I said we were in 'depression' earlier. Let me rectify my misteake. I think we're in PANIC now.

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No, I'm just in a depression.

no we are at the bottom of anger

I literally blew up yelling at my family today because they kept asking how much I lost.

But there's hope!

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kek what the fuck is wrong with you

not really sure where we are but i know one thing.
You will regret selling at a loss. That i can assure you all.
Patience is absolutely key in all markets.
Old buffet does know a few things.

It looks exactly like anger. We souble topped and dropping, seaching for a scapegoat.

if you didn't sell high, don't sell now. It'll hit its ATH again, eventually

If he lost millions of dollars then it's understandable. I'd blow up over that much money too

>don't sell now
What if I need 2k to pay off my credit card?

I don't know, I'm an asshole. I couldn't take them telling me "i told you to sell your cybercash"


you arent meant to follow the meme candles literally lol.

Most currencies will never hit their ATH ever again.

My personal rule has always been to never sell at a loss unless you absolutely have to (ie you need an urgent operation and need to take out money for it). It will always go back up, it just might take a while. Remember, it hurts far more to sell and have it ruse than to buy a d have it dip.

Then you are over extended and weren’t rational on your postion sizing. In short, you invested way too much than you could afford to lose.

Thats a lot of money to lose and smug family comments don't help. My mom sends me MSM FUDarticles about BTC whenever it goes down. Sorry for the loss man.

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It hurts the most to trick yourself into believing you haven't been scammed

>Implying it won't shoot up to 10-12k again once it reaches 6k

Probably, but there's a good chance it goes to 3k or lower.

I invested a little bit when BTC was 2k, but then the money grew and became the majority of my net worth...

keep it up, i miss the old Veeky Forums fud
the thing is, you are probably newcoiner latefag who got burned. or just a salty nocoiner

according to what?

Sure, but it will shoot up again after that. I don't know that it will hit 20k again anytime soon since normalfags are scared off, but breaking 10k would not be unreasonable. We'll probably see volatility like this until the next black swan, or until the government regulates it to the point that institutional money feels safe enough to enter.

Agree, but the normans where scared to invest before december last year too, until btc reached a point when it started to look like it would go up forever so the fomo kicked in. We dont need those normalfags to start a bullrun, but big fucking money just like last year. When btc increases for more than a month the masses will flood in again and start inflating the next bubble

Your family is already dead

What do you mean?

The quality of this board has really gone to shit lately.
If there's anyone still here who is a human and not a bot or a paid shill, save yourself and stop coming here. Let it be a board of shills shilling shills and bots botting bots.
This board used to actually have quality discussion and insight.
Just stop coming here. Don't browse this place anymore. Remove your bookmarks, clear your history. Just go.

We just finished bulltrap and we haven't even reached anxiety yet.

how were your chicken mcnuggets, boy?

I don't know about that. I know a lot of people who first heard of crypto last summer during the bullrun when the media was hyping it. And I'm not just talking out of touch boomers or college kids, I mean people who invest money for a living first started looking into it and saw it going nowhere but up. Obviously not many normalfags went all in on it, but most people I know just sort of saw it as a meme and bought a couple BTC for the hell of it because "it used to be worth nothing now it's worth thousands and it keeps rising" and "muh blockchain is the future". But it's different now. All of those people already know what it is, and they've seen it drop from over 20k down to 6k in the span of a month. Even if it does go bullish again, it won't have that same wow-factor it had when everyone was just first hearing of it and thinking it could only go up.

I think that was a curse.

Not bad.

>If there's anyone still here who is a human and not a bot or a paid shill, save yourself and stop coming here. Let it be a board of shills shilling shills and bots botting bots.

so whose dick do we have to suck to create a new board?

We're at the panic between fear and capitulation. Welcome to the 2 year bear market.

In at 8600 trying to decide if I should sell my stack. In it to get more BTC fiat doesn't matter

Do you realize what Circle is doing and that it is already happening?

Well, that sucks. My mom got me tendies and we all made up already, so I hope they don't die.

Solid points, and like you said the first people to react to media attention were the ones able to make rational desicions. But the insane bullrun got started when people were joining the party that had never done any kind of investment before and made it able for prices to go parabolic. In history it has never been this easy to 'invest' for average people which is also a huge part of course. But anyways, big wallets have grown even bigger these last months so hopefully this tells something good. And for the wow factor, you are absolutely right. We will prob never see an overall bull market as crazy as dec/jan again, but if shows on hbo etc keep talking about the next google is out there, priced still at the ground floor, weird fucking shit can happen. But for bitcoin, yeh there has to be a real good trigger to get masses into fomo again

Circle is literally just a Robinhood for crypto, it has nothing to do with making the market safer for institutional money and if anything will just make everything more volatile by making it easier for idiots to get into crypto. I sort of have my doubts with the idea that it's even going to draw any extra money into the market anyway. The people who know about this and use it are already technologically capable enough to use coinbase and bittrex.

Yeah I just don't see normies having any significant impact on prices again. I really can't think off any reason for a bullish market in the future beyond the government making it safe enough for big firms to dip their toes in, but at that point crypto will not be much different from the stock market I suppose. Although obviously black swans are black swans.

Am I literally the only one buying in this glorious dip?

*tips glorious fedora*

Every indicator that has ever existed. Wake the fuck up, you idiot

I've been tethered up form 11.5k. I would describe my mental state as "relaxed".


Sigh, you haven't "lost" anything. You bought sats. Do you still have said sats? Yeah? Then you've "lost" nothing.

If you think crypto isn't the fucking future, you shouldn't have bought. IDGAF if it goes to $1 again - I'll be buying like mad.

>you arent meant to follow the meme candles literally lol.

Don't tell these autists that - we'll be well into the next ATH, and they'll think we just hit "capitulation" kek.

You get more sats if you sell before the crash and buy back. And let's be honest, most of us are in it for making more fiat.

>most people I know just sort of saw it as a meme

Most people I know have 0 clue what it even is.

You do know less than 0.1% of the world own any crypto right?

We are at anxiety. You're getting anxious even reading this right now because you knows it's true.

>so whose dick do we have to suck to create a new board?

You don't. You go to the other Veeky Forums, which is much slower than here but free of this shit. A clue - what's 4 x 2 + chan?

I've still been coming here just to keep an eye on the latest pajeetery - but It's actually just fucking annoying. There's little to no OC, no good threads beyond "Waaahh muh meme charts" and "FOMO!!!". It's boring, and I haven't seen anything interesting that'll make money in weeks now.

And the fucking BitMEXicans are just cancer. Nobody gives a shit about your fucking gambling habit, and no, less than 5% of traders make a profit without bots. Just fuck off.

See this:

jesus fucking christ stop feeding this obvious asset bubble

if you don't know anyone who knows about crypto you live in a fucking box

it has been shilled on MSM, CNBC, Bloomberg, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, it has been shilled by fucking instagram models, by fucking floyd mayweather, by every major Youtube celeb including Cody Ko, Ricegum, Pewdiepie, etc., it has been shilled on Last Week Tonight, it has been shilled on Ellen Degeneres

If there is a single human left in the West who hasn't heard about bitcoin by now they legit must be some sort of ascetic monk who refrains from interacting with the rest of humanity

it's ogre dude, everybody bought and pumped this shit to Jupiter, now valuations have to come down to what it's all actually worth---namely, nothing, 0

Nah, I plan on keeping 30% of my net worth in BTC

>if you don't know anyone who knows about crypto you live in a fucking box

Kek, I work in Fintech faggot.

Know what my clients ALL think? "Buttcoin? Isn't that the blockchain thing? I wanted to buy some, but I couldn't find the eBay listing - what do I do?"

How about YOU get outside your millenial bubble for a change?

On the contrary, even if it's in the media doesn't mean people are buying it. Maybe 10% of the US population is in (likely an overestimate) and not everyone has bought in like you'd think. Normies are still confused about how to operate a wallet for fuck sake, not to mention how incredibly scared people are to show their drivers license to Coinbase.

Well, fuck off then. Seriously. I've ALREADY got a lot of money - I'm here for the tech. I'm NEVER cashing out - it either gets full adoption (and I spend it directly) or it goes to 0. And I don't sell the dips - Whales and Jews can suck my cock, I ONLY remove supply from the market.

I keep 20% back for trading alts (only against BTC, I'm not interested in Tether). As I profit and increase my sat (and gwei) value, I withdraw some into long term storage. Some I got WAY below the current fiat price, I'm so far in the green its not even funny. I stopped buying around December though - I just wait these little bubbles out. I'm buying again though now as I doubt it'll go much lower than this.

>Maybe 10% of the US population is i

Try less than 1% user, and less than 0.1% internationally.

My mum too. She’s super smug about it too.


You're a fucking retard, BTC is oversold on every indicator on every timeframe.

can I trade moms? mine never says anything bad about my crypto activities and thinks i'm a genius, but on the other hand she always bugs me about not dating anyone.

no way in hell 10% of the population as a whole owns crypto

Check the chart at the top of the thread....see where it says denial? Thats you you fucking double nigger.

they know im in it but do not kno how much i have. reason is i know for absolute fact they would think im fucking crazy but it really doesnt bother me seeing -30k on the day but if anyone in my family knew that holy shit they would not understand. i have been through this with poker before. you never tell anyone how much you have especially family. one comment i got was "idk how much you have but dont mess up and lose it all"...does not even know how much i have in and comments like that sting. i told them if i die theyll find out by dead man switch email in 4 months.

you're an absolute fucking moron. as the other user said, btc is oversold. you're probably some cunt that bought high and sold low.

You're all in denial, BTC is so fucking bearish it's hilarious that people are even considering 10k in the next 3 months.

Short it before it hits 4k or don't even play.

My man. Bankroll management is king, who gives a fuck about the swings.

I'm assuming you've learned to trade from reading Veeky Forums?

the action of declaring something to be untrue.
"she shook her head in denial"
synonyms: contradiction, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer; More
the refusal of something requested or desired.
"the denial of insurance to people with certain medical conditions"
synonyms: refusal, withholding; More
a statement that something is not true.
plural noun: denials
"official denials"
synonyms: contradiction, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer; More

>implying this isn't complacency

We're at Anxiety ...margin traders are getting rekt'd right now.

Not on the 4h, or daily, or weekly. We've got a long way to go neighboreeno

It's ok you're going to make it and they're just jealous of your future moon lambos. Remember this when it goes back up. Remember them. This is the only reason I want to make it I don't even care about $ much I just want to rub it in my families fucking faces after they talked me out of going into it 8 years ago when I was thinking it was great and they talked me down.

it's not that simple friend
Opportunity cost
If you bought into a known shitcoin, that isn't working on the project anymore
It most likely won't go back up
That money sitting there can be used to throw into another project that moons
Then throw that money into another one etc

Everyone's fed up with Bitcoins shit

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This is literally one huge bear trap. couple more months left. Tax return spike followed by another dip, then we're off again. could happen by end of april, but probably not until summer/fall.

the three peaks we had in 2017 are just like the 3 peaks before dec 2013 megamoon (no longer discernable on this graph) longer time scale this time, but we're just about to enter purple zone. in ten years this dip (jan-june) will be lost in the average and only visible as the red zone underneath*

*assuming btc-segwit lasts that long

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>Hurr we dipping to 490B market cap w/ growing volume!

Nice chart.

patience here is misapplied

if you think buffet would watch an entire cycle disappear and result in more than 75% losses without cashing in you're a fucking idiot

not my picture but unless you're an autistic ocd faggot, like you've just proved yourself to be, you would understand that it's a proven concept that crypto moves in huge cycles and has had multiple 50%+ retracements in the last few years.

pic related, it's you.

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stock market cycles don't happen in