I'm ruined

I knew i shouldn't have done it. I took what was suppose to be 3 years worth of student loans and went all in on bitcoin. I am ruined. There was so much talk of bitcoin surpassing 1 million by 2020 and i couldn't bear to watch bitcoin zoom up thousands every week and not be part of it. I bought $60,000 worth of bitcoin at $17,000 a coin. Every day i watch as my portfolio bleeds while the 9.6% interest on my loan ticks.I don't know what to do Veeky Forums. I think I'm going to be sick

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What bank gave you a 60 grand loan to buy crypto?

post a screenshot of buy


kek, cucklet.

Feel you. Try not to sell a sat, wait till it recovers. I'm sure bitcoin won't die any time soon. Circulation will only decline as time passes by so value will increase.

>>kill him, then transfer everything

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Nice larp. Had a good laugh.

b u y
h i g h
s e l l
l o w

Retard. You think that's bad? I was denied a student loan for last September because the uni had said i'd failed, then they sent me my results in October late, saying i'd passed but too late to join now?? fucking cunts robbed me of an easy 30-60k. You were just retarded.

Poor larp

I bought at 17.8

I'm a whale
This is programmed
We'll dump til 6k
Thanks for your coins

You got greedy, my advise sell with each 25 percent loss 10 percent of your total amount of bitcoins. In this case you minimise further losses en still have some left if there occurs a bullrun

Hahahahaha you suck. Literally what everyone says never to do.

It's just a little bad luck... imagine doing this a year earlier: $800 sold at $16.000:

$60,000 ----> $1.2M

In crypto being in a perfect time is the most important.

IQ 200 + LUCK + BAD TIME = zero loss :D

I hope you're joking, Christ

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long $ROPE

Puts money that he doesn't have into Bitcoin, wanting it to go to 1,000,000 next week. You're worse than a nigger-kike hybrid KEK


>All in on literally anything ever


i bought 4.5 eth at 1100 and another 4 at 850 rip

>1 post by this ID
lazy fucking larp my dude, get creative faggot if you’d fucked off that much loan money you’d be losing your goddamned mind

>I don't know what to do Veeky Forums.
Forget about Bitcoin. Work hard and pay back your fucking loan.

don't worry, no body is paying them off anyway - student loans are the next big debt bubble that's going to pop

just hang in there and wait for the inevitable taxpayer bailout to the banks that were dumb enough to loan $$ to idiots like you

screenshot you pajeet

This is a nigger faggot named Zack. Kill yourself bitch.


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don't really care too much if you believe me or not but whatever.

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This. But honestly just go hide out in Thailand and teach English for a while. Once it rebounds to 50k sell and pay them off.

>17131.52001793604 BTC each
*Breaths in*
You like that?

hero yourself

Holy shit user

>Im going to be sick

Arent you already? i mean how did you manage to survive so long after the crash in january?

solid advice

>investing all your money with most likely ZERO experience on the stock market
You deserved it. Dumb shit.

how did you time the top so perfectly?

Service the loan and try pay it off as soon as you can, work as much as possible, Uber if you can’t find temp work and set yourself a goal. Keep track of how much you have paid off, sell EVERYTHING you don’t need and make that loan your number one priority. You need to keep a log so you don’t go insane thinking it’s a never ending pit. Hold the bitcoin, don’t sell any of it until it goes back up, it may take a few years but eventually it could work out much better than you expected. Just remember you aren’t the only one who took out huge loans. This is coming from someone who had a $60000 car loan, student loan, $20000 personal loan and a couple maxed out credit cards. Trust me once it’s all paid off, the feeling is unreal and you learn valuable lessons along the way. I have zero debt and good savings now and smarter with money now than 90% of people. You’re young so don’t think it will fuck your life forever. If you truly stick to paying it off you can do it in no time. Watch Dave Ramsay too for motivation.


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As for Dave Ramsay that was a big part of helping me with the depression. Watching others that made significantly worse financial decisions than me made me feel so much better.

Who would go all in like this? Did you think about putting in a little bit over time rather than everything you got at once?

>so much of bitcoin surge by 2020
>kills himself early 2018 because btc is down 25% relative to ath three months ago

you're a fucking retard mate. get on with your life and check back in 3 years.

buy monero and declare bankruptcy

I have no sympathy for degenerates like OP

Crypto is just gambling. If u did the same thing last year, you would be rich