Well biz, its over for me, time to leave crypto

Well biz, its over for me, time to leave crypto.
I started in December with around 15k, went up to 24k,and now im down to 8k

This has been too much for me, the amount of stress and tension iver gone through is just not worth it After all for me. Now I leave with half my money. This 2018 has been a bloodbath

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sell quick


just wait 1 year and you will have 50k

>cashing out the bottom


>thinks this is the bottom

>being a greedy hodler
that's what you get neet scum

I've been through the last major crashes and let me tell you, you missed the right time to cash out. You could have cashed out with -10% or even -20%, but this is one of the worst points to quit.
If you look at your portfolio in one year you'll be at least at 10x profit, more if you do some smart trades.
Just as some guy in an other thread wrote right now, the banks are all fudding while new methods to buy crypto or to speculate with it through major bank services are spawning left and right, which means they are all buying low right now.

youll kys when it goes back up but k

Don't do it. Seriously.
Take a break from crypto.
Delete blockfolio. Don't come to Veeky Forums. Unsubsribe on Reddit.
Take the time off to do something else like focussing on studies, improving your phisique, ... or smoke weed and look at movies, listen to music...
This is also why you should never overinvest

Listen to these guys you faggot, just forget your money for a year and set a price alert so you can cash out when you’ve made enough profit.

do what im doing.

accept it all as a loss. and then put everything into one or two long term picks. then dont check your portfolio until summer at the earliest.

Your comment gives me hope. What coins do you recommend holding? Im 75% ven 15% ltc
But ir gone through XMR BTC NEO ADA XLM XRP ETH
Should I get 1 BTC and wait for a miracle?

The thing that kills me is over could sold when it was coming down and bought back when Bitcoin hit 6500, I could have 30k now

Seriously? You're in VEN and you're WORRIED???
Dude, come on. VEN is BLUE CHIP. Watch the recent interview with their COO. It is like one of the best holds in the market right now.
Don't be stupid by selling that of for shitty btc.
I am not kidding I am being nice because of the link event coming up i'm in a good mood.
LTC is a shitcoin. Sell it for VEN or LINK

>Confirmation bias.
>Trading in hindsight is easy.
Don't bully yourself so much man, let it go.

Thank you ill do that

Do you think it will drop hard when they give out the x nodes? What should I get then?

That's how you do it m8, buy high sell low.

Don't know much about VEN but I think all the other coins you listed have a more or less good usecase and will be around for a long time thus profiting from total marketcap gains as well.
But I also don't have a magic crystal ball and everything could happen but in my opinion the market sentiment was similar during the china crisis last september and when it was over those magical gains from december happened.
Just my 2cents which will be some dollars soon hopefully.

no1 cares bye

I swear to god if I double my 8k to 16k I wont be a greedy cuenta and cash out

i think it will as it usually does when any news come out

>pump it

50% chance.
Stop day trading and just hold VEN for the coming 4 years.
No stress and safe gains.
bye now

Thank you thank you thank you guys for your advice, you do get a bad rep but some of you are ok

VEN is the only thing worth holding, don't quit, don't chase moons and don't sweat. Sell LTC for more VEN or simply to BTC. Seriously if you have more than 1k VEN you'll be set long term so chill.

Went 50/50 VEN LINK

i really recommend buying some ICON for at least 1 year hodl

You still have 8k, why leave FRIENDO

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I think I might throw my next pay check into LINK OR ICX which one do you recommend

keep it up and it'll get banned just how it is on rebbit hehehehehehhe

maybe 80icx/20link. link is very risky right now IMO. icx is going to have a great future, im 90% sure of that.


Thanks dude I really appreciate your advice

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rip sweet prince

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Don't listen to this icx bagholder lmao it's a korean shitcoin
There are dozens of blockchain 2.0 platform coins out there (neo, eos, eth, ...)
Link is revolutionary and blockchain agnostic
and the testnet is already out
ffs I'm waiting on the stream that isn't coming and I'm bored but whatever you do don't buy shitcoin icx
ok bye again

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Delete blockfolio and come back in 6 months.

such is the nature of the game. sucks peeps


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Holy shit and im Complaining..

Thanks man I w

In the case Bitcoin started a Bull run, do you recommend selling my ven for btc or just Hold ven bleeding?

That's nothing. Behold the power of holding.

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Good, leave no one cares just stfu

holy fucking shit

dont worry user in 3 years that will be a tiny blip

dude cmon I went from 2k to 110k back to 2k now

post proof

multiple bad trades/holds
mainly bitmex and holding trash chink coins (PUT,QUN, dropped some for etherdelta memes like BBT, FDX, ico axpire lost me a bit and also fucked up with ZCL)
I made so much money thanks to alt bullrun, hit almost every kucoin moon mission, I spent literally 16 hours a day researching market for almost half a year straight but in january I burned out so fucking hard I still couldn't come back and spend more than 30 minutes on crypto since, went on long vacation in january and didn't look at my coins at all when they went to shit with each day
I started with mindset of making at least 1% each day and tried my best to max it out but after I got literally 30% each day I didn't feel motivated to focus on smaller gains any more, I treated it as a game not real money desu, when shit crashed I didn't feel any emotions at all since I was so high above my initial investment

>he buys high and sells low

>there's somebody on this board who had over 1.25 Million and didn't cash out

please be fake

that sounds like a nightmare, im so sorry for your losses

>thinks it matters aside from when you sell

BTC dominance growing, probably will hit 60% before reversal in a few months

I went from 1k to 8k and now I'm at 2k, I feel your pain.

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The worst part is I did cash out a big portion of it. I left the rest in stuff like ICX.

be honest, if you invest 500k and double your money, would you cash out?

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buy high, sell low. That will always be the Veeky Forums way

so buy BTC?

looks fine to me
check back a few months to see an even bigger decline

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But High Sell Low.
Or look at your Sats like a real trader and stop focusing on Ponzi USD

There were larpers, but at peak bubble some people did stuff like that. I remember one who had over a million and went all in on BAT for a last moonshot before cashing out. I can only hope that was a LARP.

what if i just buy high?

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buying high only works if you think it is undervalued at the high, meaning there is more highs in the future.

Good goy, doin it right!
Buy high, sell low!

>Buy high
>Sell low
Nice. Keep doing this fine job.