This time we hit panic, right?

This time we hit panic, right?

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pessimism imo. still got a long way to go til we're back in bull

we are already in despair

we're not even at 6000$ again tho

Panic, my guess.

We're still in unease you faggots hahahaha cant wait till your life savings goes to 0

I know I have just hit panic

it's pessimism IMO

I think we are just rolling from pessimism into panic. We won't be back to hope until 2019

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>we are already in despair
doesn't look like it
you all keep posting green wojaks on bounces
you all keep posting your eoy expectations
you all keep saying it is already despair
only means it's far from despair

> Where's the bottom? 4K? 1K?

I'm feeling hope, never under 8k again

We just left euphoria

We're in denial at best, but most likely unease. The fact that people are still assuming another bullrun in this year means we are no where near despair. This board will be nothing but pink wojaks when that time actually comes.

Despair isn't when the last optimist breaks. There's still people who think Bitconnect will make things right.

8000$ for a coin that is worth zero? WE ARE IN EUPHORIA GUYS!
This shit will drop to its true value = 0$

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It's never going up again

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It will! They have some exciting things in the pipeline for us Bitconnecters!

We're not hitting despair until bitcoin dips to $900 later this year.

bitcoin is resting
rest easy, mr. btc

Not sure where the market is but I'm in despair.

Kek this.

So think that if so much as 1 person still assumes another bullrun, we're not in despair?

You do know there was still fuckers holding Kodak stock until the bitter end right?

dont worry user, "it will never drop below $8k again"

ahahahaha this delusion

We're still at unease honey

>Despair isn't when the last optimist breaks


More to the point, not all of us are little emotionally-driven fucktards. I'm building Ethereum Dapps - I need Ether for testing. So I'm buying frantically right now (and I have the money to afford it) - and IDGAF if it went back to $1 and takes 10 years to recover. It drops? Who gives a fuck, I claim it as a business expense and offset my taxes.

we are back in despair. hope was when we hit 520b total market cap. so we are going to break out of despair/hope soon and be back to relief in couple of weeks.

Remember the ocean of pink wojaks? Crypto discussion is pretty much dead now. I'd say that's capitualtion but we'll see.

You people are freaking delusional. Bitcoin lost over 100% already, that is unusual for a Bitcoin dip, and the experts have already called Bitcoin hitting the Misery index at the LOWEST point since 2011. If you think Bitcoin is going to fall lower than $6k, you are absolutely delusional and/or a fucking greedy little kike. Capitulation happened on the way down from $17k to $12k. Right now this is absolutely despair, given the sheer lack of volume, buyers have already left the market out of fear. Who the hell is buying now? No one except hardcore traders, bots, and market movers.

Learn crypto faggots, been doing this shit for years. It's obvious BTC is oversold, we are absolutely not seeing anything lower than $6k, the market is too big and we've gained too much ground from last year. That is the absolute bottom if we'll ever see it.

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>Bitcoin lost over 100% already

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>Bitcoin lost over 100% already

The absolute state of crypto investors.

Over 100%+ A new paradigm!