At which point are we now?

At which point are we now?

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Still capitulation


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stealth phase

Stealth phase

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>p-p-please buy m-my bags

Despair is $700, return to mean is 2k.

You cannot just 1:1 this chart to any market.

Bitcoin is gonna flux up and down 2K from a 9K median for the next 2-3 months followed by a boom in June-July.

The real kicker will be when world markets take a shit and some of the Gold rush runoff hits crypto.

Dow Jones 15K Bitcoin 25K come July.

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"return to normal"

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Holy shit. These are the exact numbers I have in my head.

Once we break 6k again it'll be Panic

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>Another week another memechart spam

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news is in faggot!
im a time traveler and here’s a pic from your future u

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Except in despair you can't afford to mine it and it just falls to 0 awaiting a difficulty adjustment. Or do you think that after a month for their transactions and shit gets to the exchanges finally, we're kicking off the golden bull run?

return to the mean

Obviously despair

We were definitely not in "return to normal" at 12k lmao
that meme chart is not a log chart


Dayum son

Judging by the sentiment of this board recently, we are at fear. Buckle up bitches, it's going to get ugly.

6k to 11k was bull trap.

are they ok?

Time to buy.....weeee

It'll take months and the difficulty will adjust on the way down. Pic related, it's not like everyone is going to jump ship at 6k.

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like a month ago some guy was saying that the 6k crash was just the first sell-off of a bubble to 150k or something

wonder where he is now.....

this nigger be true

Every shitcoin that ever mooned and poped looks same. We have 100k to reach.

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That is actually quite interesting.

that may have been me

i have a chart for the path to 100k 2018

we're still on track

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Post it and proof you posted it initially

Approaching fear

Nice scale, fucknuts.

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Hofstra university?

Genuinely not even at first sell off yet. These fluctuations are so minuscule in the long scheme of things that it'll just be a straight line by the time the bubble actually pops

That’s a good point. You can tell so much about the market by looking through the catalog on a day to day basis. Fear it is

>the market
>Veeky Forums

First sell off desu

to say we're anywhere but first selloff is idiotic
where was the first selloff of this bubble?

nearing the bottom of despair

i realized the frequency of threads here went down a lot.I wonder what it means? how many left after december?

Fear was when the board was full of pink wojaks. We're way past that.

I think we're still long before stealth phase. Sirs, buy Digibyte and become millionaire.

yes, Veeky Forums comprises all the market of LINK
t. proud owner of 300k linkies

Paid shills all suddenly left a few days ago. Most normal users are still here.

First sell off.

100% capitulation

bitcoin will be worth $800 in a few weeks.

screenshot this

Denial headed to fear

Is everyone saying that we're in denial or fear started trading last week? We went through that already. These divisions are not clear cut, but we're in capitulation, possibly despair. If we're not in despair yet, once it goes under 5k we will be.

But the majority of people here stopped caring that it's dropping so much and almost take it for granted now, which is really a sign of capitulation.

We are not even on the chart yet, slightly to the left


and please be right. fucking please.