ITT we predict when the bull run will start

ITT we predict when the bull run will start

>first days of April

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After everyone had to cash out for taxes. The jews wont let you make money that easily

when King Shitcoin dies

13 hours from now. Teeka will get the credit but it's inevitable.


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May 2020

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March 22nd 2018

From my experience in 16/17 I believe we need minimum 2 months of flatline sideways movement to build momentum. The fact that we are still moving down shows it's not even close. December pushed the limits of the market and cool down period hasn't even begun as we are still in a volatile and shaky market. Once the market has calmed for a while and given time to build momentum then Btc will begin its rally. I question whether it will pull away from alts as much as previous bullruns but never underestimate the power of btc fiat pairs. Once Btc begins to peak around 30-35k then alts will catchup much quicker than previous runs, looking at massive multiples in a day.

I'm looking forward to the next bullrun because if I hit 2x the peak of the previous one I can finally cash out and leave my job.

I'm currently expecting it to peak by August.

I dont think she understands the concept of an apology

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people have done worse to eachother. the saddest part is when a sweet person has to mourn a demon who hurt them

BULL RUN must happen! Sooner or later... We need it very bad, just one more time. One little 20x is enough to make us rich.

15.03 is the first day of a previous alt season.

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>Women are like dogs

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Dogs are loyal, too.

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not any time soon.

i think market is gonna take a massive hit around the 20th, g20 gonna regulate

hmm somthing 2 post over on b or pol later.

>modern women
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>ITT we predict when the bull run will start

Once I sell.

I won't sell