Will crypto recover?

Will crypto recover?

It was so fun while it lasted. Simply clicking buttons and making investments. And so much cooler than stocks...

Is it over forever?

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once in a lifetime a miracle happens

no it hasn't even begun 20 trillion market by 2020 strap in

Let me guess. You got bought in 2017 and you are experiencing your first bubble. Sell and kys.

no way it will go up forever man
so much demand for this Bitcoin which can only be used to sell

it will recover but not many moons for a few months. things will fall and stabilize just long enough for you absentmindedly go a few days without checking. And then.. :)

We will have a 3 year hiatus after the corporations really start adocting blockchain based technologies, then we will have a little bullrun and you will can sell your bags. Nothing more than this.

yeah crypto as a whole will
Bitcoin though is dead
once people realize that we can finally see what crypto and blockchain can really do

Watch this if you need some hopium


Actually, yes, it's over.

Bitcoin is proven to be a scam, a failed experiment, and manipulated by large holders. The underlying technology of distributed public ledger is easily undermined and we are at the absolute apex of cyber-security. Quantum computing will render anything blockchain related irrelevant as dpl's rely on the limitations of physical transistors to function.
Sell your bags, forget you ever heard about crypto, get back to work, and send all your LINK to me.


yes it's over, but this video will cheer you up.


>tfw can't stop thinking about how I thought eth was a scam when it was $1 because I didn't even 1 minute of research

ahhh I could have been a millionaire if I just held for 2 and a half years

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You could still have a chance. Buy something today and wait again.

>hey could you hold these bags for me? They're so heavy desu

I did but I dunno if I'll make it
at least a few years ago you could make it by picking a top 5 coin and throwing money at it, these days the mcap for everything is already so high it feels like there's no chance for the same growth unless we start having multiple coins end up with hundreds of billions mcaps

one and a half year..
me too bro, me too

>tfw can't stop thinking about how I thought LINK was a scam when it was $0.50 because I didn't even 1 minute of research

New year's eve, user. Until then this is shitting grounds

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This is a legitimate suspicion, but would be more warranted if I were shilling.

All I know is that it feels like it's been an eternity since the ATH, when it's just been a little over 3 months. There seems to be some sort of fud or development every passing week and I have no clue what the market will look like after 2 or 3 years- and for that reason I will hold, even if some of the projects plummet.

SAP estimates 10% of world gdp to be on lockchain in 2020
let that sink in and buy when you really wanna sell
be glad these prices are real mate

Been in btc since 1999. Switched to eth in 2013.

I like wath

Ples halp

It will go up just forget it for now

I am gonna take a screenshot and post it eoy 2018. a lot of people are gonna cry when they see they coulda got in the game for practically free ;)

i dont think we'll see anything of the scale we saw a couple months ago again in, well, ever. however, I really think cryptocurrency is meant to actually change the world. we have a bright future ahead of us that we can't come to grasp just yet, but there won't be quite as much rainbows and magical landscapes as it was Q4 2017 down the line. basically we'll see gradual increase of value in our investments rather than absolutely massive jumps in value. we'll of course still have times when things go especially well, but we'll always come to realize they aren't quite as good as things were looking november 2017.