Are there any Bitcoin Core supporters left on this board?

Are there any Bitcoin Core supporters left on this board?

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annoying cashies I was so glad you stopped flooding this board and now you started again

I went to college with this bitch. If you ever meet her in real life you'll notice she sounds like a dude and has terrible spray tan.

Bitcoin core does not exist. There is simply Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash is one of many nockoff scam coins. Bitcoin will be around until 2025. You'll have to dig really deep into the crypto community to find people who have even heard of bitcoin cash by then.

defend your ridiculous beliefs.

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Fuck off leaf. You're a fag if you wouldnt fuck her but most of you canadian men are soy boy faggots anyway so i wouldn't be surprised

bitcoin is bitcoin
bitcoin cash is bitcoin cash.
why is it so hard to understand?

Here i am bitch


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>Bitcoin core does not exist

top kek..

>this triggers bcashie

yeah i like bitcoin. if you dont believe in the meme its time to go

>Bitcoin core does not exist. There is simply Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash is one of many nockoff scam coins
unironically this. hilarious how triggering this is to cashies.


>links to a scam website
>thinks that's a kek

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Both Bitcoin AND Bitcoin Cash are fucked. Fight me IRL

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>beta cash

To busy banging hot asians instead of shemales with literal shit stained skin.

things I'd do to her mouth

gets it

To put it in caps


That is why they have a platform and are promoted by jewtube

Meanwhile those videos are not

My nigga. We're the only two sane people on this board. Faith Goldy is a pretty obvious tranny.

not as obvious as some others, but when you look hard enough....

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Yes. Everything else is a shitcoin

You canadian men are so cucked its beyond beleaf. No fucking wonder you faggots all love your pride parades so much. You bunch of autistic fucking virgin faggot edgelords. You should go check yourself into a mental hospital with all the meth heads you have if you seriously think these 2 women are trannys.

Yes. But the correct name is Bitcoin (BTC)

no idea who this is but i don't see it unless you think a square jaw means dude. what do you see?

Lol you dumb nigger I'm a burger and if you cant see that they are trannies then you're a virgin NEET lmao

Bone structure, boobs, look at his face, his lips are done, eyebrows are done, look at the big low brow...these are masculine features

I will admit that both Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern are generally quite good and they hide it better than some of the other "women" in the media...

your media is full of jewish lies. Half of the women in Hollyweird are men

if bitcoin cash wasn't a scam it wouldn't be a fork. End of fucking story.

You've never even fucked a woman so stop kidding yourself. First tell tale sign for trannies is their adams apples you dumb fat cunt.

pretty sure thats a biological man

don't forget the hands. op's chick is a chick.

goddammnit... I'm starting to worry that hot chicks are trannys now. fucking biz

Why so angry you dumb nigger? Cause you prefer trannie? How does it feel knowing that you prefer men? Real men like like me prefer real women.

There are surgeries to get rid of the adam's apple you sdumb subhuman tranny loving nigger. The first thing is the VOICE because the voice cannot be operated on just yet, and even with the estrogen shots these trannies take it doesnt change as much pitch as the other way around - its easier to do female to male then male to female...

which is why both Faith Goldy and Lauren southern have deep voices for women, you dumb nigger loving tranny fuck.

I don't know man. Some bio women have these kinds of features, and plastic surgery plus restrictive diets can accentuate them by making the proportions even more unusual. Just watched a couple clips and their behavior is somewhat direct and masculine, but they also behave like women, ie. preening and saying stupid shit just to be heard. Hard to say that they're trannies instead of just opportunistic attention whoring women to tell you the truth.

if your segwit coin is so great why is it under 7k now and struggling?

look at this reddt sjw cuck

Sorry to break it to you, but they are indeed trannies. Why do you think they are promoted by jew tube? Whole other legit channels are censored and hidden? Look at shoulder hip ratio, their low voices, their brows etc, shoulder width, etc

Hollyweird has been exposed, the majority of their women are trannies. Same in the MSM. There is a news anchor called HEATHER HISCOX. Go look it up I'm not kidding. The Jewish elite are sick fucks

is the claim that these "altright" trannies are there to derail discussion from the truth? what kinds of things do they say that achieve that?

Anyone know a porn actress that gets her asshole destroyed?

Hot kinky Jo.

Core supporters are perhaps the greatest testament to the fact that people really don't do their research and are so easily manipulated. I lose hope for humanity every time I see one of these threads and see people say shit like BCH is a scam. At one time I would've fought for fellow Bitcoin brothers (and I hope other BCH people continue to do so), but at this point I just don't care anymore. There will be people holding BTC no matter what the price does and they'll cling forever to the false narratives they've bought into and will spew hate at the rest of the world for eternity. Fuck em.

There is simply Bitcoin and Bitcoin Legacy.

They are like Alex Jones, they are controlled opposition, they are there to contain people like you and me who are waking up but don't realize that the Jews are Kabbalists and they play on both sides, which is why Trump worships israel

Its not for me but thanks

bcore blockstream is not bitcoin.
bch is the real bitcoin.

yeah i see the idea, but what exactly do these two alleged trannies say that distracts from the truth? is it just that they namedrop israel? do they say stupid shit that discredits whomever they panel with? pls give examples, I'm trying to understand this here

Faith Goldy's instagram is suspect to all the other instagram's and social media of these minor Mockingbird celebs like Lee Ann Mcadoo, Paul Joseph Watson, etc, they are all carefully curated photos, it all looks very staged, it doesnt look natural, compare them to your friends and family and there are usually more comments, its more organic with more people tagged in the photos, etc....the same with all of these actors Instagrams, its like it comes out of factory...its BULLSHIT

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>Bitcoin Core
why do people call it this?

Its not people, it's deluded cashies.

Follow the trail - who are these people that comment? Anyone from her personal life? Lol, nope, just a few of the same accounts. We're being played guys. It's about time someone exposes this...oh wait, all of the real accounts have been purged off Youtube (and have gone to Dtube which is, yep, run by a crypto/blockchain network)

Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern, Leeann Mcadoo, Paul Joseph Watson, etc, all of these people are straight off the Project Mockingbird/COINTELPRO assembly line. This is how they do it folks. You think the msm is bad, its just the tip of the iceberg.

It's not what they do say, its about what they DONT say. They are there to keep you talking about certain topics, and not talk about others. This is why they are controlled opposition - they are there to keep you CONTAINED. They heard you like SHEEP...the same sheep that a priest tends to "his flock", its the same deal, they did it with churches, they did it with the media, it is all about controlling how and what you think and keeping you in a box.

They wont tell you that Trump pretty much sold his daughter to Israel, for example

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did you forget your meds today

youre not on /pol/, please dont

My nigger is on a roll. 100% correct and I'm surprised no one has really exposed these fake social media profiles. I mean once you start thinking and analyzing them it's obvious that they are fake profiles. They all have the same patterns, their social media is way too perfect to be organic in any possible way. You don't see any random comments, no emoji spam, It's fake and staged just like the school shootings

Never heard of it. I'm a huge supporter of Bitcoing (BTC) though!

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Says a core cuck who probably calls it Bcash. Get the fuck outta here.

Fake fake fake and staged

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Here is a more recent one, the newer ones have many comments because she gained popularity. But look - no one from her personal life, no tags, all adoring, clueless fans that dont realize that Lee Ann Mcadoo is a stage name for this unknown Jewish actress. The only thing organic and real in the comment section are the ignorance of people to the fact that her entire persona is a product of Mockingbird.

Wake the fuck up people

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