What price did you lock your BTC in at?

what price did you lock your BTC in at?

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Nows a good time to buy a trezor or nano. In Dec their prices were like 2x+ as all the normies tried to buy em up. Prices are all normal now.

9.5k I was upset last week but dont feel too bad about it right now

Sold everything at 11.5k and now this thing is sitting empty.


locked at 15k for 4.5 months

I hacked the firmware and was able to lock it at 167772.15, somehow the price is artificially limited to 24 bits.

can someone explain this "locked in" meme to me

Well I actually stumbled upon this little thingy when btc was $16k in December, but I never purchased it. It's one of my biggest regrets. Now I have 3 BTC sitting on Binance, and I am forced to sell at the current price, which sucks. I look forward to getting the ledger soon though, because I will use its double feature to increase my stack.


Your script hash won't match, good luck actually transacting at that price. Congratulations on hacking it that far, though

the explanation is found on reddit where you belong

>best time to lant a tree is 1 year ago the second best is now

>can someone explain this "locked in" meme to me

pretending so as to make normies upset, that the price baitcorn was at when you put it on a hardware wallet is where it stays from then on

the price is not part of the hash though, I checked that, or else we're talking about a different hash

You have no imagination

found a firmware exploit and was able to lock in at a spoofed price. got mine at 100k atm but unfortunately don't have much btc

[H] Paypal [W] Ledger Nano with price locked in at 13.5k or above

PM me with offers

this locking in thing wasnt even funny the first time

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I thought it was some kind of feature to help people with weak hands.

dont let the jews tell you its a meme. thank fucking god the signs of downfall were everywhere at 15k so i locked there, for 6 months tho (until devs patch for june)

5400 QQ

you fucking idiot hahahah

I transferred mine across to the ledger when we hit 19.5k, loving it, now I get to laugh at all you fools as it goes back to 6k, while my btc is safe on my ledger locked at 19.5k price haha.

Thats why you have cold storage, noobs.

How do I lock my BTC back near my ATH so I can reverse losses?

you have to have 2FA to do that


stay mad