? How about a currency with fast transaction speed and ability to convert to other more stable currency near instantly, ever thought about that? They don't teach you to think in school but to parrot the concepts other have discovered.

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>It can't be both

the whole fuzz about it is that it can be both

>you would have been to worthless to obtain otherwise

Blue blood is not a meme. My genes are woven out of God dust

It's a simple fact of life. When most things are given to you, you don't learn how to get them for yourself and become kind of worthless. It's the male equivalent of being the roastie meme.

U dont understand nobilty. We are literally genetically superior to you as a family tree (thats why wealth got passed down) now bring me that Fillet o Fish