Guess what time it is??? VEGETA?? WHATS THE PRICE OF BTC??

POst your best vegetas we going over 9k before this thread is archived

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It's under 8000, I'm confident we can defeat them together, Nappa

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Oh? Under 8000? That's not very high at all, I'm sure we stand an excellent chance against such a weak number.

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its different this time even the IMF is saying to ban bitcoin

This planet will soon be ours, Nappa. Those fools thought an internet token would be their salvation, but now their accounts are empty and their minds are weakened by grief.

They will be incompetent slaves, but it will be a pleasure to watch them die.

nah not until Congressman Sherman and his Jewish overlords use it to finance a major terrorist attack like he said he would.

If Dubs 10k by Friday.

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Shit Nappa, I had no idea he worked for Frieza too. This is going to be easier than I thought.

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Is that all you've got? You pathetic humans disgust me!

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never again OP. Sorry. Crypto is kill for good this time. The Jew has said enough is enough and he is done humoring us.

Progress is being made

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Ban the IMF

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IMF didn't say to ban bitcoin, it said to regulate cryptos and use its own technology (blockchain ledger transactions) to fight criminals on that front. She's positive about bitcoin but only if it's fully regulated. It's part of (((their))) masterplan. Crypto allows governments to track your every move. I've said this many times before, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin actually give governments more power and control over you since they can track your every move. It's a prosecutor's heaven. Private coins such as Monero and Bitcoin Private will be banned, 99% of all other tokens will have their value destroyed into oblivion but bitcoin and other useful tokens that aren't vaporware (like OMG and ETH) will remain albeit with government oversight and less volatility. No more moon missions this time too and it might probably stay within the 3 figure to 4 figure mark.

>the (((globalists))) have already won

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This is the best I can do for now. Will draw better once over 9000

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