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Bought Strat at $19

I'm 67% in fiat now and thinking about making that 100%

I unironically went all in on chainlink before the SXSW event even though it probably won't do anything besides dump

I have become experienced enough to distinguish shilling / fud from genuine excitement / concern about project so biz is super boring for me now. It’s first option 90% of the time.

Sold 44 AntShares at 6$

I don't even know anything about Business or Finance I just browse here for the pink wojack memes

I'm all in ICX

I larp as a racist whenever the gobacktopolfags appear

down 40%, bought in at 14k

im a confirmed brainlet

i make trade plans but i chicken out at the slightest dump

>sent $15k (half of my savings)
>wanted to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity that quickly disappeared
>didn't know what to do
>didn't want to pay the withdrawal fee to get my fiat back
>read some TA a thought that BTC is going to moon
>bought BTC at 11k

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December fag still here, down 40 percent from initial investment and couldn’t care less, my hands are diamond.

i had chinese food for breakfast

>Bought Verge at 5 cents
>Watch it moon to 31 cents
>”Hodl it’s going to $1 when Wraith drops”
>Wraith is a steaming pile of shit
>Watch it bleed for 2 months
>3 cents

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I have 0 holdings and have had 0 holdings since birth, I just watch the graphs and lurk here for shits and giggles

I had pizza


Teach us your ways senpai

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my goal was to raise enough money to get my fillings replaced with white ones and get a full health check because i have severe fatigue that's destroying my life. i made much more than i needed and i didn't cash out.


I'm a virgin

I went all-in on EOS when it was ~$13 at the end of January. Fell for the "last chance to buy below $15" meme.
I attempted to day trade last week and lost ~20% of my stash, then I got scared and put everything back in my Exodus.
I'm unironically suicidal right now.

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I unironically need crypto to make it because I have a (painful) genetic disorder and need surgery I can only get overseas. Not a pajeet btw, I'm a burger and burger medicine is 20 years behind on that particular issue.
So yeah I hear ya. Fuck. I hope we make it.

If it dips below 8k, I’m gonna cut my losses and sell everything. Already 40% loss on initial investment.

This man thanks you

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I "bought the fake dip" yesterday and got ETH which is locked on an exchange for 36 more hours. Now it's tanking and I can't touch it.

>Buy ADA at 9 cents early december
>Watch it go to $1 mid december
>Buy ADA at 50 cents.
>Watch if go to 75 cents.

January 5th, turned an initial investment of $3000 into $37000 in 30 days. I am contemplating selling and existing. I didn't.

>Ada to 40 cents. Double down.
>Ada to 30 cents. Double down.
>Puts everything in POE, 14 cents.
>POE goes to 6 cents

In the end I put $20k of my own money (never stopped doubling down) and today I have 15k.

I also paid taxes on my gains because I am an immigrant in the US and I don't want uncle sam chasing me.

Thank you for your money to the U.S.

I will use your funds to buy a large hi def TV I don't need to watch reality TV.

Quite easy
>dismiss everything not based on facts
>check the facts by yourself
Also spotting and ignoring common phrases speeds up a process a lot ( It’s going straight to 0 / last chance to buy under X )

I feel comfy knowing I'll make it in the long term.

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>I'm unironically suicidal right now.
You're no fit for this

Didn't buy the dip in the early Feb crash. Agonizing ever since.

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you probably know more then average user here

not that far from there, this is a good entry point

These bags are getting heavy.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck I knew it was a bubble
I’m done fuck this shit

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I don't come here for actualy business related stuff
I just come to point and laugh at the bitter incel robots
This place is full of it and its my entertainment

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thought the dip was over and bought ethereum at 620 tether
sold shortly after at 614

I fell for some french IOTA pump and dump that was shilled here, only dump for me, Coincidentally I spent the day before reading about why not to touch it.

This. Veeky Forums was fun at first, then you get red pilled.

Tried buying drugs with this and they didn't even arrive

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Go back pajeet.

If I would have sold at the top i would have had enough money to live comfortably as a NEET for 20 fucking years. Now i barely have enough money to live for a year.

Sorry father, for I have sinned. I bought CL at $1.14. Still holding.

Made a decent amount margin trading long with 100x leverage. Realized profit, market started tanking. Opened a 100x short at 8700, market started going up and got scared, closed short. Wish I had kept it open.

Why don't you try shorting?


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Since the market is so shit I decided I should start shorting. Practice will make perfect and how is the best time to start.

80% of my portfolio is in tron

I just dumped like 10 thousand BTC across all the exchanges...except I spaced it out to make it look like smaller sales.

I bought and sold ~200 bitcoins in 2011 for use in Silk Road to buy drugs. forgive me father and please give me the opportunity for rocketship gains again

Yeah go fuck yourselves I sold and I don't even feel bad about it. I'm done with this shit.

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repent me of my sins father

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Israel thanklessly accepts your meager tribute

I just come here when the market crashes for the delicious schadenfreude

Bought SIA at virtually an ATH

>Bought at 1.5 cents
>Hit 30 cents
>Turned 1k into 20k
>Eventually sold it at around 17 - 20 cents for 12k
>Reinvested half
>Worth $500 now lmao

>severe fatigue
Probably you will not read or care, but just in case.

From experience. Any of these might help:
B12 (methylcobalamin form). Can purchase as spray, it is not necessary to use needles.
D3. Can't overdose on it and may help.
Choral-calcium. Look it up.

Some other things:
Diclofenac. NSAID so take care but can help massively IF inflammation is your problem.
Kurkuma. Seriously just eat fucking curries.
Ashwaganda. Warm with milk.

Godspeed user.