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Post proof you are there, and give us a rundown of the talk.

kys for not streaming you mongoloid
hope you die irl


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I legit think they called security because I kept trying to sneak in

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I’m sorry niggers I didn’t have a pass KYS

this pic is so 56%

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post proof you are at sxsw

He is now talking to men in Armani suits.

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not sure if pajeet or negro

hes brown abort

He just came out. I’m gonna try to get a picture with him

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>thinking anyone on Veeky Forums is white or male

Oh my God moneybelly is HUGE. Those bigmacs are really a problem for the long term success of the project.

Nice try abominacion !
It is black.

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thanj you

This fucking fatty... you guys drove him to this with your obsession with chainlink

Do you have a front toilet seat?

Regardless, still not sure if he's a pajeet or dindu.

Saved in the spank bank for later

>2 White women
>A black guy
>A Mexican
>Asian chick
>All clearly distinct races

He's either Poojeet, el goblino or tan and in the shade.

did you film this with a fucking flip phone or somthing wtf.
that dude in grey looks homeless and just followed the smell of mcdonalds bigmacs.

Tell him to hit the fuckin gym


I WIN Veeky Forums

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you gotta be 18 to post


haha sweet.

His face.. "Im tired of your shit /biz"

He's getting swole AF, he'll be fucking ripped by main net.


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He's a big guy.

You are a MANIAC

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>manlets hold link
why am i not suprised

gg OP

sergeys face....ahahahahahaah massive disdain for plebs, certified ourguy.

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>he used the Veeky Forums sign

Oh my god. It's like you people dont like making money. Look at Sergeys face, he is just disgusted.

Im just.....this is the worst day ever.

mirin the forearms brother

you're the chink who streamed at the superconference


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I wear boat shoes. Sorry for being white

I would've give you 1 ETH if you approached him with the same shirt he's wearing.

so that's what caused it.

Crypto is so bizarre. You guys fattened him up, his buttons can barely contain his shirt, and then you've worn him down by harassing him on twitter and at conferences.

>trying to impress Veeky Forums after not streaming

Why are you such a douchebag. Keep our shitty memes at this board. Sergey looks annoyed af.

>The autism is real

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this is why hes shadowforking around us

He looks so unimpressed. You are a faggot for posing with that biz sign. No wonder he hates us

he is perfect

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Fucking lmao at his face.

Damn he's fat!

Autism speaks

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He absorbed all the FUD, he's literally getting stronger and there's nothing competition can do about it.

Why does he look so unimpressed


he looks so upset LMAO

You really should not have done this

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Sergey hates us, thanks faggot

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How would you look if a manlet faglord with boat shoes and a BIZ sign wants to take a picture with you.

The fact that this fat fuck only has 1 shirt is the sole reason I will never put any money in LINK

Odds are that he is aware of his Veeky Forums autistic meme following and knew this guy was part of it right away but, he is too nice to say no for a picture.

This is not helpful.

kek attack

Ummmm is that a pajeet?

Not only did that faggot user disappoint us, but also Nazarov as well.
I was talking about this yesterday with how a random Veeky Forumsnesman will eventually shit on nazarov's conference table.

This comes close. good thing he wasn't allowed inside.

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Marine put yourself in for a promotion. You've earned it Son.

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like a greek statue

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how has he, he was in the audience but didnt stream it

I bet you his asshole is right inside the tiniest square of the lower diagram.

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You fuckin faggot

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What did he smell like??

I'm pulling out all my LINK. I dont trust a faggot that can't even smile for a picture

Can't have everything and even after all the hell Veeky Forums raises and reputation the Ranks have, he still made it to the Supreme Allied ChainLink Commander himself.

Like it or not The LINK Marines are apart of the deal.

You that hapa faggot in the pic?

better that autistic sketchers user


What was that about cheese? I couldn't hear it.

on your deathbed, when you're collecting your remaining life forces to mumble the last complete sentence of your life, you will tell your wife and her children that back in the day when you were young, somebody on an italian rock collectors forum altered a picture of you and the nobel prize winner of 2026

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fuck this balding faggot; don't harass the man destined to make us millionaires

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how did you do that?

Can we dox, if someone can dox I have many friends in powerful places who are holding top 10 wallets. We can have him removed

You are the hero we need

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That look on his face, my god.
Absolutely howling here, thanks for the mighty kek user

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That would be nice


great photoshop skills bruh, where did you learn how to do this?

amazon confirmed partners with link


leave the poor guy alone he just wanted a picture with the 2nd coming of jesus.

HI Steven. Times up.

>a fucking pajeet
>linklets BTFO

Does he ever changes his shirt?