What's the cheapest half decent masternode crypto I can get?

What's the cheapest half decent masternode crypto I can get?

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>falling for the meme nodes meme

Saga coin, check it out

How much link for her?


$750 for a ZenCash secure node.

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~500$ for a Rupaya Masternode
Hardforke was just shortly ago, MN/Staking is paying out fine as fuck in the first months

XSN, newly rebranded

How much do you make monthly from this?

my man

All the link in the world still isn't worth enough

Go for MN coin that is on decent exchange (Cryptopia is not one of them) and do not promis 1 billion percent ROI. I can suggest to you Solaris(XLR).

He said half decent masternode

> On a decent exchange
> Cryptopia and Kucoin

The name sounds pajeet like

Is this a pajeet coin?

It should be about 1 ZEN per month. There's around 8000 nodes last I checked. Annual RoI is around 20%.

She is so sexy

Seems like it

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only 16k


Payfair is like 1k for their equivalent of a trust node. Platform is out in a few weeks


wait for WANCHAIN will be cheap even if its 10x and the nodes are going to boom/moon hard.

COLX. One of the best little-known privacy coins out there, with full staking and masternode capability already implemented. The roadmap is looking better every day.

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16k dollars or tokens?


ZENcash 42 zen for a node

Good luck with that, devs left the project

Don't you need to use Linux to setup a zen node?

DBC will probably have best MN ever if you get in at current prices

Responses by people who don't realize the positive changes coming ahead...

If you're not accumulating for a comfy hold then you're probably all in LINK which is unfortunate


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Smartcash at around $1900 USD

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Quads? Uh oh

Crown (CRW)

You can do masternodes for 10,000 CRW (roughly 2.x BTC) or systemnodes for 500 CRW (roughly .1x BTC). Both pay ~20% annual right now