When did you realise that humans are the only species that have to pay, to simply stay alive?

When did you realise that humans are the only species that have to pay, to simply stay alive?
Anyone here got a decent alternative to wagekeking? Currently hoping that crypto will be my way out, but nothing is ever guaranteed, so looking for other ideas.

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And you would rather live every single day hunting other animals until the day something bigger than you eats you for lunch? Awesome.

I am thinking about making a NEET commune for NEETS who can no longer live off their parents the only work you will have to do is back breaking labor in return you will be given a bed and internet access 20 hours a week

Working 9-5 just to survive and make some cuck boss richer every day... or be one with the nature as was intended. Easy decision.

I asked for an alternative to wagekeking, you just fucking described wagekeking with even more limitations.

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Everything has to work to stay alive. Humans are the first species to let useless specimen float along with the rest of us.
You can go back to surviving "for free", nobody's holding you back. There are probably some nice spaces in your country where that's possible. Even Africans can do it. Just find a comfy cave and go live there, if you don't want to contribute to society. Good luck, user.
If I were in charge, you would've ended up in a labor camp by the way. No sympathy for you parasites.

The only way traditional way is suicide. prove me fucking wrong

Arbeit macht frei

In modern society it's pretty hard to just mind your own business and survive in the wild. Most land is owned by some boomer fag who isn't even using it, so you can't set up camp. Don't really see how being sent to a labor camp is any different to what our society is anyway. You just slave 40 hours a week to buy basic shit that you need for survival, repeat until you die.

Until you realize how much easier life is with food options/hygiene products/clothing/stores/medical treatment/drugs is

Go ahead and find out lmao

Stake your claim to that land just like animals do

If you get killed by a stronger entity well, that's just nature

If you think working a 40h week is comparable to a labour camp, you should really try the latter. You don't know how nice your life is. I totally get where you come from, it's tiresome to work on something that doesn't align with your inner motivations, but it's how society works right now. You either give enough of a shit to find out what drives you and how you can monetize that, or you get wagecucked.

That's what I'm saying. Do you see fucking elephants comitting suicide? No. Humans don't really have a choice.

You can find / grow your own food pretty easily. Hygiene products are a fucking meme, most of them anyway. Clothing is nice, I suppose, but another unnecessary item. Drugs are the only thing on your list that actually are useful, although there are plenty of natural remedies, unless of course you need surgery or something more serious.

you wouldn't last a month living on your own in nature. wagecucking might be boring but it's easy as shit compared to the things you'd need to do to survive outside of society.

Implying killing someone for land is an option. You either die, get the fuck off their land, or go to prison. Which leads me back to my previous point - humans have no fucking choice.

Sure labor camp is worse than working on your own terms, but you must agree that to some extent they're comparable, since neither really allows you to make a choice. You either work or sleep on the street and starve.

No one is stopping you from embedding yourself in the wilderness without supplies you fucking faggot.
> muh LEO will stop me
There is so much land that no one would ever find you in, just go far enough from civilization. Sell your things and buy a ticket to brazil or northern canada.

and of course if you arrogant stupid ass did need surgery what would you do. Im sure youd hobble out of the forest right quick begging for help.

this is the best time in history to be alive and your fagging it up with your retarded bullshit.

There's a healthy in between, go live self sufficiently and go into the city to buy medicine, clothing and food if needed, Use a fucking solar panel, buy dirtbikes/atvs, books, whatever to entertain yourself. there's no fucking reason to go full caveman naked in the wilderness mode. Only issue is you are going to have to wageslave to get the capital

>Do you see fucking elephants comitting suicide?


You really blew my mind. We should just starting killing and eating others.

You don’t, lazy ass. Humans survived for centuries before money existed.
You might need to make your own shelter and find your own food, but it’s survival. It’s still happening in some parts of the world.
Now you complain you have to work so you can buy these things rather than spend all day hunting? First worlders are spoiled.

Look at that, you say all that and yet won't give your comforts up and practice what you're preaching to find out you are full of shit

Yes you do. You can fight back. You're just weak alone and useless against a seriously big, evolved entity that has become the king of the natural world, human civilization. All of the same rules of territory apply, you're mistaken in thinking human society is separate from nature, it's just that much more ahead of the curve. We are pack animals and the pack has gotten very large.

Deep AI will replace 99% of jobs. Universal Basic Income will have to happen
This makes me reluctant to pursue anything

So why aren't you doing it? Even if American there are vast swaths of the country where you could simply drop off the map innawoods and never have to deal with money or people again. Nature and utopia are waiting you commie faggot.

I don't know where you live so I can't comment on that. The welfare system in my country actually prevents that.
The basic idea of "work or starve" is true obviously, but it's just how society works. We collectively decided it's the best and most efficient way to progress as a species. It's way more efficient to get some experts in house-building to build your house than doing it yourself. Same goes for agriculture, plumbing, etc. If everyone would have to be taught how to do these things, we'd still be stuck in the middle ages. You get paid for your expertise so you can save time by paying others for their expertise.
Not trying to bash you further, but it's your fault if you don't like how you get money. It's ENTIRELY in your hands.

Not in your lifetime. Will be far too expensive for most companies. And even then it'll only replace the mundane jobs. Everything that requires even the slightest creativity won't be done by AI in a long, long time.

Lol we'd be lucky to even have AI capable of replacing 50% of jobs in 30 years. Then actually implementing it into the ancient infrastructure of most businesses is another story. It might be smart to avoid accounting or some other extremely tedious jobs, but most will be fine in the near future.

I suppose that's an option.

How is it the best time to be alive? Look around, most people are fucking miserable, they're just tagging along because there's no other option.

Yeah, I understand that there's an inbetween, and just like you said that requires money. However it is probably the best option at the moment. Thanks for your input.

Not what I said, at all.

Why do you think I'm making this thread? I am consdering doing it.

Honestly, at this point I wouldn't be too surprised if huge companies like Amazon just let people starve instead of giving them UBI.

Considering it, bud.

Elon Musk disagrees. Do you know more about AI than Elon, user? He is on the cutting edge of AI and he says we are on an exponential curve and this shit is going to hit us 'faster than pretty much anyone knows'. There is a revolution coming

Bro, nothing is stopping you from going full hermit and living on your own innawoods.


>neither allows choice
They both have choices
>1.build no skills earn shit pay
>2.build skills earn good pay or start business
>1.I dont care if you're cold зeк! Carry more rocks!
>2.Face smashed repeatedly with pick related until option one is chosen or until brain falls out of hole in face

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I can guarantee within the next decade or two, a lot of movies will be generated by AI. Same goes for music and potentially visual art. If that's what you meant by creative jobs.

So one famous person (who a lot of other famous people disagree with) thinks advanced AI will be here soon, therefore you should give up pursuing anything and just wait for basic income. lmao

Are you a newfag? Of course I'll multi reply instead of spamming the whole fucking thread.

I don't think he mentioned Musk because of his fame, but instead because he knows what he's talking about. Also, it's not just Musk who thinks that BUI is the way to go. It'll be inevitable once companies start automating jobs. AI isn't even necessary to automate most low-skill jobs that exist today.

Sort of. I'm not going to university just to get a certificate that says I've completed 4 years of study and gotten into 10s of thousands of debt for something I wouldn't give the smallest shit about if I had financial freedom, just for robots to replace it in 15 years.

Instead I'm gonna play with my internet chuck-e cheese tokens and then KMS if that doesn't work out

Anyone hoping to live a good life off BUI is going to be severely disappointed. You can give everyone in the world 30k for free but businesses will just raise their prices until 30k is like living at poverty level.

"I am really quite close, I am very close, to the cutting edge in AI and it scares the hell out of me," said Musk. "It's capable of vastly more than almost anyone knows and the rate of improvement is exponential."

This is a man who has spent billions on AI, who is smarter than anybody that has ever visited Veeky Forums

Just because governments are fucking ancient creatures that take years to do anything and news channels don't care until something happens that they can report on, doesn't mean this isn't happening right under our noses.

Oh I never said BUI will allow you to live well. It'll be poverty-tier living for sure. Just saying that it's most certainly inevitable since automation is going to take probably 80-90% of jobs and it won't be good for PR if the death of these people is placed on their hands.

Every species "works" to survive. Humans are the only species that has invented a system (currency) lets us trade our work with others.

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Eat or be eaten, work or starve. You’re a clump of cells. Play your cards with intelligence and you can work less and live better than others, but nobody is required to help you continue your existence. Life is a struggle and always will be.

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I'm smarter than at least 75% of the population. I should be able to do nothing and live comfortably.

I got a small business idea, probably won't work but neets from Netherlands/Germany Area hit me up. Need 1 person with some tech understanding, if it actually works can expand with unskilled workers.

>Humans are the only animals that have to pay to stay alive
You can go live in wilderness right now and eat berries and hunt rabbits/deer with fucking spears if you wanted to.

Yes, if that’s true you should. You’ll still need to barter your intelligence into money or food/shelter, however

Pretty much this desu, it’s inevitable.

>humans have to pay simply to stay alive
You have every right to live in the wild as the animals do and enjoy the risk of being killed by them, making your own food and hunting for meat.

You choose to pay for protection to stay alive. The animals simoly die without that choice.

gimme youre mail

you don't have to pay to stay alive, you have the option to, and its the easiest option in the world.

Plan B is to take what you need from the world by force, like a wolf.

From ger, whats the idea? Telegram @PaulLima

yep. simply living in a city like LA shows the total misery that people are willing to put up with. Prices of everything will rise until basic income = total misery that's just about survivable for most.

Nothing stopping you from going out in the middle of the wilderness, building a cabin, and living off the land.

You don't have the skills for that? Living in a first world society is so much better? Well that's why it's pay2play

>I am thinking about making a NEET commune for NEETS who can no longer live off their parents the only work you will have to do is back breaking labor in return you will be given a bed and internet access 20 hours a week

What wilderness? Everything is privatly owned or you have to get a permit just to camp (which costs money)

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Go to a country where villages are empty - southern europe f.e., land is literally free (some have rules that land that is cultivable but not being cultivated can be claimed by anyone
Grow potatoes
If animals are attracted by the potatoes, kill and eat them
Youre now the creepy dude whos squatting that building where aunt maria was raped and killed by her son
Youre probably talking about crypro and (((them))) 24/7, yes, to yourself, cuz nobody speaks your language

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Good luck being a beta in the wild, at least you have a chance in the civilized world to weaponize your autism.

If the Jews didn't give me jewvenile diabeetus with their 'mandatory' vaccines, I would be innawoods right now, user.
Sadly, I would die in 48hrs without that insulin shot (which costs more per gram than fucking gold, I might add)
Fuck these wimps, go be innawoods for me

Just go live in the Amazon with the indigenous people. Let your little dick swing.

>it's tiresome to work on something that doesn't align with your inner motivations,

Honestly, WTF does this mean. My guess is you’d rather play video games every day.

I'm in, can we inhabit a village and have gay orgies cause there's no women?

When 99% of jobs are replaced by AI, 99% of humans will be purged in a mass extinction event. Probably a forced world war where most people will be drafted. People, not just men, because with feminism now women must register for the draft.

There will be no UBI, because there will be no people. Most people are useless leeches anyway, not providing anything to society

People have different passions. Some are hard to pursue without money. The only way to get money is to wagekek. Once people start wagekeking they realise how hard it is to save up for that passion and get stuck in a rut.

IMO a lot of diseases and conditions have been man-made to cash in on.

Most likely will happen but there will be UBI for the survivors I think.

If it were going to be an event, "accidental" sterilization of the population would make more sense. People would live out their natural lives, but the generation that follows will be a fraction of the population, born only from parents who could afford fertility treatment.

Or, for an even softer approach, there could be an increase soy and estrogen enhancing elements added to the food supply so average testosterone and sperm counts drop, women could be encouraged to have babies later in life, abortion rights could be expanded...