1 hour and 30 minutes

1 hour and 30 minutes.

gave this faggot my email am i done for.

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teeka better make me some money took off work for this

It is clearly Bitbean or Espers.

it's legit SND
they've been hinting at russia needing more factories and infrastructure improvements due to political climate of war

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plus notice how he says "ground-floor" sand is used to make foundations

even my ID is the color of sand

Holy shit REACH. go back to your conspiracy theories.

you'll see faggo, soon you'll drown in my sand laced cummies

seems legit
getting ridiculous
pic related

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Maybe he's talking about DEX. Airswap pumped 100% in last 3 days. It's possible that someone received a tip to buy Airswap.

you'll see, you'll all see

meme magic is real

indeed it is

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I noticed that too good point


stream is up teekabroadcast.com

do we have to sit through the entire presentation before he will say it?

Does this cost money? Im not going to pay for this when i know my frens here will relay and thru decentralization pass the info on to the rest of biz

You have to wait for the end for him to tell you and instead he just stands up and takes a shit live on stream before saying it was all a lie and the market is doomed.

im new here as well so not sure. i entered my 10 minute mail and it didnt even get a confirmation. im looking live at the preroll screen now so im assuming not.

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fucking boomers

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Don't you need to be buying it now? Once he has said it, it's already to late.

livestream went black for anyone else?

just took 2 lormetazepam (forgot this shit was happening) but im pretty sure i can place an order faster than this bitch

Can't wait for you retards to get dumped on

It's jnt