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>I actually thought 695 was the bottom

kill me

Why is this shit crashing? It's better than BTC. I honestly thought we'd see the flippening.

How in the world are you losing money from ethereum is beyond us this shit was worth $20 around this time last year you could of literally bought at the ATH of $400 and still be up by a buttload.

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who remembers when this shitcoin was $300 for like 4 months straight

>mfw its going to $60 within 3 weeks

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should I go all in right now on ETH?

Same. We'll see how justed we get, most coins went down A LOT more than Eth recently. Maybe this is just a quick dip, maybe it's Eth starting to catch up to the other's fall. I can't touch my Eth until tomorrow, so I can just observe for now.

>hasnt been mining it for over a year
what are you even doing with your life user.
No one is getting just'd on eth because they either mine it or treat it like btc. did you buy at the top again?

Yes, it seems like with the price of ethereum crashing it would be wise to tokenise yourself

If I buy $1000 at 600 what will happen to me? I’m relatively poor so keep that in mind.

either eth or omg but omg is more gains

i have a bad feeling ETH is going to get justed pretty hard this year

all the people buying ETH in late 2016 and early 2017 can now sell their ETH and only have to pay capital gains tax

im using this crash to accumulate eth.

its gonna crash hard, but it will recover just as hard when everything eventually goes back up.

Possible, but if Eth goes to $60, that will mean the whole market will be down too. BTC under 1k, Link under 0.05, etc. I doubt it goes that low unless everything tanks.

Kek I remember people saying in early January it will never go below 1000 again. That's when I bought most of it. But I literally stopped caring over after all the plummets that followed. If it recovers fine, otherwise fuck it.

not right now, but watch for the bottom and then buy.

im hoping for around ~575-590

you will be rich in 3 years. your call. it will be like oh man i wish i bought bitcoin at 600 instead of 1k.

You will have $5k-15k EOY


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yep, bought in at $700 lol

Fucking lol

This is why you faggots are losing so much

i'm not seeing the problem here

Don't believe anyone who tells you you're guaranteed to profit. I've bought recently, so now that it's even lower I think it's an even better price than what I got it at, but I don't care if I lose that money.

If it's money that you'd be just fine to lose (you'd be nothing other than a bit bummed out if it went to 0), go ahead, you could easily double or triple your money by EOY. But never forget that you might also lose most or all of whatever you put in, don't get blinded by greed.

hodl since 1.4k..

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I bought in at 1050
hahahahahahahah this can't be happening ahahahah

Same I bought 500$ worth at 1400

Will be able buy 2 with that soon

EOS has enough ETH to GOX it. Add in the other ICOs that are going to run for the doors when this happens and there will be no flippening.

Bought my last ETH at 370. Guess it's time to take out my wallet again

back to $300 imo


$160K evaporated.

Me too. I should have waited.

We're gonna see it.

EOS can try, it would be the dumbest use they could possibly make of that money, and ETH having a flash crash might only increase its adoption. The founders would lose the money they secured for themselves, piss off a lot of people and encourage newcomers to buy a competitor's coin for cheap.


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