This was my only way out. I can't hold a job because of mental illness

This was my only way out. I can't hold a job because of mental illness.

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ull be good user, iron hands.

pls rember happie day

thanks for playing

What mental illness u got?

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Are you me

The whales don't care. That's the name of the game.

They tricked you into thinking this was a chance because they knew you were vulnerable. You didn't miss your chance--it never existed.

OCD (not the reddit kind) and extreme social anxiety (not the reddit kind)

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Just sign up for welfare

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You need to go back.

literally like 90% of this site claims to have social anxiety

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Why do you think we're all here instead of having meaningful social interaction and banging fat chicks?

Do you have to deal with intrusive thoughts? I locked myself away for a month because of them. Shit sucks, you'll make it user.

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I haven't really left my house for over a year now. My life is hell. Please don't confuse real social anxiety with "GOSH I'M SO SHy CXDDDDD intorrovertee".

haha kuk. I have OCD too and I don't claim I have a mental illness. Get SSRIs.

Girl? I will cure you

Tell me your bags, when you bought and i'll tell you if you will be fine

>get zombie pills
Don’t do this, OP.

You'll get another chance to buy cheap coins when the most exalted one, The Lonely Whale, bestows upon us the word "buy".

Praise be to the holy whale!

Seconded. I took them for 8 months (stopped a few months ago) and now I have depersonalization. I don't know what to do at this point.

Do it, OP.
If the pills make you feel like a zombie then change the pills.
Medicated bipolar here. Maoi's are great lol.

Same here OP.

I'm a virgin autist with anxiety disorder and no life skills.

I'm fucked.

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Maoists should be shot.


Basically maoi's are THE HIDDEN GEM OF MEDS.
>blablabls you'll die from tyramine syndrom buy our weak ssri with zombie side effects because we have a patient and can make a shit tone of money

I've been washing my hands for up to 20 minutes because I didn't hold them under the waterstream in the right angle and I just couldn't find that one

How bad is it for you?

My portfolio was worth $20,000 for a while. That's not a lot of money, but i had the feeling i'd finally be able to buy myself out of my prison and maybe even escape this shit country.
Now it's worth $4,500 and i'm still sitting in the same windowless room in my parents house.

You need get you that Maui Wowie naamsayin lolol


If the meds don't work and your OCD is the real OCD (I had MAJOR ocd-like episodes, but turned out that it was just a part of my bipolar depression).
So, there is another solution for you.

CAPSULOTOMY. I know it sounds scary af but seems that it helps, dyor.

What shitcoins do you have? Even if you had 100k thats not really enought to just escape a country to another one if you dont have good skills to get a job in the other country.

I have to be "aware" of everything i do. It's really hard to describe. E.g. When i stand up, i have to "feel" the muscles i use and if i don't move them in a certain perfect way, i feel like i'm damaging my body. When wash my hands / shower i have to feel the water perfectly flow over my hands / body, otherwise i feel like i'm still dirty.
Basically, i have to be hyper-aware of everything i do, otherwise i feel like i'm losing control.
I wish there was a cure for this. I think i developed this condition because i've had a B12 deficiency for 12 years until i just recently decided to get supplements for it. I think it's nerve damage.

That's like a yogi or monk trying to attain the highest jhanas. Keep going and maybe in a few years you'll be able to fly and throw lightnings from your hands.


I have permanent subdermal scarring all over my arms from a therapy for another medical condition i have, and honestly that made me give up on current-age medicine.
People with bad genetics shouldn't breed. I shouldn't be alive in the first place. Hitler was right about eugenics.
I only have hope that someday in the future gradual in-place replacement mind uploading technology becomes reality and i can escape this meat prison.

I'm holding 1,600 ARK right now. I know this board makes fun of the project, but i know enough about the technology to justify holding it.

I sure hope so.

I remember when mine was that bad, sometimes it’ll get severe again but I’ve gradually started to try and ease down on the repetitiveness of the rituals I did. I just hate how it can make some of my favorite activities feel so awful with the intrusive thoughts.

I can only code on heavy ADHD zombie drugs.

I guess it's back to that I go.

I do something similar except when drinking water

people at my job started a petition to get me fired because i don't smile or talk to anyone. They all think I'm a cunt but I'm just awkward as fuck and cant even hold eye contact. I've managed to keep my job though because i hit all the targets and technical haven't done anything wrong. its just that everyone hates me.

also 29yo khv with no friends.

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>can't control your emotions
>decide to play a game of high speed chicken with a shrodinger device strapped to your back instead
How do you not see this coming?

Remember this user. Life well put you where you are meant to be, sometimes we are not brave enough to make decisions ourselves that will take us to places that are more aligned with our being. If you work hard and things start falling apart, don't resist it. Let go and keep focused on becoming a better person. I promise you that you will end up in a place that makes you happier. Stay strong.