25x long at 8250. Wish me luck fellas

25x long at 8250. Wish me luck fellas

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>25x long at 8400
kill me

havent u lost enogh dude? u want to gamble some more? good luck since market is manipulated as fuck

b-but you told me to buy the dip, and its dipping alright

Just remember that he is watching

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>25x short at 8230
Only one of us is making it out of this

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I'll join u fags 25x long at 8300

10x long at 8300

its over i guess

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keep me posted

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You realize these types of threads make the Whales specifically want fuck you over don't you?

Optimists die first

>red candle

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omg. there was a chance we already start the reversal. but now the whales see your order and will drop it another 5%.

next time post your liquidation level so we can check bitmexrekt, otherwise this is a larp

yup. thx a lot OP. you single-handedly killed the recovery.

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do you really think whales browse biz ?
if anyone says they're a whale, they're not fyi



well how did that go OP? BOGGED AGAIN

you're welcome. Now you get to buy the real dip

Jesus Christ man what are you doing

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Can confirm

Source: I'm a whale.

>tfw OP

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They browse here but they don't reveal themselves. Anyone with high investments in any market would always check any and all forums/sites that also hold investments

Niggers were going to $7k, screenshot dis

Whales might not, but they certainly hire pajeets to shitpost all over the internet biz including to create a background sentiment.

Also check this thread for example
boards.Veeky Forums.org/biz/thread/8338876
Do you see bots spamming btc fud in completely unrelated thread? I wonder who runs them hmmmmmmmm

can confirm, pushed it down that little extra just liquidate OP

>Wallstreet checks the Bangladeshi cooking contest forum
t. you

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DESU I would never post my short/long plans on Veeky Forums because whales browse here and they hate you

Also we dump every day at 6 hour intervals starting at noon Eastern burger time OP Is a fucking tard