I wanna invest in this guy, but why does the name sound so Jewish/Arabic/Muslim?

I wanna invest in this guy, but why does the name sound so Jewish/Arabic/Muslim?

That's literally the only reason I've been avoiding it, I thought it was some funny meme Jew coin.

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It sounds arabic because it is an arabic word. Look into it, the sheikh of Dubai is supporting it to the tune of 250 Million $, with plans for UAE central banks to step in within the year.

Because it is arabic, you retard

because it is

their main market is the middle eastern region, why would they give it a western name?

>arabic for the angel Gabriel

why does it sound so arabic? fucking sandniggers!!

You're avoiding a cryptotoken because of it's name... wow.

Dude it’s Arabic. Grow the fuck up.
But hey, if you’re spreading FUD just say sand nigger over and over. Thanks

its a confirmed scam

After chink coins, korea coins, jap coins, we finally have a sandnig coin

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nice trips
too bad you wasted them on the shit-tier FUD
it could have been a janitor post but no
fucking shit-tier FUD

Guys, guys you might want to sit down for this.
I have a friend who works in the SEED fund, nothing too fancy, financial analyst, no lambo yet but doing well for himself. I've been pretty excited about Jibrel, so naturally I told him about it. He gets back to me yesterday, and get this: he's never even heard of jibrel. He asked around a bit and found out the sad truth.
It was the info about Jibrel's office being in SEED HQ that finally led him to a supply cabinet in the basement, with the jibrel logo printed on a sheet of paper, glued to the door. Apparently this Talal fella does work at SEED, but as a member of the cleaning staff. He is good natured but very simple. When he heard about bitcoins he got really excited, he had to go lay down so he could calm down. The IT guys took pity on him and made him his very own ERC20 token, so he could pretend to be rich. They threw a website together, filled it with generic mumbojumbo (asset tokenization, lol). Someone even spent 5 minutes in photoshop on the logo. They had some pull with palmex, so he could "trade" his little tokens over there. But it got to Talal's head and with some friends from the cleaning crew (affectionately called the "poo boys"), they have been writing jibberish and spreading misinformation online. This has got to stop, for everybody's sake. There is no big reveal coming, it is all going to turn out to be a sad misunderstanding. Get out while you can.

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Doesn’t even look like him.

It looks like a great product though. How can I get over my racism?

Instinct tells me not to trust Arabs

Look I hate niggers as much as the next guy but you should avoid letting your political opinions effect your financial investments. This project is fucking solid, regardless if the developers are arabs or not.

I want to believe you, but that pic looks photoshopped.

You give me money and you soon will be wealthy. Trust me. Is not scam. Insha'allah

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This is the best JNT FUD I've heard yet. Keep up the good work user.

I don't trust Arabs, but they have a lot of oil money. Long term, I wouldn't put my money into anything they do. Short term, they might pump this shitcoin

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>not investing in the crypto with the most handsome founder

Stop being a racist, retard.

damn you sound cringey and stupid as fuck

they've got don tapscott advising them, that's good enough for me

So biztards can invest their 100 dollars in it without feeling like race traitors.

yeah they dont want stupid fucks like you who have autistic ideas about race investing in this anyways

Wouldn’t touch this or any Chinese shit with a ten foot pole

The only thing Arabs know how to do is hire Americans and Europeans to do all their engineering and waste billions of dollars on stupid shit

So what?
>muh don tapscott

try using your words to form a coherent sentence next time

>wouldn't touch antshares or ven because 'muh chinks'

racist autists deserve to stay poor

Im buying BECAUSE i am racist. Those high T technologically illiterate impulsive arabs will jump at anything promising them gains, not to mention that the name reminds them of their culture meaning they will buy because of some form of misguided nationalism. It's an untapped market of impulsive retards, you can't lose here.

I was making fun of these autists myself you dumbfuck. I hold 350k JNT since ICO, mong.

Let's battle this out on our JNT yachts in a year.


When does the tokenization start?


Muslim here.
I avoided it for the same reason since it looks SPECULATIVE to use angel's name for your token.
Also because of the Russian team (I am from Russia).

Jibrel [Jib-reel] is how the Angel Gabriel is pronounced in Arabic. The angel Gabriel is who delivered messages to prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

source: am a sand nigger

Imo you jewed yourself lol.

Never. Now that JNT is on the frontpage of /r/buttcoin this shitcoin is never coming back to life

It isn't on the front page though.

Is this actually a good buy?

>arabs cannot be good devs blablabla
>tfw blockstack dev

Let me get this straight, you think a bunch of rich arabs are going to back a shitcoin owned by biz and numerous Pajeets to the tune of 250 M dollars to make them all rich?


>handsome founder
>not two handsome founders
Low effort fud

Cдoхни чepнoжoпый

That is clearly satire. Though it worries me that he is also a stinky linky.

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roozkey please

Pretty much what's going to happen


Sounds Jewish, I’m out

This triggers me so much

People in there acting like they know everything, interpreting whatever they can find in the worst possible way.

It's actually high level reverse fud. I was reading /r/buttcoin this morning and realized that most of them actually understand cryptos a lot better than redditors on /r/cryptocurrencies. So I decided to concoct a bullshit story (which would require them to virtue signal and appealing to their hubris at every opportunity) and lay out the fundamentals of JNT-- simply because all their criticisms of cryptos really don't apply to it, with the hopes that some of them would recognize it's a great project. I'm going to keep making posts about how I try to quit cryptos but keep buying back in with more money like I'm addicted or something.

Then I'm going to come back in a year and literally spam it in their faces every fucking day.

I encourage you all do undertake similar endeavors. I included a 'wife's son' comment here: reddit.com/r/Buttcoin/comments/84ebq9/i_bought_in_please_help/dvp8s3e/

>I included a 'wife's son'
Very nice, infamous 4chin strikes again

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Now I understand your project FUDer.

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fuck me. I was one of the buttcoiners. Was also well informed except ever looking for the price.

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You'll notice that I took care to explain the project in unnecessary detail every single time even though it's not at all relevant to the story. As I suspected, none of them (only one really) chose to address this beyond "creeptos are bad". I wanted to make sure they all had a fair chance to evaluate the project on its own merits, that will make the 1000x that much sweeter. I can honestly understand why people don't like bitcion or ripple. But JNT is asset backed and doesn't require electricty.

For reddit in general I like to give bad advice and just clown redditors unless they give me a reason not to like them. I originally a Veeky Forums guy but my wife doesn't like all the porn and nasty shit on here.

I'm going to keep this LARP going for a month or so and eventually stop posting there. Whenever JNT really moons I'll go back and I'll link them this thread.

You should do it goyim, then come on over and talk to us on gab.ai. We got a frog and everything. We heard you like frogs.

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Now I remember.
He is the guy having $800k of JNT and LINK.

where does the money come from to buy the jnt tokens. so if seed tokenises 250mil of assets, who's buying 250mil of jnt? wheres that money coming from? haven't dont much research so probably a brainlet question

Tehy don't buy JNT. They buy Jcash and exchange it back when demand for jcash increase the price onchain higher than 1:1

yea but i mean the whole thing about the the jnt marketcap must be equal or greater to the amount tokenised. who is buying that jnt and with who's money

THe dao buys it and sells it to maintain solvency

If you're serious about buying, watch this video.
He explains everything.


Whose money do they buy it with?

thinking about it now i guess it makes sense if the jnt team has a few mil set aside for it? it would only take a few mil or so, maybe less, to send the marketcap to 300mil+

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i almost sold everything faggot

I'm a sand nigger
Not arab... but ... close
anyway I'm not invested in this coin
Know nothing about it but i bet it's a good project
If you ever seen what arab money is like....you know
They know how to make money, they are business professionals
So stop being a faggot and roll the dice, you would rather trust chinks instead?