Willy The Whale here.

We are back for round 2 of yesterdays pump which will be carried out 'til this weekend.

>This is the Coin


>This is the website & twitter



I will prove that it is me by lowering the price to 0.07 then lift off to 0.10

Will keep you guys posted.

Remember, do not buy my sell walls for 1M+

They are there for a reason.

Over & Out.

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Here is the reference

So, the coin is XTCC, and youre pumping with XLM? Sorry for stupid questions; but i'm interested and will try to move some stuff from binance here. How fucked am I if it takes me a few hours to buy in? Will i miss the gains?

wow it´s happening!

Get a trip you turd.

>OP and his pump group right now.

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This pump is lasting all the way 'til $1 a coin which should be hit by saturday, if not sunday.

Take your time, I'm still flushing people out.

I'm gonna try to move some stuff over then. I'll put some faith in you, user. Thank you!

>Opens on exchanges trading at 3+ XLM
>Idiots fomo in
>We all cash out
>Rebuy at crashed price
>XTCC turns out to be the privacy coin to BTFO all others

Too kind.

#1 I'm an aussie

#2 I'm by myself

Haven't even told my whale buddies.
(It's them who I'm dumping on)

Hence the pic, Whale Wars

They don't lurk on Veeky Forums at all

I have XLM on Bittrex, how do I buy this?

Transfer to stellar term and buy through link.

OP i made $17,000 last night and bought the 0.04 dip. Tysm.

Hey OP can you divulge some more? In the other thread you posted that you are an artist and I'd like to hear more about it.

It must be a cool feeling to do this.


So you post about it publicly?

To those of you who are new to biz, i'll save you some money. Don't fall for this.

Reporting in. Strapped in this morning, ready for take off.

I think you over estimate how many people use Veeky Forums

Stay poor kiddo, I don't need your 10,000 XLM

I'm aussie too. Where abouts are you?

Reid, you?

Hi I bought $3.5k XLM worth this morning and now it’s worth $1.5k can someone explain pls?

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Never heard of it desu. I'm Liverpool (not lebo, one of the rare white people here)

Is Reid in NSW?

op probably has around $50mil in xlm

thanks op. It would be cool if you can get us reacts of your whale friends after we dump on them.

Why not wait till the fork to dump and double your money, or is that the plan.

Long time fan.

>op probably has around $50mil in xlm
We have seen it

That's the plan I assume

It isn't much, but i bought 1300 xtcc. Heres to hoping your pump works. Thanks user!

I only got 50$ because I am a poor college fag. How do I maximize my gainz senpai

Doing one last flush at 0.069

Then we'll make a pit stop at 0.10

Then take another breather to the 0.08-9 area

I'm flushing out people that trip out like you.

Stop giving money to indians.

The price is all over the place

shaking out the weak hands

Fuck a pajeet

Go Trump fag Get Money

It's called shaking the tree for left over drops.

Sometimes I forget I'm talking to people with less than a $100K net worth.

i don't understand what moves the books. whose sells are on the books if they aren't yours, and who buys them up? also, how are you going to convince other whales to buy after a 1000x runup? they surely can't be stupid enough to fall for that, right?

How the hell do you even use this site? I have like 4500 XLM, what should I even set my buy order at kek

Would it be smarter to wait and sell at your final mark, or are you hiking then dropping it so we can take advantage of the fluctuation as well?

.1 plz

Yes! round 2 pump on this ground zero coin. I love it. Someone get this thing on coinmarketcap so we can see 10cents

Jesus fucking christ, this has all been covered in my first thread.

Last time i'm saying this.

Sells on the books are all other people besides my walls.

Who buys them? I do, and other people do.

Convince the other whales?

They are my friends, I'm specifically dumping on this one guy who's a fag, but that's at $1.

It's hard to explain, but what I'm doing is trading with OTHER peoples emotions, profiting, & using that to excel the growth for other's 'til I get my bud to jump in & buy my sell wall.

Once that happens, price will crash, I put up huge buy wall for half the price, he sells, boom.

Just made half of his XLM stack.


I use that to keep pumping.

It's a process. Takes days, these poor fags on here expect shit in an hour.

Try real stocks, then you'll know REALITY.

Send XLM to public key (generate an account)
Then go to stellarterm.com/#exchange/XTCC-GDDFBZGVJ6W6MELF2H4VTO5IRMKI5234GJVTIQNB6RPL5RI5X6K2SFQ5/XLM-native
To buy XTCC with XLM

Tip my poor ass

You're doing gods work at 7am. Get a coffee mate.

bruh Im gonna buy you a lambo just for shits and giggles if this ends up working out.

Waiting to see if anyone sells at 0.076

Tell everyone you guys know.

Shit is about to get real.


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When's the for I want to double my assets

Well being that I can buy the order book 100 times over and over and still not care...

Yea it's happening..

Don't own any XLM since I'm a poorfag and only exchange I use is cuckoin. Nevertheless I love these kinds of threads on Veeky Forums.

Even though I'm not taking part in this one I thank you solely on the joy I get from the entertainement value you are providing.

BTW, if you're ever doing this on coin available on Cuckoin, please do tell us, I'd love to take part in that one ;).

I agree with this

How did you know someone would sell at .076?

Does this end this weekend Saturday? I literally get my fat Twitch backpay on Friday morning..

I took the money for my dads oxygen and if this can double it will help him so much, it will cover his supply's for 2 months. Thank you so much OP!

Are we supposed to buy at 76?

kek wtf user, what if your dad dies?

This is incredibly promising.

>betting dad's oxygen fund
fuck dude

OP is delivering for once

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I already got burned after some dude dumped AMB on us.. why should I trust you? :(

Because I have $10M+

This is not my first rodeo cowboy.

OP has been delivering since last nights thread

I just put a buy order on somebody elses buy order at 76 kek. If i get burned its been fun

So you're saying you pump this to $1 at around 3-4 XLM? That's quite massive dude

If this works out, Ill buy you a small studio apartment in Manhattan. No jokes

Not really. It's pretty easy.

if this works I would afford to cover medical expenses to fix my shoulder and ribs trauma
we believe in you, OP

I really appreciate you doing this OP, you've no idea how comfy this is making us all. Thanks.

"Please don't cheat me because I has noble cause for the free monies"

Fuck that my lambo will be Ferrari colored

Op is a gentleman and a scholar

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so do we sell at $1?

if you want, OP said $10+ last night

He don't die immediately. His lungs are damaged from sawdust particles.He won't run out until probable Monday or Tuesday and they're supposed to drop some off Monday so when OPs whale enemy buys this weekend I will sell it at 3 lumens not wait all the way to $1.

Yea I seen that but hes also said hes dumping on some fag lord at $1

I wish you the best then

I think it's gonna be best to wait for the fork when we get double the xtcc but that may also be the trap

You don't get double, it's like a token swap. The old tokens wont be used on the XTCC blockchain. When it is forked that is effectively the start of the official privacy coin

Thank you, same to you! The enemy picked the wrong whale to be enemies with haha, are you holding past the $1?

>I think it's gonna be best to wait for the fork when we get double the xtcc but that may also be the trap

when is the fork due?

Do you know the date of snapshot or how this forks even gonna work on that shit exchange?

No clue not much info yet

I might dump 25% at $1, even that would change my life for ever

FYI to any lurkers this thread sets off 30 red flags. NONE of this interest in the coin is genuine at all.

just cant see it getting much traction on that exchange

jeez how much did you put in haha, wasnt risking more than $50 on this.

I'm $40 at $0.02


It actually is tho, It's an undervalued coin. The goal is not a pump and dump. the goal is to inject volume and give this coin life. With high volume it enables exchange listings and it compounds.

Look at every privacy coin and show me one that would perform better than XLM

not much, I bought when I first saw threads about XTCC. thought fuck it, ill buy some of that. Hope this works out.

This OP KNOWS HIS SHIT! Been watching him destroy the order book since last night. Didn’t think it was true but seeing him doing it again today validates his shit!
This OP ain’t playing, either listen to his advice or BTFO and stop bothering this man who is making it for others!
Thanks again OP!

I first saw it but It want trading. As soon as I saw it was on s DEX i went balls deep. This has abillity to be bigger than verge

damn nice entry point, I got in at 0.019 would have got in earlier but kucoin was gay and I couldnt with drawn. Still if it hits a dollar it will be a nice roi!

This is insane haha, I love watching it...helping me cope through the absolute bloodbath that is the rest of my portfolio

Is this a meme or serious?

muchas gracias OP, greetings from northern ireland

Just a meme move along please

Nah seems pretty legit invest away

You realise if this pumps to 1$ and nobody sells this will just climb higher and higher

Breaking $0.8 will be rough, breaking $1 is going to be way worse

will we see .04 again anytime soon you think guys?

>Breaking $0.8 will be rough, breaking $1 is going to be way worse

Not really, its perfectly possible with a 45 degree gain.

Trying to get this fuck face out at .079

Can't believe he won't budge

Easier for sure but still going to be hard

$0.1 to around $0.5 will be the fastest growth im thinking then its a rough pricy grind