Who /thethered/ up and smiling right now?

who /thethered/ up and smiling right now?

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I'm DAI'ed up. Tether is a catalyst for the ultimate collapse. They are the Liberty Reserve of 2018

>hurr I tethered

The non-brainlets are shorting this shitfest, genius. Have fun on the sideline.

Why the fuck buy tether if you can trade for actual euros or USD on gdax?

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the only thing funny is how many "non-brainlets" keep getting liquidated trying

>what is taxes

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Ah I forgot amerifags get raped by tax. My bad.

Protip: move to Holland. 1.6 % on your total networth with 30k of it untaxed.

never seen, witnessed or noticed a thing called DAI in my life.

Can't wait for the day Tether gets shut down. The suicides will be pleasing

keep waiting on that to happen.
you'll be waiting awhile.

im europoor and I have to pay taxes if I trade to fiat, but not if I trade to another crypto.

Keep waiting

lol. i keep hearing people using taxes as justification for watching all their value pissing away.

dont file or pay on what you cash out. they still havent even figured out how to fucking classify crypto yet. until they get their shit together, you're just voluntarily forking over your fiat to the gov't

Well your country obviously has different tax rules than Holland then.

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It's a bit different. But I didn't trust Liberty Reserve then, and I don't trust Tether now.

STFU you asshole. This will bring attention to it.

Haha kankernerd.

Hou je kankerbek randmongool. Wil je dat de rest van de EU zich er tegenaan gaat bemoeien?

Ben je vergeten dat je op biz zit autist? Alsof iets hier uitmaakt of invloed heeft. En kanker toch op met je zakgeldinvestering, alsof jij belasting moet betalen over je 'vermogen.'

Speak American, you third-world apes.

echt he, wat een kankermongool, oooh pas op niet posten op biz, wie weet leest de EU wel mee... wie weet wil rutte nu wel die 1000 euro van je hebben... kkr op hoor.

Did Tether just get shut down? Check the wires