Are you ready, sir?

Are you ready, sir?

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yes i got the email lets go !

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only 2 ?

no1 else

Who cares at this point? I don't believe his Mai bullrun which was supposed to be in April.
Otherwise you would see insiders buy the dip. There's no buying pressure, however.

Could mean this ain't the dip...

so you know about tonight's announcement ?

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If someone knew that trillions would enter the market soon, then they would start buying now.

3 hours left
Predictions? Who the fuck is the KingMaker???

>3hrs left
You sure? t. Eurofag

5 hours left sry

not sure but how will we know in real time /? a video feed has to exist

dont you mean 5 hours ? ET

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no SL.

is this video feed open to everybody

He gonna reopen the subscriptions afterwards so that's why

no but he sure makes it sound like it. he is opening slots for $3k membership for those who missed

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never mind its free per email

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a fucking charlatan. If chicken tikka was so marvelous he wouldnt need anyone let alone subscribers to gain wealth. typical pajeet carpetbagger

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sounds too good to be true

"You could have turned $1,000 into more than $15,000 in about two months!
After talking with the CEO, I believe this crypto could do the same.
You'll get more details tonight.
Second, for the first time ever, I'm revealing my personal cryptocurrency investment strategy. I'm talking about the exact strategy I used to turn a small investment into a seven-figure fortune for my family.
I've never revealed this in any of my training videos or events. But you'll get all the details tonight.
If you ask me, it's worth attending tonight's event just to get these two bonuses.
To recap:
The broadcast will start at 8pm (ET). We'll go around 90 minutes, and we'll also have an extended Q&A (please keep in mind, I can't give any personalized investment advice).
You should arrive a few minutes early to make sure your computer is working properly... and so you don't miss anything.
Remember, it's completely free.
See you tonight! "

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just signed up for text alerts. so screwed

For every seller there's a buyer, who is buying ?

cheap coin will moon stay tuned ?

Last pump was nice and it lasted a while.Enough time to get out if you aint a greedy bastard.

hell yea lets see how this one goes my day off work and i have a whole $100 into this moon mission lol


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BBN is his call

It's OST. Ever hear of OST?

It allows any person or company to mint their own token on an ETH side chain with absolutely no blockchain, coding, or development experience. The alpha releases in the next day or two.

Already has some notable companies like Unsplash and Wooshii that will tokenize their company with OST. Other big partnerships rumored.

OST will be the Amazon Web Services, the Stripe, the Twilio of blockchain. And hardly anyone has heard about it.

>insiders buying
AST pumping now

wow this doesnt sell like a scam/pnd at all.

>My Brilliant Crypto investing strategy
>Accumulate a shitcoins and then shill them to the people that think I'm a Guru
>By doing this you can 4X your money every month