Tfw have 20k of student loan + 10k loan uncle and aunt gave me to invest in my “Tech startup business”... in crypto

>tfw have 20k of student loan + 10k loan uncle and aunt gave me to invest in my “Tech startup business”... in crypto

Already bought some fentanyll and ready to check myself out. Even if crypto rises by 10 times next year, I can’t wait that long. They will find out something is wrong/suspicious when I won’t be able to pay this years college tuition and dormitory rent. So long biz.

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So long faggot

>not doing mass shouting
user pls

nice, atleast u dont sell.

you can always become a dark net assassin and work for Russians, apparently they got have a lot of work lately


Lol kys over 30k. USD, not even EUR. Dude, I'm gonna write a fucking piece of Shit Software in php and javascipt and easily sell it 25 k Eur multiple times. A decent website easily 30k and that's low tier market.

And you fucking retard think that's a sum to end your life over..

Move to China or Mongolia and teach English OP. Don't pay the student loans off, it's just another Jew scam

OP told his aunty it was a tech startup, but obviously it was just gambling. You think OP can code? His coding skills are probably about as strong as his will to live right now...

Jesus fucking Christ user

Alright, you raise some good points. Would you mind being honest about how much you actually make in a year? I'd love to be in the position you describe, but I assume that you work with a company or a team and you don't actually just sling 30k websites all day every day. Can you give me a realistic idea of your situation?

bruh I lose 30k in a day from price swings on the norm, get a part time shit job and suck it up

Its literaly only 30k.

Just tell em you fucked up. World will be here tomorrow as well.

Learn to develop with some of the shitcoins you bought and make the price spike. It's a challenge, are you up for it?

Noone expects their $10k nephew startup investment to do anything and you don't need college to learn.

It's literally so easy. Learn some solidity overnight and claim you're building your own dapp but you had some problems along the way. It's taking longer than expected, this happens in every business.
Maybe they'll give you more to help out. Show them your code or steal some from any open source project, they won't understand it and will assume you're hard at work.
When it finally rises just say that you couldn't launch your ICO due to legal or technical issues, but that money you put into eth for your dapp ended up increasing. They'll see it as a good thing since your business failed but you came out with returns.

30k isn't as bad as you think, I've paid off about 44k since finishing school (6 years ago).

My take home is about 50k per year after taxes. It is possible to pay off the debt if you're diligent about it and if you pay off the highest interest first.

A decent website is not 30k, the chinese will do it for 50 dollars

did you respond to the wrong person?

join me...

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OP, money's a meme. You can recover from this


This guy is smooth

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30k debt is nothing nowdays. you can realistically pay this off in 1-2 years if you´re clever. dont listen to other fucks who will tell you that you can make that amount in a day/month.

Why the fuck are there so many lucky sons of bitches with richer boomer relatives who will chuck a few dozen k and them like it's nothing? Most I've ever gotten as a gift was a few hundred. FUCK.

>inb4 I'm an entitled little shit

I know

Bro I'm with you on this. Mutual friend of mine got 20k added to his trust fund which he is using a good chunk for crypto. We're talking about a grown ass 21 year old here baka

see you tomorrow

Feelsbadman. I have a friend who thinks my family is rich, yet I graduated with 30k in student loans for going to a state school with in state tuition. I hear about all these kids in their 20's inheriting 100k+ while it'll take me a year or more of living frugally just to pay off the 20k remaining that I owe. My boomer parents will probably leave me nothing when they die. Lol I feel like such a horrible person typing all this.

>tfw 150k trust fund
stay poor

How rich are your parents/relatives? I'm always curious how much you have to make to make your kid a trust fund baby.

About 1.5mil net worth including house
Only child

The fuck... that's around my dad's NW. I guess I wasn't loved hahaha

Better find out that will situation m8

>attempting suicide with fentanyl.

This is a terrible idea, and there's no guarantee that what you've bought is potent enough to do it.

Even when trying to end it all, crypto faggots have absolutely no idea what the fuck they're doing.

Did you seriously """"invest"""" a student loan into crypto? Nibba. You can't even declare bankruptcy on those......

most people accept college kids as failures. Own up to your mistake and correct it.

where u get the fen?