Are there any fat but rich and lonely despreate guys who want a qt gf who calls you daddy? thx

are there any fat but rich and lonely despreate guys who want a qt gf who calls you daddy? thx

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depends on what you look like

not rich yet but i am fat lonely and desperate so im 3/4. does that work?

i'm hot and rich and i already have two live in gfs in my swank new orleans garden district apartment, are you okay with being bitch #3?

no way
where did you meet them tho

I'm not even fat, but I don't need a gold digger whore, thanks.

yeah im right here

but I barely leave my house and spend 90% of my free time on the computer. are you okay with that? im not taking you out on dates and shit I dont have the energy

yes come to india my dear

Find a girls that likes you when you're poor, and she will love you when you are rich.

that's not cool
i want to have fun and go on adventurous dates
like go camping, swimming, ride horses...

depends on your location and your looks also age. curretnly have about 800k net worth. also i am trustfund baby with 13 million after parents are gone

lets see your tits and your blockfolio and I MIGHT make you my little

this, bitch lasagna.

>Living with your prostitutes.

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>ride horses
confirmed crazy horse girl

You need to be 5'0-5-4, 100-110 lb. I accept both Busty, or DFC. No shitty saggers. I prefer age 21-23, no more than 26. Must be innie, bush is allowed if trimmed/maintained. Less blemishes the better. Skin color doesn't matter, but you cannot have baboon negroid features (baboon lips, negroid hair/styles, etc). Absolutely no Tattoos. These are the minimum if you're trying to get near my wealth.

It's so overrated. Girls that call you daddy are red flags!

t. had a relationship with more volatility then bitcoin

don't larp on 4chang bro

tell your mom hi for me and clean your room

I'm fat but not lonely rich or desperate. wouldn't mind a qt gf to call me daddy ;)

>wants a fatty rich sugar daddy
>expects him to be physically active

Sry not fat

I ain't fat or lonely, but I could be your sugar daddy. A/S/L, please.

first one has been gf for 5 years, other one had a crush on me in high school and is a big slut so i had her move in with me. I'm late 20s and i have pics.

it's fun and you have to admit you would have fun doing it. Downside is that poly relationships are twice as much drama and bullshit and jealousy, more stressful than living with one woman or any woman. Living single has big perks, but I had the opportunity to fuck two chicks at the same time so I did it.

Why's the crash not stopping?? I just bought this mining rig

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your loss

ive got a big dick and im set for life

Sell it to me for 2000 rn I'm serious

I want to mine in the red for the next two years with my free electricity

i dont want to lay in bed and fuck all day

No wait 12 cards 4k

Maybe 4.2k if you respond fast

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I'll pay 3500 cash/btc/eth right now

what will you do all day then while I sit on my computer

when i date someone, i want to go out and do things with them... just staying inside will make me depressed

I'm not selling I'm buying come on man

Op, i like going to fancy dinners and having fun. Are you on the West coast?


Fuck off Angela

Wrong person idiot

Are you asian?