The FUD is real, get out while you still can boys, bitcoin collapse will bring down everything else with it...

The FUD is real, get out while you still can boys, bitcoin collapse will bring down everything else with it, meme magic is running low, don't trust that your coin'll make it.

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Best time to buy when fud and dumps are the strongest. We are most certainly in the despair phase

Yes, yes, sell me your bags, goyim!

>meme magic is low


>says increasing nervous man

the intrinsic value of the dollar is zero

Sad, maybe. Nervous? No.

I'm so happy it looks so bleak. It will make it that much sweeter when I'm rich off it

Hotel? Trivago.

Let's get Trivago to accept crypto.

Bitcoin tanking is the fault of all the greedy bastards selling their BTC to try and get bigger gains with alts. Sell your alts and stick with BTC you greedy fuckers.

>G20 summit on crypto March 19th-20th
>trumps tarrifs go into effect March 23rd
>stock market dead cat bouncing
>BTC only dropping because dumping from Gox trustee
>BTC whales capitalizing on confusion by dumping harder to get lower price
>FUD for BTC increasing to further push down price
>during G20 summit crypto regulation is announced
>BTC seen as safe haven
>tarriffs go into effect
>stock market crashes hard March 22nd (black swan event)
>bull run lasts forever, crypto becomes new economy
>fiat btfo

BTC has no true reason to be #1, I don't see what's so bad about letting things evolve. The reason it's tanking is also that there are lots of whales who got a disproportional amount of the BTC supply when it was basically free, and now these people are dumping slowly. If the market shows no sign of recovery, some might panic and decide to sell quicker before they lose any more. Staying in BTC is risker than anything.


AKA the talking heads

good luck with that

>>g20 summit talk about regulation
>> bitcoin seen assafe haven for investors

Pick one.

>says increasingly nervous man

im bulish long term but i dont think it will be that soon.

I think we have lost a lot of normies and noobs but still have laods of oct- dec buyers here who dont really understand the past of btc. the high points go in phases. the market is either excited or drained. we are in a hyper drained phase now. Side ways trading is the time which people slowly cool off. they make their decisions long term and the hyper emotional leave the market or come to terms with the no moon. Its really important this happens. soon we will get to that point and i can see it happening already with people cashing out or holding long term picks and checking out. the traffic is small now and interest is low. its almost buying time.

things move fast in crypto and after some side ways cooling down we will start to get bullish again and excited. i dont see it happening till july though.

first they ignore you, then they mock u, next they fight you then you win.

we are almost in the fighting stage with regulation knocking.

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>its time to sell goys!
>oh look, ripple is $2.50, its time to buy goys! here is how to buy our coins from us you cattle

This is why many traders are dumping btc. None of them want it. All the whales know you need a token with more use besides just being a fucking meme currency. ETH, NEO, Privacy coins will take BTC's place.

>being this retarded
after regulation BTC will be seen as safe haven

i agree, i think this is the fighting stage now and the black swan event (whatever it is) will start things off but it will be slow and steady until the regulations are activated and institutional money pours in. once that happens, the wealthy and rule followers will buy.

hard to say. usually when the FUD attack is fully launched, it is almost time to buy. I see it drop more, seeing as the RSI is totally oversold on the 1h and not recovering. nobody buys at the moment.

maybe 7.5k is a good entry.

regulations are totally not a factor for a bull market, when nobody believes all the FUD/BAN/Regulation talk anymore and some initial burst ignites the buying frenzy again, it will happen, no matter in what stage any regulations ideas are. they also didn't play a role in december.

>come to terms with the no moon

this is me, already accepted the fate of wagecucking for the next years, crypto now is just another long term investment, it won't make me millionaire, but it's good enough to know it will at least outperform all others traditional investments, therefore it's still smart to be invested in crypto, just don't expect any lambos soon

Institutional money are entering and they need to keep the price down