Anyone want to brainstorm business ideas together? I can't stand being a wageslave

Anyone want to brainstorm business ideas together? I can't stand being a wageslave.

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business sucks
working with other people sucks
having to have employees sucks

dude we're all interested in being self employed, that's why we put out autism to use where it is most efficient, stock and crypto markets.

I was trying to figure out if there was any way to have a brick and mortar office that basically bought crypto for people but as I am a complete brainlet I don't know how any of that would work

You would have to become an official exchange I believe. The best and only way to accomplish this is under the table.

Let’s brainstorm app ideas, that shit sells nowadays like hot cakes. I’ll go first, how about an app that creates a better version of Veeky Forums (or something similar to it) that’s meant for normie phone posters.

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obviously working sucks dick but i need money to live. i'm already in crypto and i can't trade for shit.

maybe look into how bitcoin atms are setup legally.

call it, twatter.

Ever heard of reddit

>Let’s brainstorm app ideas, that shit sells nowadays like hot cakes
you're about 10 years too late

get a job working from home, it's comfy

Pls no
The times when a good app idea could make a millionaire are long gone. I'm an app dev and every time someone pitches me their shitty idea "like facebook but different" I want to punch them in the dick

>get a job working from home, it's comfy
not really. i already do freelance web development, it still sucks.

You want legal, grey, or illegal? I've got shitloads of grey and illegal ideas.

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I've never tried to do freelance, but I don't think I'd enjoy inconsistent paychecks every month. I work for a large company doing IT stuff. Corporate culture sucks, but it pays pretty good.

If I could get a real job, in the area I live in (a nice area with no good tech jobs) I would consider it. Freelance is not bad because you can find semi-stable clients but work is still work. It does have the bonus of not being forced into dealing with total assholes though.

nigga apps? easy. i got 1. fuckin every phone now has an edge o edge screen like were it slightly curves over the edges. when you reach your thumb to click something high ppl ALWATS hit something on the sides with their palms. u knw owhat im saying? say u wanna swipe down the pull dwn bar and the ball of your palm hits the icon in the bottom right of the screen, i know what i mean?

just make an app that you choose to disable the touch for the screen edges. like you can choose how much to disable, only on bottom only on top, how wide to disable, 1mm, 2mm , etc. u know what i mean? image you can disable the touch functionality of the bottom half of the screen edges, just like 2mm of the very ends of the screen so when you accidentally touch it with your palm when clicking shit it doesnt click somehting else

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You know, I could actually see that catching on... you could call it, 'stop edging' or 'lose some weight you sausage fingered prick'

Laravel dev here. Let's get rich

exactly, it would be huge in america. expecially since phone screens are getting larger, the screen to body ratio smaller, people be hitting shit with their palm all the time. annoying af

contact info?

>Invest in LINK
brainstorm over

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