Now that crypto is dead, what's the next big innovation to get in on the ground floor?

Now that crypto is dead, what's the next big innovation to get in on the ground floor?

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quantum computing

How can I make money on that?

birds with wings on their legs

Bitch maybe in 50 years

Invest in companies that make kneepads. Gonna be a lot of anons buying them soon. Also invest in mouthwash companies.

hydrogen fuel cells

Absolutely agree. This will be the next evolution of human technological innovation.


>buy stock in EDIT and hold for 10 to 20 years

invest in helium

Two words, Coffee Enimas. These will change the world of butt rape forever. No longer will we take it easy getting raped by shitcoins. Our coffee clean anuses will be able to take massive whale penises as the stockmarket crashes to the floor under the trump administration.

I heard something of space mining, I dunno but..

XRP is still extremely undervalued, considering Ripple is the new Internet of Value.

>and hold for 10 to 20 years
I mean, I could just put all my money in an index fund and it'll have the same outcome in 10 to 20 years. That's not exactly what I consider making money.


maybe photovoltaic paint

Massive Data Replication

Keep an eye on battery technologies. Lithium-sulfur interests me atm. The first manufacturers to improve existing cells and make them practical for mobile applications will get rich(er). That means it can fit in your phone, or power your car. And they’re not super distant like quantum computing and space mining.
There won’t always be a huge breakthrough every time you exhaust the last one. Things like crypto that offer xx,xxx% returns only come up a few times in your life.

not really something that you can invest in. does however tell people to stay the fuck away from investing in minerals since they can see a massive dump in value in the coming years.

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what if we invest in stocks from companys that makes tanks or guns or military equipment then we complot and make some memes to start WW3 or something?

yeah dude xD let's do that xD

Invest in lolis. Women is at ATH, public fud is at ATH. Get a 10 year old girl for a much happier future and by the time women crashes, there will be no lolis.

Invest in the following if they pop up:

Clean water/company that can convert the majority of dirty water into clean water.
Hydrogen fuel.
Big Data.
Any company that decides to automate most of it's workforce.
Asteroid mining.
Quantum Computing.
Company that manages to solve long distance wireless charging.
Company that manages to store large amounts of energy other than oil.

Biotechnology, specifically for medical use.

You can't find a lot of info at the moment, but pharma companies are in deep shit. Prescription drugs are a ponzi. Next presidential election, pharma will look very different.

So, since these big corporations need a replacement to keep their profit machine running, decade-old biotech will take it's place. However, it's just the next "big pharma" ponzi, biotechnology.

For example, you want to know a secret? Do you know anyone who is currently fighting cancer?

Tell them to take Vitamin B17 and Chlorine Dioxide drops until they are cured.

Yeah, for every disease there is a known cure. If you don't believe me, I just risked my life telling you what the cure for cancer is.