Anyone here work in accounting and finance? What do you do?

Anyone here work in accounting and finance? What do you do?
What's it like?

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I work in IT for a bank. Retarded customers. Stick-up-the-ass, superficial coworkers. Decent pay and lots of freedom (on 4chinz all day, smoke whenever, leave abruptly with no questions asked).

data and analytics for a large bank. good pay, super comfy. can get intense at times but it balances out.

Just be aware that the jobs will be gone in ten years. Algorithms, neutral nets and crypto will deal a lot of damage.
If you don't believe me then have a look how every big bank has less and less employees but more customers at the same time and so far it's only algorithms.

Interning in an investment management company

I just run P+L for a few funds, fix broken spreadsheets and take blame for shit that goes wrong so my boss doesnt get in the shit. It's pretty comfy.

Taking my IMC soon and the role has given me good exposure to a shitload of different asset classes.

IT for a trade desk on wall street. it's easy as fuck because 99% of the problems these people try to make seem like the end of the world are solved with common sense, or described as "user error."

i sit in the corner trading crypto while getting paid 110k/year to literally babysit traders, so it's pretty chill.

this, accountants will die same as truck drivers etc.

go for something creative that cannot be effectively replaced with machine learning

Is there any careers in finance that won't be replaced?

I worked as an accountant for 1.5 years. Don't do it. It's fucking terrible. If you like looking at excel sheets and then getting reamed out every now and then while expected to put in 110% for shit pay then go for it but honestly look to do something else. It's a soul sucking career and your only hope is to pivot into a management-esque position where you can use analytics to actually benefit a company

I'm actually graduating from Finance this semester.

Personally, I'm looking for a job as SAP consultant and would like to follow that way, so it's not very much finance related. I'm sick of it anyway.

But in finance sector I'm guessing sth like Financial Analyst, Audits, Investment Analyst maybe

Audits will go by the way side once everything is swapped to the blockchain, at least for large corporations.. look into anything data related as a future career. That's what I'm doing at least. Going to go for a master's in data science even though I know data science is a nebulas term I believe it's future proof as more and more data will be produced in the coming years. Combines both stats and programming which is something I enjoy and will expect a high salary for

Fundamental analysis. Machines aren’t even close yet.
Also active hedge fund management. The active mgmt industry is in somewhat of a structural decline but the demand is there and I don’t expect it to disappear. Large investors want a human making decisions moreso than an algorithm which tends to be very reactive and lose sight of the long term. They also can’t discern between real and bullshit data (see: flash crash).
Also programmers who write algorithms can expect some security. Banks are hiring more of them than anyone else right now.

Can confirm accountant for 4 years and just wanna die already

If you go into finance at a non-reputable place expect to be scamming people to some degree.

That's all I can say, but maybe I just work at a real fucking boiler room.


So what exactly would you recommend NOT trying to get into?

Investment banking.

Anything that can be automated avoid like the plague. Go for something that requires actual human interpretation and interaction. If the career you are going for requires you to sit behind a computer for the majority of the day doing low impact work that is repetitive then it will be automated within the next couple decades

I have a bachelors in Economics. What the fuck can I do? I'm currently an accounting clerk at a mortgage company. I want to get into investment banking or consulting. what kind of jobs should I apply for to get my foot in the door?

as guys mentioned above, don't get yourself trapped in front of an excel sheet as an accountant with no perspectives to go up, shit paycheck and looking over your shoulder if the machines gonna take your job already.
The more real-case decision making the job involves, the better.

Accountant in Audit. Do not go big 4, hour/pay is bad and you will be rekt.

And btw its not because of automation risk. Its because the talent has moved elsewhere. IB isn’t what it used to be pre 2008. Unless you enjoy being a MM (something that can/is being automated) or have serious people skills and like working 100hrs for midsize paper company pay, stay away from IB.

Check out pursuing data science/analytics of some kind. An economic background would lend itself to interpreting data quite well especially if you can pair it with a vehicle such as an analytics career where you can consult quite easily.